Week 1 Weigh In - 4/19/19


Orange Chicken Bad. Cheeto Amber.

Gorl we know you still be trolling with those thumbnails boo boo.

0:05 our gorl tells us that today is going to be just a sit down video.
As opposed to what Amber? A walking vlog?

0:19 she tells us she is suffering from anxiety and cried for 3 hours STRAIGHT.
Gorl you should let your tears drop into your coldest water bottle.

1:06 she finishes her word salad and basically says that by not binging she is having to face a lot of things she used food to surpress.

1:24 she talks about fasting so she can eat her favorite meal from a Mexican restaurant. It totally fits under my calorie limit ya'll. Gorl stop laaaaaaahhhhhhh-ing.

2:06 dee-pry-vation

2:18 90% of the time she is making healthier choices ya'll.
I'd like to see the receipts on this amazing analysis.

2:30 She has been eating a lot of wraps lately and you can get them from Wommart!

2:45 LIGHT MAYNOSAISE. Did she mention it was light? I must have missed it.

3:14 Amber has really been enjoying Turkey Burgers lately. She refers to them as slabs of meat.
Maybe DSP and Amberlynn are soulmates dood. They love those turkey burgers.

3:40 Restates again she is not counting carbs

3:56 Doesn't believe carbs make you gain weight.
Well Amber, the entire medical community and common sense believe differently.

4:50 She is trying intermittent fasting where she fasts for 16 hours and only eats during an 8 hour period. She says it feels natural to her.
Yes it is natural Amber. Eating 10k calories a day is unnatural. That is why you are fat.

5:43 She realizes she has been rambling and wants to get to the weigh in.

5:56 Reiterates that weigh ins will be on Thursdays (but today is Friday Amber)

6:40 Amber will only load her exercises into MFP once a week so she doesn't spill the tea.
Way to worry about them views over your health. When she does things like this, I still think this little weight loss journey is a charade.

7:05 Apparently there is a water situation and a sodium situation when weighing in.
Gorl if you are eating well 90% of the time, those situations resolve themselves.

7:18 She tells she hasn't binged in "quite a few days"
Gorl is laaaaahhhh-ing. When an addict is recovering they can tell you the number of days sober.

7:38 she is trying to eat slower. She received feedback that she was hoovering food too quickly.

8:22 She admits that she watches TV while she eats and it causes her to eat more. She anticipates the reaction and brings up the question Why keep eating in front of the TV? She will keep eating watching TV because she is not there yet.

9:03 We see our gorl standing in her maxi-tarp ready for the weigh in

9:05 we get to hear angry Necky huff, puff, and guff at Amber

9:33 562.0 ellbees Amber lets out a scream of joy

10:10 we see the maxi-tarp weighs 1.2 ellbees

10:20 Amber math begins
I won't ruin the surprise on this one

11:20 Doesnt want to set a week 2 goal because of phantom no that isn't it placebo?
She doesn't know booboo but people lose less weight in the second week - Already setting herself up for failure and excuses.

12:12 Amber losing 6-10 pounds week 2 would be where it's at for sure.

12:20 She has lost 11 ellbees and her breathing is better, her stamina is better, and her skin is clearer.
Maybe 562 is a healthy weight for our dainty gorl.

12:40 Amber has to bring up depression and anxiety again for symphy points.

Recap over

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561.4 now, 11 lbs weight loss (she subtracted the weight of her clothes). Haven't seen her this serious before. If we see more consistent drops, well, I can't help but have more genuine optimism. Really hope she'll get in contact with a weight loss doctor and get her psych stuff in check, it would help accelerate this process.


I went to college for pre-law
all this "I cried", "I had anxiety", "mu emoshunul distress" etc is literally just setting the groundwork for her incoming "I binged" video. Like what kind of narcissist has to point out "you can probably see how swollen I am from crying so much"

(also it aint the crying that makes you look "swollen")

but, you know, she's shopping around for a therapist (that will humour her and not actually help) I guess??? It's been years of this bullshit. If you're in that much distress, stop fucking around and see a professional.

Long time lurker

561.4 now, 11 lbs weight loss (she subtracted the weight of her clothes). Haven't seen her this serious before. If we see more consistent drops, well, I can't help but have more genuine optimism. Really hope she'll get in contact with a weight loss doctor and get her psych stuff in check, it would help accelerate this process. View attachment 731395
Is that a Breath right strip on the floor in front of the scale? Also, what is that thing on the side of her right big toe?


So she's actually sticking to this one for more than a few days, and theres a little weight loss?... Color me jaded but I'm going to reserve the optimism for another month or two. Because it sounds like she's still repeating the same old cycle in one way or another.

Subtracting clothing weight to try and cheat, still rewarding herself with food, still completely clueless about health and fitness, and no addressing of the underlying issues so she has emotional breakdowns when she's not binging the pain away... this is still a setup for failure and imminent fat related death in oh..let's be generous, a year or so?

Sorry, I still see through the cracks, and while I think something definitely spooked her into at least attempting to lose the weight, she is still 110% committed to a lifestyle of excess that WILL kill her. She just wants to "get back to normal" so she can get right back to mcdonalds and cheesecake factory every meal every day.

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