Week 1 Weigh In - 4/19/19


Just a Karen with a hate hard on
I can speak for myself and can only say I am here for the train wreck. I’m not interested in here becoming a ‘skinny legend’. She is already boring AF so this last week or so has been painful to watch. I hear that train coming down the track though....and I’m living for it..

Chooo chooo motherfuckers.


Fuck me running, this confirms it. Those aren’t amberisms, she reciting out of the proana handbook. The fasting, binging, deprivation, not eating in front of the tv, enjoying going to bed hungry, eating slower, weighing clothes, all of it. Oh man, I knew this phase would come, it’s beautiful. It’s all decent advice don’t get me wrong now, but to do it all at once worded this way screams myproana (@pinkbutterfly i don’t know if you’ve seen this but, dear lord.) , she’s not addressing the issues of why she eats still. She can follow these rules to a T but the longer she spends lurking that shit, keeps her focused on food, when she loses control it’ll be even worse. And when she does she’ll gain it all back and then some. I can’t wait till she announces that she won’t be rewarding herself with food anymore because “it would make her like a dog” or whatever that quote is and her list of “safe foods”.

ngl that was my first thought. Now she's going to pretend to have anorexia.

Copper Saguaro

I'll give her this one, she lost weight. I've thought about it and I don't know how she could have faked this. Even someone as impulsive as Amber can stay disciplined for a week. Some of it was fat, but I'm sure a chunk was food/water weight. She could eat at a moderate deficit and still have a binge or two in that week and still lose weight. She just couldn't have binged every day.

Now the question becomes whether or not there will be another weigh in. I think not!

Hidden Squirrel

Yes, she lost weight. I don't know where people are getting the idea that she should be losing multiple pounds per day. A quick Google search for a TDEE calculator says hers is 3800ish calories, so eating at 1800 she should lose 4 pounds of fat per week. Since she last weighed in after a big binge, her weight was inflated with water and shit, so some of the loss is definitely that, and some is fat loss. I personally thought she looked less bloated in the weigh in video.

That being said, I don't anticipate the weight loss to continue. In fact, no video today may mean she binged yesterday, and may go into hiding for a week or two now to avoid telling us she screwed up and has given up again.