Weigh in let's do this again 06/03/20 - Pre recorded shit


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  • hello every1, i hav stain on my dress
  • lets try operation curvycurettage again
  • i wanted 2 get ready for this video and look halfway decent (lol try again)
  • woke up at 5pm
  • my throat hurts, muh allergies
  • tmi, i hav .
  • gallons is coming out of me
  • i am anemic
  • not cute
  • eating like crap
  • not eateen like, overeateen, not bingeen
  • i have drank
  • i feel like 20 pound gain
  • bc of alcohol, medicine skipping, and .
  • NOT in it to win it
  • bypass a few goals
  • goal: 469.8 elbees
  • holdeen onto hope that i lose weight from doing nothing
  • trotter spotting for all you toe lovers
  • very nervis
  • 502.2lbs
  • lowest was 497.8
  • rilly happy
  • wants to continue these episodes because she is doing kinda "well"
  • "sun is its own mini little antidepressant"
  • doing ww, cancelling soon
  • i lost weight not counting my calories/points
  • i eat what fits my journee (so wendy's)
  • forget what she had ated
  • writing down what i eat will trigger me
  • i have ALOT of triggers
  • i have list of videos i want to film, let's add the triggers
  • i will film and upload all my uploads, not organized tho lol you r asking too much
  • i am stuck
  • it is mental
  • i tought myself how to write
  • my fingers shake
  • left handed tho
  • i need to eat bc i will pass out
  • putting anything in my mouth makes me cringe
  • innyways, i rambled
  • goodbye
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Prince Lotor

. . .and the blackest eyes. The Devil's eyes.
Started her period and nonchalantly says, 'I feel like gallons are coming out of me.' Isn't bothered by it. Acting like an annoyed teenager. This is a routine thing for her the couple times a year that it happens. Just ended up a bit worse than normal and she also needed an excuse to get her thumb-butler to baby her.

ETA: lmao she's whining about 'Muh 70 lbs, Muh Intuitive Eating', and scolding her viewers for "wanting" her to stick with WW and to count her calories.

Hahahaha she's complaining about how it's "stupid" how she's been stuck at just the 70 lbs lost for months and says she knows it's just because of "muh mentalz". She's as delusional as ever. She's still pretending it's her willpower that lost 70 lbs and not 3+ months of constant antibiotics along with UTIs, bladder infections, a belly button infection, and a couple long bouts of cold & flu.
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Good to see she's at least putting some effort into her trolling. Multiple daily uploads, insulting her audience one day and begging them for thots and prayers the next day, clickbait thumbnails... I think our gorl finally understood that the only positive thing she can get out of her youtube channel at this point is money lmao.


Struggles of WriterLynn.
"My hands are shaking."
Holds pen, twirls it around in her hand, no shaking.
"Look. I'm not doing this"
Anyone who had experienced shakiness in their hands (been there, could bet anything on this) knows she's totally 'doing this'.

But I guess faking a dainty condition like hands shaking just didn't have the 'oomph' to it so to the ER she went. Boring prerecorded vid all in all, but wow. An actress Amber is not.