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Oh fuck off. 13.6 pounds away from losing 100 pounds. This bitch was supposed that have lost whatever that was left in her 100 pound journey (I'm sure) before her hysterectomy! She literally said this 3 whole months ago and here we are.

And how tf is her Oncologist supposed to be soooo proud of her at the end of the month when she's still 86! pounds away from fitting in the ct scan?!
Not today, satan!


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she really needs to go with the blue plan,
The whole 42 extra points weekly is obviously a loop hole for her to binge. You know shes going to waste those extra points at the beginning of the week and when she doesn't she wont have to restraint to not go over again for the rest of the week.
A system like that can only lead to binge eating and im surprised weight watchers is not only encouraging BED but marketing it as a weight loss plan. Is WW a good program or is it just a scam for fatties who are too lazy to exercise and go on a real diet?


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Also, ww blue is NOT the smallest zero point list. The smallest list goes to ww green, but it has only fruit and vegetables on it, so ALR would never survive that plan. I gained 15lb on ww because it gave me so many damn points and I was co-tracking calories and could easily go over 3k if I ate anywhere near all the points so F that 🤣 I’ll stick to my fitness pal and a set calorie limit.