weigh in | march 11, 2020 03/11/20 - ACTUALLY FILMED MARCH 4TH, PASTA TRIGGERS ME, NO LAYYYYRGS


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I betcha Thumby hears "Hey Baaaaabe" in her nightmares.
Thought Big Al was supposed to be moving so much more? Maybe she should get off her gigantic ass and make her own crap.....
Still eating way more than she's admitting to--maintaining 500+ pounds is hard work.


Where are these Ramen, eggrolls, M&Ms, and brownies coming from? Is that the stuff that Becky gets that she doesn't want to show us on camera because everyone will criticize Becky? Is it because everyone would call Becky an enabler? Becky helped her make food to binge eat....

I've only been watching Amber for about 4 months. You guys know Amber much more than I would ever know. Who is the bigger enabler between the 2: AOr Becky?

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I loathe my blood pressure, apparently.


0:00 “Hey guise!” Hey, Amber.

0:08 Professes that she’s doing her weigh-ins different than how others do them, but then gets TOTALLY distracted (because she’s delaying and stalling telling us that she’s lying about her weigh-in)

0:18 Blathering on endlessly about how she’s flushed due to her high blood pressure. Except she’s dealing with something right now and she won’t confess to the fact that her blubber is choking her heart.

0:42 Says she’s doing daily weigh-ins. Then she blathers on about her weigh-ins with no picture evidence.

0:52 516.2, whole day was doing great, on track, went out to eat with Becky.

1:06 515.4, on track, doing great, no comment.

1:17 514.2, that day was great, did everything she had to do, making meals, smoothie in the morning, proportions, everything’s fine

1:38 512.0, that day she hit 60.4 pounds lost, numb to that, felt it didn’t really happen, felt she didn’t really care, felt she could be doing more/better/faster. Some psychological reason it didn’t hit her. On track, doing great. Get a fucking thesaurus, Amberlynn.

2:24 509.8, exciting, felt happy. That day she prepped pasta, walked for 15 minutes. Felt bored, feelings were prominent instead of chilleeen or relaxeeen, feelings were crazy. Becky came back from visiting her Mom, and Amber went off track.


3:55 Discusses how she orders Becky to make her food, because Amber is Hangry.

4:15 Becky made her 6 egg rolls, ramen and a brownie. Because she’s an enabler. Amber says it’s all her, blah blah blah.

4:50 “I’m literally lying to myself!” BUT I THOUGHT YOU NEVER LIE, YOU LYING LIER!!

5:00 Cried for an hour straight. I wonder if she managed a tear in that, and how many jabs at her cheeks with her puffy mitten paws it took to get that tear to roll away from her wonky eyeballs. Why isn’t it on camera?

6:02 Blathers about calorie counting her binge, which was 1100 and how the next day she weighed in at 513.8. Because dummy didn’t realize her 1100 binge was compiled on top of whatever else she snacked on during the day, she shoved a shitwhack of sodium down her gullet, and she’s not drinking water to flush her system. Our gloriously intellectual juggernaut here, ladies and gents.

6:50 Continues to try and explain how she’s a metabolic miracle and binging makes her hungry, but limiting herself has her satiated throughout the day. Gorl, you a lah.

7:25 Overate the day after her binge, and wrote all that shit down. Here we go. Read it, Amber. Read it. READ IT.

7:50 Smoothie, pasta (2 pastas, what the fuck?), mashed potatoes, peas, rotisserie chicken, ramen, 6 egg rolls, reecie wafers (??? I can’t understand her meely-mouthed whatever the fuck this is, because I am deaf and she is excellent at annunciation as we all know), peanut M&Ms, leftover mashed potatoes with a ton of shredded cheese and peas. Professes this is 3 to 4 times what she normally eats (LAAAAAAAHS).

8:47 514.2 Whaaaa, only up a smidge from the day before

9:07 Blathering on before telling us her next weight, tells us she filmed a “What I ate today” that’s going to be going up. Jooooooooy. I wonder how many lip smacks there’ll be in that video. I will leave it to one of our talented autistic fucks to count them. I’m counting on you!!


9:20 “You really need to focus on the feelings that you feel after you eat” Yeah, it’s called ‘full’ dummy. SHADDUP.

