Weigh in let's do this again 06/03/20 - Pre recorded shit


I know Big Amb doesn't actually clean herself in any reasonable way, but ever since the confirmation that she free bleeds I've been thinking about how the fuck one would go about getting clean if they were somehow 600lbs and hygienic. It would be CONSTANT and so draining, but the alternative is sitting in your own menses, smelling like a fucking abattoir. Guess we know which she picks.

I hope Ricky enjoys the fresh air on his way home from work, because it probably smells exactly the same at home with this big ol clotty bitch in the living room.
her mattress must look like a crime scene. I can't imagine what it smells like. I hope it's covered in a protector but since it's AL it's probably not and we've seen her mattress without sheets before. I thunking back to when people were asking her if she had more than 1 set of sheets and in her ER video it looks like the comforter is from the same sheet set she's always used. When she was live a few times she mentioned not wearing pants. I don't know, I hope her period really is that infrequent. The only time she's shown us feminine hygiene products is when Becky "accidentally" bought pee pads because she doesn't keep that stuff in stock like a normal female would.

Jeeze AL, just cause you are obese doesn't mean you have to be that nasty.


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She made it seem like the bleeding started out of nowhere after peeing.
Her hormones are all shot to shit so her body has just held onto wll the tissue until it could get rid of it.
I'm sure it was scary but it's alot different then "I sat down to pee and suddenly hemmoraged and passed alot of clots."
We already know she was really taking a dump though. She photographed it but was too embarrassed to admit it.


The elves are behind it all!
Can you imagine seeing Amber sleep in a sitting position on Pillow Mountain for 11 damn straight hours?

You'd seriously think she was fucking dead
I bet becky watches her sleep and gets giddy whenever she stops breathing in hopes that she's finally dead, but then gets all heartbroken when she finally wakes up. The lack of sleep and depression would explain her lethargic zombification in all the videos. 🤔