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feral cat #6385

I would probably commit suicide if I looked that bad. That's not a joke, I would legitimately rather be dead as opposed to looking like a fucking cartoon of someone who was hit in the face by a shovel.
I don't remember her looking quite that hideous during her TGWTG days. I think the extreme SJWism is what makes them all fucked up looking like the Sith from Star Wars.


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Hey this lady is back she went to KC on Sat and is not a fan of the Blobfish. I wonder if she did get to meet Vic in the end of it all.

Yes, she had a picture with Vic that got shared and said she was glad to see him again. I'd have to dig around to try and find it.

She did. There's a picture of her and some dude, and Vic, and it looked like she was in tears.
Tears of joy. They were tears of joy. We cannot give them ammunition. Especially not to drag her back into this again.


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She did. There's a picture of her and some dude, and Vic, and it looked like she was in tears.
Good the beginning of the video was kind of rage inducing (not from her but what she was going through) just glad she got a positive experience out of it. Must have missed it due to all the Shame drama.
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No. You tried (and thankfully failed) to ruin a man's career purely by hearsay and launched a conspiracy due to you colluding with friends. You and your friends aren't going to get away with this unscathed. Enjoy the hell that you created since that's where you'll be sleeping.
Last time she wanted to whip up a lynch mob to ruin lives, it turned out her own friend JewWario was the real rapist. I wonder which friend of hers turns out to be the real rapist this time.

In any event, you think experience would have taught this dummy not to participate in lynch mobs.


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I'm always so conflicted with him. His fan art is sooooo good but when I remember it's a guy I don't know if i should be disgusted or not.
I like the character. Wouldn't call him my waifu but can't deny he's got a real cute factor... and he tricked me when I first learned about him.

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Not take care of it so it died. She tried to go fund me a vet visit for it.
She should never be given another animal again. Needing a gofundme for a vet visit is pathetic, I spent 3-4k out of pocket when my cat was sick including 500 on tests she didn't live long enough to get the results of. These exceptional individuals need to get jobs before taking on the responsibilty of a pet.

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