weigh in + my results 06/24/20 - PEOPLE WITH CANCER EAT TOO


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Dude, what I find so weird about this all is how it's already been a month since she was diagnosed with cancer... and she STILL has not started ANY treatment for it. My mom has had cancer twice (one she's currently fighting now) and doctors start treatment fairly fast, even now with coronavirus going around, because cancer treatment clinics work separately from covid centers.

So what the hell is she waiting for? How long is she gonna be 'thinking' about what treatment to follow? Until she dies?

This just makes me suspect her 'cancer' is on a very beginning state because when doctors see it's an advanced or complicated situation, they can book you a surgery for that week.

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Generally, when lymph nodes are involved, it could mean that the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. That's the last thing she would want, but it doesn't surprise me considering how long she waited to seek help.
Just quoted to add: Think of a cancer as sort of a localized dead-end street. A mass generally in one location. Once it grows and starts affecting your lymphatic system, it's now on your body's super highway and can speed right along, stopping to affect various points along the way, No longer localized or easily treated by simply removing a single mass or affected area.

This is where chemo and radiation come into treatment. They can't remove your lymphatic system so instead they have to try to kill it to stop the spread. Very serious stuff once it hits your lymph "noids."


-She lost 1.6 pounds since her last weigh in
-She's on the pill now (but refused to disclose that what it is)
-Still won't say what her treatment options are
-Her MRI revealed everything is "fine" OK???????? and? What does that mean in cancer speak? That she doesn't have cancer?
-Her lymph nodes are enlarged so the cancer might have spread - lymph nodes will swell if you have a sore throat, you un adulted twat
-Amber thinks people who accuse others of lying about having cancer are actually worse than people who lie about having cancer themselves, mkay
-Amber thinks she picked up saying "bolth" from her mom growing up. But this isn't possible since her mom chose to smoke meth while Amber grew up in foster care.

This is all I could remember from this snooze fest. Another cash grab with seven ads.
I think she means that no masses or tumors were found. They do diagnose crotch cancer simply through cell scrapings and then dive in, as it were, to see if there are tumors that need to be removed. If it's spread to her lymph "noids" then she'll certainly have to have surgery to remove them. Some cancers don't present with huge tumors, just abnormal cells in this case the cells just sort of hang out in the lining of her vagina. It's a pretty easy cancer to treat as cancer goes, but it usually does call for a hysterectomy which I'm surprised they haven't done yet. Even at her size one would think that would be the first course of action, but it seems they want to see if it's spread so if they have to go in they can take it all at one time? It is one of those cancers that if it's caught early enough and hasn't spread can usually be removed surgically with maybe some follow up treatment. Who knows how long that crotch has been rotting, though.


I still feel like any weight loss Amber is getting, is just the Cancer eating her from the inside. Because she sure as fuck hasnt changed a damn thing about her relationship with food or how much of it she shovels d own her food hole every couple of minutes. Actually, Amber is probably loving Cancer, for now. Cancer is "workeeeen for me!".

Really, in reality this is exactly what Amber always wanted. Amber is free from responsibility because CANCER. She can keep eating all she wants because CANCER, and as an added bonus she'll lose weight at an increasing pace while not changing anything, because that cancer is going to get hongry.

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Dude, what I find so weird about this all is how it's already been a month since she was diagnosed with cancer... and she STILL has not started ANY treatment for it.
In the thread about her chicken wing mook-bong I had asked about gallstones. Apparently she's had those for years and probably still has them. She's either lying, not telling us she's getting treatment or maybe just hoping this put her in a coffin. She doesn't really care about her body at all. I don't even know why she did the weigh-in.

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lymph nodes will swell if you have a sore throat, you un adulted twat
Exactly. Lymph nodes can swell for a multitude of reasons. Including as a reaction to stress the body is under. Endometriosis, chronic UTIs, skin infections, and, wait for it, being super morbidly obese. Don't forget the strain of the beetus.

This is Amber Lynn double speak like, "Hulthy, but big". A CT scan would show tumors and the echogenicity of her uterus and other organs. In other words, abnormalities. Any doctor would look for a cause of enlarged lymph nodes (starting with blood work), but it certainly doesn't mean that she has cancer or that it has spread.

Let's see if she goes through with the MRI, stuffed in a tube for 30+ minutes on her back. It will it turn into an Amy Ramadanesque situation?

I also believe she has lost weight because Covid meant that the buffets and restaurants she frequents have been closed. She had been restricted to a lot of home meals. I'm also thinking that her weight loss triggered her menstrual cycle giving her the 1st real period she has had in years.

Bottom line- She a lah. And until there is proof, I'm sceptical.


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Probably an old ass weigh in because she's looking as large as she did at 600lbs.
Still too vague about the big C
Still don't believe this lying heifer.

Oh and it's very common for lymph nodes to swell every now and then. Everything else being so huge on her- I'm sure the Dr was right in saying she probably just has big nodes.
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Her lymphaedemic/lipedemic laygggs are proof enough that her lymph nodes have been fucked up since she was born. Plus her constant UTIs, she's probably sporting one constantly and infections swell up lymph nodes. IDK if she specified which area of lymph nodes are affected as I can't watch her mug, but if they're in her crotch it's probably her layg leaking issue or UTI related.

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I didn't understand that either - what 'everything looks fine' or whatever specific phrase she used I'm inclined to think things are not all that 'fine' if a PET scan was ordered. I would also have thought more blood work would have been ordered - looking any other signs of current infection - like a high while cell count.

She is genuinely clueless about what constitutes anything close to 'normal' meals; what a balanced diet looks like or the quantities involved. She says in her recent mukbangs, she doesn't eat "that much" or that badly. Wrong. I suspect she hasn't changed her eating habits very much - other than 4 popsicles at night or she would have used the opportunity to say something about that.

And if nothing else, she confirms she's absolutely tone deaf when it comes to what she chooses to post. She doesn't grasp that posting pre-recorded mukbangs absolutely makes it look like she's making a mockery of cancer & lighting her viewers on fire than dousing the flames by pissing on them.

She has nothing else to offer, she tells us. Sadly that is true unless she chooses to vlog how she's struggling with her diagnosis, the out of control feelings about it & the big decision looming. I can't see her doing that - too real, too adult.


"I can't believe people say I'm making a mockery of my cancer by uploading mookbongs. I'm not overeedin, I'm just eedin. Because of my weight and because I have cancer, overeedin is taboo and I personally don't understand it currently in this time. Mainly buhcoz the food choices I am makeen when it comes to quanTiTy is not bad at all. I am loseen weight. I am not gaineen and I think that's what's importen. Also you guys make fun of meee but my mom also pronounces it like bolth and different youtubers do too. Btw I'm taking a pill that's an estrogen hormone situayshen"

So get off her back!
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Still doubling down on CANCER!!! I dunno....doesn't seem to be any sense of urgency about it. Of course she's got enlarged lymph noids (:biggrin:) just like everything else about her--her heart, her stomach, her appetite, and her constant UTIs.
Popsicles are not just frozen liquid, they're fuckin' frozen sugar water with artificial flavorings--well done, AMMbur.
And, Amber implying she's an "adult" because she has to pay bills was the funniest part of this whole non-update.