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This fucking pig. Probably the biggest Funimation buttkisser in that Twitter cesspool. Clearly, Vic’s LiveStream struck a nerve with these slobs.
True. I actually find Benjamin Oscar even more pathetic than BT. You see, Benny wasn't born in the USA. He was adopted from I believe Guatemala if I recall. So imagine being adopted into one of the most free countries in the world and this is how you choose to live it.

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I decided to check out Monica's Chinese Zodiac as well, as she's the Rabbit. I was thinking of "Snake eating the Rabbit", but nothing about Snakes were mentioned. But anyway, what're the characteristics of a Rabbit, and how does that equate to Monica?

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Already off to a great start. :story:

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Hear that, Monica? Let go of problems for the sake of your health!

The most interesting part, though, is the future of 2020 for the Rabbit. It promises good love and relationships, but there's a catch.
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Nick gonna get his wish this year after all? :tomgirl:

giraffes on coffee

And also got part of her story (the part about vic trying to take a student out of state for stuff) got confused with Monicas Ex, who actually did get in a relationship with a 16 year old on the parents okay.

What I mean is why did she get involved? How is she connected to the Funi backstabbers?
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This is how we rise up!
What I mean is why did she get involved? How is she connected to the Funi backstabbers?
She was a clout chaser who says she heard the drama from her daughter. If you look at her twitter feed, you see she is a massive sjw teacher.

I so wanted to send her twitter feed to her principal when all this started, but I'm not an sjw.

Rondo Richter Belmont

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How about you actually write something fucking competent for the show you hijacked? Sorry Miles, but just because your Allegory Trump got arrested after his win via hacked polls in the shitty fanfic you made alongside Yes Men and NPC faggots, you’re not gonna get your fantasy filled and should focus on writing a semi-competent story that doesn’t retcon Monty’s shit, or bitching about Trump.

His own #MeToo is a-coming, I can feel it.


I was once disgusted, now I'm just amused.
tinfoil hats are sold to nutters like yourself.
I don't deal in conspiracies.

And I won't be showing you "every single thing I have ever said involving zoe quinn and the cult of feminism" that you protect.
Wait is this the tinfoil sped himself?