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Da problem being... how do any of us prove or disprove it without No Marlakey Biden making her get on a known scale and getting the truth? Meantime, Hamber weaves whatever tale she wants to keep those YouBuck shekels flowing.

And here we are.
Well, if her weight keeps plummeting according to her scale but she doesn't start looking deflated by the time she has lost 100 elbees (only 40 more according to Amber, right?) it would be pretty sus. She allegedly lost 11 this week, so it should keep working that way if she really is doing what she says. In another month she would be 100 lbs down. If she gives up before we see the visual evidence, then we know for sure its was a lah. She is in the spot where she has to put up or shut up. She either gives up publicly to avoid future weigh-ins or she does the damn thing for real.


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That would put her BMI at 89.27. I'm not seeing it yet & we're talking a stated weight loss of 12% - roughly. I'd have to go to her channel & try to find a video where she then claims to weight roughly what she does now because frankly, I'm not seeing what I'd expect to be seeing - sagging skin, (some would eventually tighten back up at her age), some changes in her basic shape but that's hard to see when she's sitting down.
This is from April 2018 and shes 498 so just 5lbs from what shes saying now. She looks closer to this than how massive she looked summer 2019. It's just quite suspicious how she lost the bulk of the weight when it was very risky for Becky to drive and how amber is admitting now that Becky gets her binge food when she asks 🤔

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Thank you from saving me from some tedious work. This body shot gives us some parameters to look for. It's not a 'universal weight loss truth' but it seems most often, the last place you put on weight is the first place it starts coming off. Judging by the still you posted, we should be looking for her lower arms & FUPA to shed weight first of all. To be honest, it may be hard to see for a while longer... IF she's losing.


She's housebound, and no one wants to watch a fat chick waddle around 4 walls for 40 goddamn minutes.
If she filmed herself doing the hambeast shuffle like she did that one time she walked to a tree I think she'd get extta views. Trying to understand how her grotesque body manages to move and comparing her size with trees and cars is much more interesting than seeing her eyebrowless moonface as she talks about mindnumbing nonsense.

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Good Lord - point the camera at her feet as she walks to the scale & steps on, then move the camera, (slowly), to the display with no jump cuts, preferably while she's talking...to doubly insure continuity. Not rocket science. Far too long & varied a history of Lies of Convenience for me to trust anything but what I SEE. Unfortunately for her, her word is meaningless.


Point blank PERIOD.
Maybe if she didn't put what looked like 2 fucking cups of frozen fruit in her smoothies they wouldnt be so sweet and full of sugar. Surely she could look up low sugar smoothie recipes instead of just throwing whatever she wants together. Hasn't this bitch ever heard of Pinterest? She makes smoothies just like she cooks.

Slop smoothies for everyone! :drink:


if she's telling the truth, good. if she's lying, she's only harming herself. part of me wants amber to be successful so she can enrage the obese women in her facebook discussion groups who love comparing themselves to her so they can feel good about themselves.
Hopefully she's losing weight for real and in addition to what you said, she also rubs CG's nose in it even though she never acknowledged the challenge that CG tried to sell. That would still be very enjoyable!!!:shit-eating:

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Ehhh, am skeptical. She likely lost weight when she was super sick, stalled for a while, then happened to get 'lucky' that Corona-chan made the government order a shutdown of all non-essential services (a.k.a the restaurants.)

Once late spring comes around and she is eager to be out, the restaurants will be opening back up and the Derpy Ds will be coming back around for some more mooochins. This is the real test, since these outings contribute to a lot of her weight gain as she simply lives to eat, and the company she keeps (the Ds) also love to eat.