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UPDATE: @5t3n0g0ph3r here. Due to @Far Queue's absence, I will be making entries into the index for the time being. Nevertheless, we reached the character limit with the first post. As such, I've broken up the contents and made a "Table of Contents" of sorts for the first post. Links will be provided in the spoiler tags.

Another poster brought this idea up the other day, and it was similar to something I'd been considering for some time. Over the last half year this board has collectively produced over 5000 pages of information sheer unbridled autism. It's practically impossible to follow, let along keep track of. This thread will serve as an attempt to make documents and other information easier to find.

I had initially intended to just compile a list of all of the legal filings, mostly so that I could more easily reference them, but @Harvey Danger mentioned the idea of compiling other lists beyond that. Rather than scattering those posts across the forum, it would probably be best to keep them contained to a single thread. Not everything necessarily need be contained in the first post as it's just as easy to link to another post in this thread if someone wants to compile a list of documents, tweets, etc.

I'll continue to update and improve this post. For some of the longer documents, I'd like to include a table of contents or a link to one that has been compiled somewhere else.

@5t3n0g0ph3r has compiled a directory for the various threads on this forum. That post can be found here.

@Tipsy Tea Cup has created a list of summary posts that he has created and posted in the main Weeb Wars thread. That information can be found here:

The following link leads a list of posts (typically compiled by @5t3n0g0ph3r or @Jub-Jub) that provide major highlights of Weeb Wars related activities over the preceding time interval. These are particularly great for people who want to catch up without having to dive deep into the vast ocean of autism to come away with the precious pearls. The list of posts can be found here.

The list of the court filings for Mignogna v. Funimation et al can be found in the following lists:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Vic Mignogna
(document) (post)

Looking For: Links to text documents with full or minimally redacted depositions for Rial/Toye. Video depositions for everyone.

The following is a list of news articles or other similar publications related to Weeb Wars, and not just Vic Mignogna or his lawsuit. If this list eventually contains a large number of related articles, I may employ some system to indicate those specifically related to Vic or just create a separate table.

Articles from BoundingIntoComics.com can be found in another post (link) due to the extensive number of articles.
Part 2

Articles from other publications can be found here and here.

Articles from OneAngryGamer.net can be found here.

The link to the list of doxed individuals related to Weeb Wars is here and here

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This thread looks very nice for collecting anything we can encounter and grab on the way in case we find something that catches our interest. I wish that we continue onward on collecting more in case anything that's new comes up. Happy info hunting, Kiwis.
The legal documents are sort of easy to pick up on because it has its own dedicated thread but the storyline really needs to be catalog properly

It does, but it's 300 pages long and until now there wasn't a single concise list of where the legal filings were located within it. This thread isn't a place to post the filings, just a place that will link to the places where they are posted for convenience. Anyone joining in now probably doesn't want to wade through the hundreds or even thousand of pages of posts just to find the salient information.

Tables work pretty well for organizing info like this.


That's an excellent suggestion. I'll eventually move everything into table format. I'm more concerned with just getting it compiled first. That's the biggest pain in the ass.

I still might put together that list of allegations and debunking statuses this weekend. That will required constant updating, arguments, and judgement calls, not sure if you'd want it here (an index of extant documents/articles is a big different).

I don't know if there's a time limit on how long posts remain open for editing, but if you want to dump it all into a post in this thread (or any thread really) that you'll continue to update, I can just link to that post from the OP. Initially I had just wanted something that linked to all of the court filings for ease of reference, but your suggestion of compiling lists of other information gave me the idea to broaden the scope.
List of Cons that are mentioned on twitter and TCPA for Vic incidents:

Ohayo Con 2003
Kawaii Kon 2014
Anime Weekend Atlanta 2004, 2015
Tekkoshocon (TEKKO) 2004, 2007, 2010
Anime Central (ACEN) 2004, 2005, 2008*-2010, 2012
Izumicon 2007
Animazement 2008
Nan Desu Kan 2008 - nothing happened but the con gets mentioned by Kara Edwards
ShadoCon 2010
BayouCon 2013
Kami-Con 2013
Colossalcon 2014
Anime Blues Con 2015
Metrocon 2017

*ACEN 2008 is on the list despite no incident reported since all 3 key people were there: Vic Mignogna, Mari Iijima & Lynn Hunt
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If I may make a suggestion, let's use YYYY/MM/DD or YY/MM/DD for date formatting. Pref with a note that that is the formatting we are using. Keeps things more organized imo

I considered this, but didn't for a few reasons. Foremost, all of the tables are organized by date (or near enough to it), so putting month and day first is more useful because your brain probably doesn't care about the year. The second is that the tables aren't interactive (I wish they were) so you can't sort by column, which would make YYYY/MM/DD better since it still works even if the sort just treats everything like text. Third, I'd already been using the typical DD/MM/YYYY American format for dates and didn't want to go back and change things since I'm a lazy bastard.

Not only it'll keep thing more organized, it'll also be more convenient and more easier to know when something is discovered and/or made.

I don't see how it helps with organization or makes it easier to know when something is discovered. I can only assume that it works better for non-Americans who are used to DD/MM/YYYY and get tripped up when seeing dates in that format. I'm assuming that there's no such similar problem for YYYY/MM/DD formatted dates.

In the interest of fairness, we can put it to a vote and I'll change it if people feel strongly enough about it. To keep the thread from getting cluttered, we'll just use ratings for this post to determine it.

:semperfi: (or :winner: if you're a freeloader and can't use it) is a vote to keep using freedom units (America, Fuck Yeah!) because if you're going to use a website protected by our glorious first amendment, you're going to use our glorious date system as god and the founding fathers intended.

:feels: (or :drink: if you want to have an option to show off that just because you're European or from some other god-forsaken continent that you're not poor) is a vote to recognize and sympathize with the less fortunate parts of the world and throw them a bone on this one. Or because you hate me and want me to do a lot of pointless work.

is a vote for this being unusually autistic (it's already autistic, but perhaps only normally so) and a waste of time that could be better spent playing with model trains.
I'll get to work transcribing Ron's depo if no one has it already. Might as well.

I'd ask someone like @KEK7go who's got a line to Nick if there's already a copy out there that just hasn't been posted here yet. If Ty/Nick purchased the videos they would have purchased the transcripts as well since BHBH would eventually need them for filings. Even if you had the raw video (which I'm not sure exists) it would probably take 10-20 hours to transcribe and format appropriately, but doing it based on Nick's stream would take even longer because you'd need to skip over the parts where he's talking and that itself would be time consuming.

I'd prefer moral support for Cody's interrupting. It's already frustrating. I should be able to pound this out in a night though. Got me a beer for moral support.

Oh god, I forgot about that. I don't know if existing accolades even cover this. I think they're going to have to name the medal after you for this one.

God Speed, pilgrim.
Prepare for a lot of "I do not recall."

At least it makes it easier to copy/paste. I'll bet if you only included Ron's statements, you'd get something compresses incredibly well (link).
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