weigh in | march 11, 2020 03/11/20 - ACTUALLY FILMED MARCH 4TH, PASTA TRIGGERS ME, NO LAYYYYRGS


Mama, nobody sends you a turd and expects to live.
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I've had it once in a moment of curiosity, and exceptionalism.

Easily the most disgusting thing I've ever bought from a dollar store.
The dollar store canned cat food probably has better quality, taste and nutritional value. Makes me wonder if there are slug ppl among us and dollar store lobster egg rolls are what they feast on.

Absolutely this ^

I find it so bloody frustrating that people don't see this!!!
People often insist Amber is dumb - imo she's many things but 'dumb', nope - she knows exactly what she's doing

Albert drops all these breadcrumbs about 'I was on track, Becky was away for two days - then - she came home!'
'I asked Becky to make me ramen and six ayyyg rolls and she did'

Then when her ambabies dogpile onto Becky as a wicked enabler we get:

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"Hey guiiise I don't know why you're being mean to my beloved Becky, I never ever called her an enabler 😲😇😇😇"

It's so fucking obvious, but even supposedly insightful reactors fall for her manipulations

As if she loves Beggy or vice-versa - I'm not about to call her out as an enabler as (imho) its a business arrangement and a job at this point - you don't refuse your employer or you get the sack, lol - Becky is probably of the opinion if Albert wants to eat til she explodes, let her - she's a (very) grown woman, after all 🤷
Becky understands part of her employment is to get thrown under the bus as needed.

Who cares if a bunch of fat cat ladies on YT call her an enabler? Becky knows “enabling” is the most important part of her job. The minute she doesn’t step and fetch fast food for Amber it’s back to the saw mill or mom’s trailer.

Amber would have no trouble finding another lazy enabler in KY, for the hopelessly fat and stupid it’s a glamorous job compared to Wal-Mart. I mean with UberEats and other delivery services Becky has to worry about being outsourced, being a human shield and excuse for Amber‘s ass getting fatter is job security.