weigh-in | be honest with your audience 05/01/20 - May 1, 2020


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Yeah, it was 500.8.

I guess it's a good thing she was "numb" to getting back into the 400s since she sure didn't stay there very long.

She's back to hanging out with her buddies Ben and Jerry and Hot Cheetos, but it's ok gorls, because she planned it. Then she was freaked out that she might step on the scale and see it start with a dreaded "5" again but no! Still in the 400s!

Except now we know she's back into the 500s.

And she's doing that obnoxious pronunciation of "important" again.
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Pot, meet kettle.

0:00 ‘Hey guise!’ Hey, Amber. Back to a bit of cheer, I see. And a shirt that displays that your bulbous head is resting atop a neck-like portion of your body. Thank goodness. The last video I watched gave me the heebie jeebies.

0:03 Wants to talk about her weight. But I thought she wasn’t a weight loss channel! I thought it was a variety show where you just show your day to day life! Shows you’re desperate for coin, Amber.

0:20 'A lot of people thought I wasn’t telling the truth.’ Well, because you’ve been caught in laaaaahs multiple times. And you’ve made videos where you talk about lying to your viewers. Why the hell /would/ anyone trust you?

0:30 She says that at first she just thought that people were assuming she was lying, but then read the comments and realized that people were saying ‘why the fuck aren’t you celebrating’ because yeah, her goal was to hit the 400s and she never made a huge fuss about it.

1:25 Says she felt numb about hitting her goal. Sounds like

acting up again.

1:53 Proud of herself. She says it’s a journey she didn’t think she’d be on, because she always fails, and this journey hasn’t been perfect.

2:38 States that there’s a weightless channel that only shows their weigh ins when they know they’ve lost weight. Says she wants to weigh in and show the ups and downs. THEN WHY THE FUCK aren’t you regularly weighing in? Weigh-in Wednesdays fucking collapsed in no time.

3:20 She’s lecturing her viewers about honesty? Pardon me, my sides are splitting with laughter.

3:39 Fuck, now she’s blathering about Swiss cheese. This is the most lame metaphor ever. Something about only sharing the holes in the cheese and the block is in the background.

4:10 'I’m showing you more of the journey because it’s impooorant’

4:35 Lectures about honesty and transparency with your audience. LOOOOOOL more from the gorl of laaahs. This is so damned surreal.

4:54 Professes her lowest during the journey has been 498.0. Which she didn’t show us on film. Because transparency. And not lying.

5:06 Didn’t feel the need to film it and was numb to it.

5:24 499.6 with her new weigh in. Didn’t show herself getting on the scale. Just the readout. But hey, her live weigh-in during her younow showed her at just over 500 lbs, so given that in her IG she admitted to having 8 videos recorded and ready to go, we can assume this is an older video prior to her new weight gain.

6:12 Admits to having a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Huh, guess those yogurt bars weren’t as satisfying as you were making them out to be.

6:15 Mint cookie ice cream and ‘not the whole bag of’ hot Cheetos.' My brain just melted and my tongue has recoiled in horror. Yikes.

7:16 ‘When I have a hot Cheetos’ GRAMMAR, Amber. GRAMMAR. Your sentence is breaking my brain.

7:55 Proud of herself for not eating the whole bag of chips.

8:09 Woke up the next morning feeling like a fat slob, crappy as hell that she chose to eat a disgusting combination of food, and was a dumb. Wants to hang on to that feeling. Yeah, you should. Might help you in the future.

9:00 Pivotal to never again be in the 500s, huh? Well, that fucking got blown to smithereens during your younow LOL

9:25 OMFG, now she’s blabbing about the old Amberlynn vs. the new Amberlynn. I will entertaining my brain by thinking her shoulder devil vs. shoulder angel metaphor is more like the old porn star on one shoulder and Fatty McFatterson on the other.

10:15 Bumbling through talking about how the angel guilt trips her about gaining a little bit of weight because of her shitty decisions.

10:33 “Impooorrent.” She just blew my meandering brain’s relating her to Kronk with his shoulder demon and shoulder angel right out of my skull, because Kronk is more capable of enunciating than she is.

10:40 ‘I look up to people, and I want them to be honest with their audience as well.’ Fuckadoodle dandy, I almost can’t stand this hypocrite.

11:16 Thinks people will be saying ‘It’s none of your business.’ No, people will be saying ‘don’t throw stones, for you dwell in a glass house you hypocritical hippo.’

11:48 Waxes on and on about how she and all the people she watches on youtube are fat bitches who eat too much food.

12:15 ‘If you gained weight, show it.’ Hmmm, Charlie Gold should take that advice lol

12:40 Promises to show more weigh ins. LOL Yeah, that’ll happen!! </sarcasm>

13:00 Hopes we enjoyed the video (I didn’t) and that she’ll have good weight news during the next one (depends on when she gets her clips from).

TL;DW/R: Not the worst Amberlynn video out there - it's rambling lahs that're so fucking hypocritical your eyes will roll as your sides are splitting from laughter at her lack of realization that she's as bad as the youtubers she's speaking about.

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