9:26 Confesses she didn’t drink liquids when she binged. Professes she gets super swolleeen when she doesn't drink water.

9:52 Fake weigh-in with no fattie in the picture. 514.8. Fuck you for not being in the shot.

10:17 Got rid of her 60 lbs, now has lost 57.6. Is ashamed, embarrassed, bleh bleh bleh.

10:43 Now we get to her problem. She’s whining because even though she apparently lost 1.4 lbs over the course of the week, she’s focused on the fact that she lost her 60 lbs. DUMBASS. THIS is why the doctors have professed you shouldn’t be focused on the scale, because THIS is why you give up!

11:31 Promises to bore us to death with a vlog to talk about her goals or some bullshit.

11:57 Professes she likes the daily weigh-ins because it keeps her from justifying binges and focused on feeling like a giant sack of lard for getting rid of an apparently good week.

12:32 Blames everything on pasta. Because PASTA is her trigger food, so it shall be avoided. PASTA IS THE DEVIL REEEEEEE

13:00 Professes a lot of people said her pasta looks good, even though it’s crunchy shit.

13:15 Finally signs off.

TL;DR: Gorl is full of stupid. Fake weigh in. Pasta is evil. Boring content is on the horizon. Skip.
Edit: Missed a word.

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She's getting desperate - teasing NEXT Monday's vlog about her flushed face. And of course, she starts talking about the magic 60 lbs...

THERAPY! It seems odd but is common enough that a lifestyle change that is succeeding brings up negative feelings Therapy will help her recognize when those feelings are about to well up & what to do about them. You EXPECT to feel great when you start seeing some successes but it don't work that way - not for a long time for most. Your own mind can be your biggest enemy.

All the crap she binged on - Becky had to drive her to get it or get it for her. Becky can't or won't say: "No" when Amber "Hey Babe's" her into prepping food. By even the tightest definition - that's enabling. So she felt massive guilt - interestingly, none of the guilt she cried so long over seems directed at her having Becky do this stuff for her but because she ate it. She needs to look at that.

She's hungry after binging because she stretched out her stomach & now it's empty again - not rocket science.

A focus on how food makes her feel? Wrong, wrong, wrong. She needs to work on dissociating food from feelings. Food should make her "feel" not hungry - no more, no less; unless she's partaken of an exceptionally well prepared, tasty meal.

She essentially maintained - which means she's still shovelling in a good 3,600 calories a day.

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Controversial as it may be, I'm actually on Amber's side on this one. The dumb cunt pornstar's legal name isn't even close to amber, and amber's name is literally amber lynn.
Amber's first name is Amber and her middle name is Lynn, yet she's been insisting that everyone call her Amberlynn like that's her legal name for years. In one video she complained when Eric called her just "Amber" by accident. It's some weird control issue of hers coupled with thinking it's a unique/gorly name (it's not, it's hillbilly trash, Amber). Whether the geriatric porn whore is justified in pursuing legal action or not, gorl's name is just Amber.


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Where are these Ramen, eggrolls, M&Ms, and brownies coming from? Is that the stuff that Becky gets that she doesn't want to show us on camera because everyone will criticize Becky? Is it because everyone would call Becky an enabler? Becky helped her make food to binge eat....

I've only been watching Amber for about 4 months. You guys know Amber much more than I would ever know. Who is the bigger enabler between the 2: AOr Becky?
Amber makes all the money. She can't drive. She has admitted to being a manipulative bitch when she doesn't get her way, so she probably berates Becky until she just does whatever she wants. That's what she called "The Binge Monster" and it's basically her cover for getting people to enable her.

I'm sure when they go shopping she probably does just buy "healthy" stuff, and when she's in the mood for a binge makes Becky go out and buy what she wants. She has admitted to going on binge shopping trips where she buys things like chips, ramen, ice cream, candy, etc. Ramen can last a while, and the egg rolls are probably frozen so maybe she had them for a while. But she also could just be buying it and not showing us because we all know she can't stick to a diet like she claims she can, or else the weight would be melting off.

So TLDR, Becky enables Amber after likely being fucking mentally abused and manipulated into doing it so the screeching hangry beast will shut up and still give her an allowance.