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"Stop getting any bigger or they'll EAT YOU"

Boring video

Drones on and on about what she weighed at daily. Intuitive eating. Whatever.

No legs.

For someone who claims to be almost out of the 500s she doesnt seem very excited about it.

Always take her weigh ins with a grain of salt because if you ask me the scale fluctuations always look weird.

Never trust a weigh in of hers if you can't see her standing on it.

You guys know the drill.

Almost starts to cry talking about how bad people must be suffering during the pandemic. She's just SO empathetic, y'all.

Skip this boring dribble.

Diet Coke 4 Life

When I peek, it is in the line of duty.
Pardon me whilst I crack my knuckles and set forth murdering my brain. There is not enough alcohol at my current location. I shall do my best to endure.

Alright, you butterball. Let’s do this.

0:00 ‘Hey guise!’ Hey Amber.

0:06 Explains Wednesday weigh-ins to us. She talks about each day, what she felt, what she did, blah blah blah. Aka: She bullshits so she can make it past the 10 minute mark and get that sweet, sweet ad revenue. This one’s 16:05? Joooooooy.

0:50 Last Wednesday, 514.8. Overate. Had mashed potatoes, shredded cheese and peas. Says the whole recipe is real good. Peanut M&Ms - she stopped herself from eating them before they got too bad, so she gave them to Necky. Suuuure.

1:40 Thursday, 514.2. Noticed after she has a smoothie in the morning she gets real dizzy. Say goodbye to the Ninja, ladies and gents! She blames it on IF and ending her fast with a smoothie. This dumb bitch. Confirms stopped smoothies, eating bars instead. Or turkey bacon and rice cakes with laughing cow cheese on them (pardon me while I hurl). Everything went well that day.

3:00 512.2. All excited for 60 lbs. Had rice cakes with PB2 on them for breakfast or something. Claims to have scraped off excess PB2. I’m willing to bet it’s with her teeth. Says she talked with her enabler about her enabling ways. Al told Necky to grow some balls and say No. Says ‘Hopefully that will happen.’ Subtle shifting of blame for all future binges onto Necky. Way to dodge that responsibility bullet, cuntface!

4:10 509.6. Woke up with real bad self loathing or some shit. Hated herself because of her lymphoma. Normally doesn’t think about it. And now she’s staring at her elephantine right calf and lower stomach (your WHOLE FUCKING LAAAAAAYYYYYYGS, you deformed fuck). Actually acknowledges that she’s got a deformed corpse. Reading comments. Hahahahahah. Pouts because she was reading the comments about losing weight because she was sick and shit. Keeps yammering and being a sad idiot. Is confused because being sick had nothing to do with her avoiding food (buuuuuuuuullllllllshit). Things are crazy (gorl needs a thesaurus to smash her face in).

6:49 Still blathering about binging and how she can do it while sick. SHUT THE FUCK UP.

7:04 Ya’ll insulted her, you haydurs!! How dare you fuck with her brain by telling her that her ‘accomplishments’ were do to her body physically rejecting attempts to shove food into it!

7:39 507.4. ‘bout damned time she stopped fucking talking about binging while sick. This day was apparently hard because COVID-19 and she empathizes with everyone who’s worried and it’s scary and sad and heartbreaking and shut the fuck up, you fat fuck. She says ‘we’ve never been through something like this’ but quickly amends it that ‘well, I’m speaking for me. In 29 years we’ve never dealt with this.’ H1N1, YOU DUMB SOW.

8:54 Your gorl is suffering with anxiety and she managed to not binge.

9:25 Blathers about how she subconsciously pays attention to calories even though she was claiming not to pay attention to calories. Aka: she’s a lah.

10:00 OMG, Amber, stop flapping your stupid mouth about how you count calories without writing that shit down and doing intuitive eating. You fat fuck.

10:37 Now talking about calorie counting at Ruby Tuesday’s. HOLY FUCK SHADDUP.

10:54 “If I were just to eat what I wanted to eat, I wouldn’t lose weight. That’s a point blank period.”

(Pardon me while I scream my lungs out in the comfort of my small living environment. My head hurts from where it slammed against my table.)

11:04 505.2. Consistently wanted to overeat all day. Gorl’s got the pattern starting. She’s gonna wreck all this shit. :) Said ‘no’ to a brownie and apparently that was the hardest thing she’s done in a long time or some shit.

11:53 504.8. Upset about weigh-in because she only lost 0.8…. Except it wasn’t 0.8. It’s 0.4. You dumb twatwaffle.

12:33 “Everything will be better when in the bed with Ben and Jerry” Suuuuure. IT’S BEN & JERRY’S, YOU TUB OF DUMB.

13:18 Blathers about being weak and accepting that but this week she wasn’t weak. Blah blah blah NEXT WEIGHT FUCKER.

13:23 Here’s no sign of her, just the scale readout. Which doesn’t do the smooth crawl up to the number and freeze like it does for Child-Beating Amy Haramadan. It flickers all over the fucking place before settling at 503.8. But it DOES remain steady, so perhaps it’s almost legit.

In total down 68+ pounds.

14:07 Is happy, but feels she isn’t doing ‘good enough.’ Well enough, you grammatical defunct jack wagon. Whatever. She’s still blathering about not binging and wanting to do more.

15:00 Is so proud of her 11 pound weight loss this week, can’t wait to get down to the 400s. That’s her goal, apparently. 10-to-1, when she hits 499.9 she’ll celebrate with a 4,000 calorie binge.

15:35 Feels like she’s losing less every day, yammering still.

15:49 Stay safe, ya’ll! It’s scary! Can’t even bring herself to say Coronavirus. Says “It’s scary to talk about it, so let’s not talk about it.” Then signs off.

TL;DW, Amber is a walking lard bag who can’t shut up and I would not fuck her.

Keyboard Warrior

Christ, is this bitch really crying for people suffering from Corona? She's so insincere. It's disgusting.

Also, if you're 500+ lb, extremely immunocompromised and this Pandemic ACTUALLY terrifies you (as she claims) then do yourself and the world a favor and stay the fuck home. You don't need to grocery shop every single day, and you definitely don't need to be rubbing your grubby dirty hands over every surface of Wal-Mart in the process.

I love that she told Becky to be more stern with her when the Binge Monster demands its next feeding. How bout take some responsibility for your own choices and don't pass the buck onto your spineless girlfriend. If Becky was the type to challenge Amber, Becky wouldn't be in the picture from jump. But sure, let's pretend that future failure means Becky failed somehow.


destroy them with lazers
If this bitch ain't standing on a scale, I don't give a fuck.

Edit: @13:30 she weighs in at 503.8. Spared you precious minutes of your life, you're welcome.
I mean it might just be because I’m used to Chantals growing size but Amberlynn does look like she’s lost some weight and I want so badly to be proud of her. But she’s a shady bitch who lies so we’ll see when she does an another weigh in.

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With Amy’s weigh-in just posted and Chantal live streaming her morning shit, Amber’s video just ain’t cutting it.

Happy quarantine to you lucky mofos who get to stay home, I’ll be out fighting Corona-Chan with Youtube fatties keeping me company. Our cup runneth over.