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I don't know what this is but people are apparently asking for it.

My main concern is that this will become some sort of proto-/r/KotakuInAction. If you don't know, because this is ancient history despite what anyone claims to the contrary, there was once an Internet movement led by autistic video game players called #GamerGate. GamerGate was overly self-important and genuinely considered saving lolicon and anime tits in western ports of eastern video games a cornerstone of saving democracy and the American way. Whatever genuine impetus they had towards resolving SJW incest in the video game industry was undermined by their own inability to set a goal and work towards it. It became a bilateral harassment campaign where both sides would send volumes of emails to the other side's support structures to try and get each other fired. It was a massive shit-flinging competition without much success. All the people GamerGate tried to undermined ended up going to the United Nations and getting permanent gucci seats with Google and other multi-trillion dollar organizations. Today, a bunch of nerds still post on /r/KotakuInAction about GamerGate and it's been like 5 fucking years and they genuinely credit themselves for President Trump winning. It's very sad.

So, if you want your little hashtag or whatever to go well, here's my advice.

(1) Don't sniff your own farts. You're not important. You're not saving western civilization.
(2) Set a simple, practical goal and work towards it. Conversely, have no goal at all and just have fun. The latter is better.
(3) Don't harass people. If so-and-so is being supported by a company and you think that's shit, don't bother attacking their advertisers because you'll look like faggots. Just take your business elsewhere.

And (4), the most important.


Aggression Quest™
If this thread should be used, it should probably only come into relevance for continuing the other thread once the papers drop Monday.

With two threads,

one can serve for at-a-glance explainers and references to the general play-by-by pre April 15th;
And the other ( this one ) continuing onwards after April 15 focusing on the revelations onwards.

Pre-Lawsuit & General Discussion and Post Lawsuit.

Simple and Clean.

Does that sound reasonable?


Im gonna bite ya!
If this thread should be used, it should probably only come into relevance for continuing the other thread once the papers drop Monday.

With two threads,

one can serve for at-a-glance explainers and references to the general play-by-by pre April 15th;
And the other ( this one ) continuing onwards after April 15.

Pre and Post Lawsuit.
Simple and Clean.

Does that sound reasonable?
I think this thread should be about strictly the lawsuit and the other thread be more general.


Gamergate and the feminists with the tits and whatever else, was quite nuts, no doubt. However, it is curious that in this instance
Shane_Yes_That_One said:
Actually a good question so it is worth an answer. The problem comes in with assuming one person makes one allegation and that is it. Of course that is going to be called into question by everyone.
In this situation it was not one person randomly out of the blue making an allegation. It was someone like 10 years ago making one. And then in another part of the country someone else. Then someone else. Always about the same person. And this went on for years. YEARS. Even when some cons banned/blacklisted him for things, other cons kept bringing him cause money. Then people forget. People who don't remember or were not around for the days when there were websites dedicated to nothing but those people with bad experiences. So over the course of years there is stuff everyone knows is going on, but just don't have quite enough proof to do anything about it. Or are scared to say anything as they would be the only ones. So it gets pushed aside and ignored. Money right? It didn't happen at "their" show so no reason to worry about what happened at someone elses. Eventually enough stuff all came out at once way before Monica, Funi, and others got involved that it ended up being a situation of "Hey this is bad, we have known this, lets drop him". Then the next con who knew said "Look they are doing it we can finally do it too". Then the next, and next, and eventually there was so much public support to do it a domino effect occurred. Then of course came along statements from famous VAs, kickvick crews, and others which sort of muddied the waters. But at the end of the day the problem is what everyone knew but never told anyone. Cause how can a guy with his name in forums still today about sexual harassment, bad jokes in the booth about consent, and all these accusations be going strong and no one knows? Well cause people decided not to tell you. And you hear about it all at once and of course are in shock cause wtf just happened.

Only it is still happening cause they are still not telling you what they should. If it doesn't hit their pocket why should they get involved?
I am very curious as well Shane, as have seen websites "disappear" to lose the evidence.

( this post seems to be a little out of range of the OP, but not sure )


Im gonna bite ya!
That sounds like a lot of moderator work as I'm guessing once the slime are served it'll be hard to separate the rest of what's going on from suit specific discussion.

I like the idea of the pre/post suit.
Yeah you're right, it'd be difficult to mod that shit. I just think having different threads for specific shit would be better than just having a sequel thread. This thread would just become as bloated and fast moving as the previous thread if it just replaced it, that just doesn't sound good to me.

Edit: Also, I kinda wanna see how long the original threads gets.
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Can we get a live recording of Shane reading Tomino's Hell out loud please.

Ane wa chi wo haku, imoto wa hibaku,
Kawaii Tomino wa tama wo haku.
Hitori jigoku ni ochiyuku Tomino,
Jigoku kurayami hana mo naki.
Muchi de tataku wa tomino no ane ka,
Muchi no shubusa ga ki ni kakaru.
Tatakeya tatakiyare tatakazu totemo,
Mugen jigoku wa hitotsu michi.
Kurai jigoku e anai wo tanomu,
Kane no hitsuji ni, uguisu ni.
Kawa no fukuro niya ikura hodo ireyo,
Mugen jigoku no tabijitaku.
Haru ga kite soro hayashi ni tani ni,
Kurai jigoku tani nana magari.
Kago niya uguisu, kuruma niya hitsuji,
Kawaii tomino no me niya namida.
Nakeyo, uguisu, hayashi no ame ni
Imouto koishi to koe kagiri.
Nakeba kodama ga jigoku ni hibiki,
Kitsune botan no hana ga saku.
Jigoku nanayama nanatani meguru,
Kawaii tomino no hitoritabi.
Jigoku gozaraba mote kite tamore,
Hari no oyama no tomebari wo.
Akai tomebari date ni wa sasanu,
Kawaii tomino no mejirushini.


Thanks for doing this. I was thinking myself that a thread that moved at the rate of 50 pages a day was getting excessive and we needed more sub threads, but since I had written the OP that would have fallen under the "you are not that important" header and I didn't say anything. Glad other people thought the same way though.


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Thank you, Null. For the record I have no interest in "the larger anime subbing community at large" or creating some kind of crusade around this, I'm enjoying watching people get hoisted on their own petards; if there is a backlash from this that drives people like that away from geek hobbies at least a little, then good, but no for myself I'm not interested in any kind of Holy Crusade happening. You're right to keep it that way.


I'm just here for Weeb Wars at this point.
I do think this is necessary given the number of people this has started to involve. The kick vic thread has become hard to follow given the number of parallel conversations occurring. If it every starts to turn sour just nuke it from orbit.
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Wow.... this all seems so surreal in a way. Well it's probably for the best that the WeebWars got divided up easier to keep track of that way.


Great, now I can get hopelessly behind in 7 different threads!

My main concern is that this will become some sort of proto-/r/KotakuInAction.
Nah. This is literally Waiting For Court Documents While exceptional individuals Dig A Deeper Hole: The Musical. There's no delusions of grandeur, we're not saving Norwegian canneries, no wells are being dug - it's just us cataloging and laughing at a dozen autismals throwing trash at their own funeral pyres.


Hehe xd
I'd compare this more to the Maddox Lawsuit - laughing at exceptional people rather than a moral panic about sjws.

It could easily become like Gamergate but this "cause" has a leader that has been able to keep things in order.
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