weigh in, exercise with me, how i’m losing weight - 04/25/19 -


My soul was empty...so I ate 2 ramens.
I can't even. At this "pace" she'll be 120lbs by December and running a Iron Man with Regan Chastain. It's so easy for her she's the fitness and weight loss Kween guyz.
Yes... December in what year is the real question....

Bitch should be losing almost a pound a day if she was dieting correctly.


This is all nice and good, but for the amout of time she's been on this newfoud fitness kick (youtube money panic) she really should have lost about 2X or 3X the weight she has just by virtue of eating normal human food alone. She's still eating trash, she's still sitting on her ass, she's just putting on a front which also happens to distract her from eating for a few minutes every day.

Again, if in two months time we come back and she's still shedding pounds and sticking to some kind of discipline we'll have a nice miracle on our hands and I will shed my scepticism as I patiently await for our lord and savior to beam me up to the afterlife.

In the meantime this feels like too little too late. And really nothing is getting addressed. She's still salivating and getting glazed over eyes at the thought of fast food, she's jonesin' for it hard and she WILL slip because she still just does not "get it". You don't play health and fitness for a few weeks then waddle your way merrily back to cheesecake factory, or the mexican place or mcdonalds... Those times are gone, that old lifestyle is dead and you're never going to have it again if you want to live... and I don't really think Amber understands that.

chicken wings

Certified Instagram Dietician
  • Let's try to follow this part because I sure fucking couldn't: 1. she wanted to order pizza so bad 2. but doesn't even like pizza 3. everyone else ate pasta 4. visibly upset when she talks about how she had to eat carrots when everyone ate pasta 5. this hurts so much "because of the hate".....like...WHAT???? You ate carrots instead of refined carbs you didn't have to donate bone marrow or something. RELAX.
This whole I don't like X food but I'm doing it anyways should be on the Amber bingo card.

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also does OMAD
what does OMAD stands for?
"I'm getting less views now and I'm making less money" sis that's probably not something you want to acknowledge out lout lmao
This is still Humberlynn. Most people would realize that speaking about personal finances is tacky, but not Amber. She's still trying really hard to get people to like her again, so in her childish mind she thought that if she told people she's making less money, they'd like her again (since she got "so much hate, you guys" when she bragged about making 10k a month).
apparently people are unsubscribing because she's bettering herself. Reality check: people unsubscribed because they were fed up with your shit, which ended up lighting a fire under your ass to better yourself.
People are unsubscribing because she admitted that she won't go through with WLS. This is something that was suggested over and over again, and albeit an unrealistic choice for Amber, it showed she was actually trying to do something.

Many of those people who were being so nice to her after the mass unsubbing (and her "change"), did so because they thought that she made some kind of effort to change. The WLS folder was physical evidence of Amber trying to improve.

The moment she said on camera that she won't do it was the moment some people gave up. More will follow. Some of the more deluded ones who are still nodding their heads and cheering her on will eventually give up too and join the haydurs club.


all I want to do is have a good time now I'm blue
I'm getting very cautiously optimistic here...the last couple of min of the video is our same old amber but her actually doing the damn thing is making me consider this could potentially be a new start...idk
Been tellin' y'all ;)

But for real, I understand the skepticism. Amberlynn is still Amberlynn. But this is consistency unlike we've ever seen before, so I'ma roll with the positivity until it's time to not.

what does OMAD stands for?
One Meal A Day.

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Thanks @Chaos Is Me and @parallelogram . Yeah, that is a really bad idea. Especially for someone like Amber, who likes to feel full.

How much did Amber speed up the "exercise" clip? I ask because I've gone down to .25 speed and it's still sped up.


Goddamn, pick up your feet when you walk, Amber!
It's because Amber sped up the clip too much/many times. By doing so, some of the frames get taken off the video and it looks like she's sliding across the floor.

I first noticed something like this in an old video of hers where she's showing herself walking around the kitchen claiming it was "exercise". Back then a Farmer made a sped-up clip of it, and the same thing happened - Amber was sliding across the floor.

Edited again:

It took Amber 3 minutes to walk around her living room 3 (three) times. Let that sink in. One minute per lap around the coffee table, with a few "marching in place" in between.
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I've been checked out from AL for a little bit since the bedbound saga has been terribly dull. Is she actually doing something about her weight now? Was a mass unsub protest, of all things, really what opened her eyes? Are we buying it, gorls? Genuine questions from a farmer who should've been paying more attention.
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Haesindang Park

able to walk over 3min now
So basically she hasn't walked before that. On My 600 Pound Life, bariatric patients who don't walk are at high risk for developing blood clots in their legs which is dangerous.

Third GIF made me LMFAO because she's too fat and lazy to lift her knees when walking so it looks like she's just surfing across the ground on her feet while standing. The second GIF however, do we really need a closeup of her FUPA?


Gotta go crazy fast
I'll take all my :optimistic: ratings for this but the fact that because Becky wasn't going to be around on Thursday meant she wouldn't be able to do a weigh-in and decided to do it a day early instead of skipping it was mildly refreshing. I said if she hit 540 again I'd be taking her seriously, but right now I'm getting tragically hopeful for our gorl.

She still needs to see a doctor about her conditions and work with the WLS clinic or this is all going to be for naught in the end.


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Big Al thinks her sped ( :) ) up walking clip looks like she's "floating"??

Yes indeed--like a Macy's parade balloon.

I, for one, am not buying this new, improved, non-delusional Big Al. She really should be dropping weight like crazy if she's only eating what she says she is. We must remember that everything we know comes from what she says and shows, and we know how much she lies about everything. We cannot believe anything until we see something that's out of Al's control--like visibly obvious weight loss. Also-Big Al's weight gain began in her fucked up brain, until a professional takes a jack hammer to her head and starts trying to repair that mess all bets are off.

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