weigh in + my results 06/24/20 - PEOPLE WITH CANCER EAT TOO


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Are you supposed to remove those fake eyelashes at night or can you keep them for a few days?
Some leave them on overnight (You can buy eye masks I believe). I tried leaving them on overnight once...one ended up gnarled and stuck to my cheek, the other was half on/half off my eyelid. Eyes felt caked with gunge.

More hygienic to take them off, imo, but each to their own.

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Fuck your feelings, nancypants
Bold of you to assume she will still be alive next year. If the cancer really is fake, then any of the other health conditions she’s willingly choosing to ignore (hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnea, Becky wanting her freedom back, her mom selling her organs to buy meth...). This is basically a race to whoever kills her first.

Now look, I need her to hang on awhile to reach my date in the death pool - which, I'll have you know, I did not change when she jumped on YT two hours after her "30 minute call with the doctor" that didn't happen to hyperventilate at us like she just got the news. So, I have to be a teeny bit optimistic. For a bit, anyhow.

Another Instagram update.

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Some kind of treatment maybe? Or just a check in?

Hospitals are requiring everyone to use masks. Of course, what they mean are MEDICAL masks, not construction dust masks, but this is Big Al, Queen of Not Understanding Things.

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She's so full of herself (and food), she's making it a PREMIERE tonight!