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TX Penal Code Sec. 9.32: Fuck Around and Find Out
Apparently one of the people the MoRons trotted out for affidavits was convicted of filing false police reports.

God these idiots want to run a evil master plan but they are just so bad at it.
Not convicted just arrested


If I remember correctly, it was at ShaddoCon '08 that she claims those went down, but even so if she was trying avoid him so often, why agree to go on the panel? Or if she was contractually obligated somehow, why sit directly next to him?
No, she says 2010, same weekend as that panel in the video.

From her affidavit:

More specifically she says the incident in his room where he rubbed her legs (and in her affidavit she adds he rubbed her ass too) happened on Friday, the day before that panel:


I just watched the first video of Vic's deposition and MAAN that lemoinie guy .... so unlikable ... Nic's stream was sooo funny.

PS: Cheers bois and girls and because I am knew here I just wanted to say hello to you all and all the kiwi farmers and so on. Greetings from Bulgaria and I am really glad we the normal people have you all. Thanks again!

Much ♥ for our boi


No, she says 2010, same weekend as that panel in the video.

From her affidavit:
View attachment 851996

More specifically she says the incident in his room where he rubbed her legs (and in her affidavit she adds he rubbed her ass too) happened on Friday, the day before that panel:
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Ah, apologies. It took me 30 minutes to find the affidavit in the sea of 'tism, so I guess my eyes just glazed over the year.

Zero Day Defense

The Wankiest.
It was. You're witnessing one of the, I hesitate to call it a "tactic", but the process of inflation of bad deeds that always happens in cases like this. There are 7 afidavits, one of which claims he did bad things in the 80s in a school. Therefore 7 affidavits prove he assaulted school children.
quick maffs

Which won't be hard since she seemed to try and say that Vic gave out dick pics and dirty texts to underaged fans like candy all the time, if that actually did happen we would have gotten it as quickly as we did with projared who when called out got waves of texts and pictures released within a half hour
The pics are probably too large to upload and post anywhere

Far Queue

Tyson Rinehart / AttackonTyson, & Sarah "Sully" Sullivan-Rinehart/Sullivan / SullyMalia / FrozenOstrich
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Here comes today the latest in a line of people who can't keep their dicks out of the Honey Pot that is #kickvic, which is Tyson Rinehart and his wife Sarah Sullivan-Rinehart.

Now who are these literally who's? Well Ahmed decided to name-drop Sarah Sullivan in his affidavit as a witness.
View attachment 851786
Note: This would've been Anime Central 2012 as that was the only time Vic attended during her tenure as Convention Manager

Now this may seem like a footnote until we realize who her husband is; None other than Tyson "Kill Nazis" Rinehart who is the one who shoehorned the infamous Gamergate line into the Funimation dub of Prison School so we're going to shoehorn their dox into Weebwars.

Tyson Daniel Rinehart 11/20/1981

Sarah "Sully" Malia Sullivan/Sullivan-Rinehart 08/11/1982
Funimation Conventions Manager 2011-2013
4846 Swiss Avenue Apartment #1
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And before you ask, yes, these two creatures have breeded despite her having tiddy cancer, forever dooming this poor soul to troonery, autism, and cancer.
View attachment 851908

Now lets look at the Wife's facebook likes
View attachment 851913View attachment 851914
View attachment 851928

Ok lets look at Tyson's con photo gallery.
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View attachment 851936
Social Media
Wife's Social Media
It would seem that Sarah is well connected with Adam Sheehan who also saw fit to make an affidavit.


(link) (archive)

Anyone have a clue why she might want to call him "rape boy" though?


(link) (archive)


May want to add this:

She claims that Vic didn't do anything to her, but then goes on about another unnamed guest.
So based on her age that would have been AD of a con in 2012? She became Director of Comic con in 2014, so it would have either been comic con 2012 or presumably kawaii con 2012? Who was there that would have been "the most powerful person there"?

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