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It’s funny because she tries to wait until the little of the day to eat (which is easy if you wake up at 2 pm), but then eats everything she would have eaten and then some. What’s the point then?

It keeps her from bingeing. She needs to feel satisfied in order to not binge, so she needs to eat big meals.

Her other techniques to avoid bingeing are to eat constant snacks so she's never hungry, not declare any foods as "off-limits," and to not limit herself to eating single portions. She knows what her triggers are, and they include counting calories, weighing herself, weighing her food, meal planning, and restricting in any way. She knows her body.

ALR is obviously well on her way to a steady and sustainable weightloss. Someday, we're all gonna eat our words, the way she eats every single fucking thing she can lay her hands on in order to avoid overeating. Just you wait.


I hate this
Here you go men and strap-on users, your POV of penetrative sex with our dainty gorl:
let the fapping commence
So many new videos.
So she is gaining weight again... very bad.
She did make up. It looks childish on her.
Time is passing, if she wants to look beautifull she needs to loose weight because the prime age of feminine beauty is passing anyway. And at her weight she will get very ugly soon. She will not age gracefully.
The make up just shows how she deludes herself again.


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She says it’s melted caramel, which is honestly only slightly less gross? Stickylynn diligently hand-washing after eating at a restaurant mid-pandemic!

Exactly. Doesn't she wash her hands after eating? After leaving the restaurant? She waffled on a few months ago about how she obsessed with hand sanitiser, she couldn't feel that stickiness on her hands?

I totally agree with what you are saying. I started to read back over hambeast's general thread, the content she was putting out in 2016 is exactly the same as what it is now, right down to buying gaudy earrings. Just swap Destiny's name for Becky - the only thing that's different is she is even fatter now. Aside from that.. the same damn content almost word for word.

I understand people not wanting her leeching off the gvt getting payments out of tax payers money but youtube has kept her in such a cycle its a groundhog day that's a slow suicide.

Are you not entertained?

@ 14:34 I had to take back several times to try and work out why she said 'Re-Twinkles' before I realised she was saying 'Reached my goals' - This woman needs some elocution lessons and learn to articulate
I like those shots of her full body in the dress , because just looking at her face it can be tricky to gauge how colossal this woman really is.

But hoooly shit, the full figure Hamberlynn kinda looks like this:


Just the size of the arms, yeegods! I’m always surprised that random items in her vicinity aren’t suddenly pulled closer to her and start rotating around her axis.

As for 5lbs gained in a week (Lul!) and negative TWO HUNDRED POINTS (Doubly Lul!) whatever happened to Amberlynn knowing what’s best for her?
This video leaves no doubt whatsoever - BIG AL LAHS ABOUT HER WEIGH-INS
We've all seen what she's EATEEN and DRINKEEN this last week, plus the food boxes and wrappers she leaves in the background of her videos, plus everything else she doesn't show... and she only gained 4 or 5 pounds?? She admitted herself, she can gain 10 elbees in one binge - bitch been BINGEEN all damn week FFS
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I thought the whole point of poetry was to make one think? Sometimes I'll read one poem and spend days thinking about it; maybe re-read it a few times, looking for an insight into it's hidden meanings. Big AL is proud (isn't she always?) that she can read an entire poetry book in 20 minutes? I don't believe she reads hardly any of the books she buys. She will start to read the first poem...'Baybee this poem don't even rhyme like what it's sposed to! Let's go out for a bite to eat!
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At this point, I don’t see how anyone is still watching her. At least on her channel. Mirrors and archives are one thing, but watching her with ads is absolutely insane. It always has been, but now that she’s not even pretending to try, it’s just outrageous.

I used to click a video every now and then with Adblock to read comments, but I won’t even do that anymore. Seeing people this past week commenting on how much money she makes/spends while simultaneously paying her with their view made my head feel like it was gonna explode.
Her money is going to flow untill she dies unless youtube do something to her channel which is never gonna happen. She has what, 90k? people who watch her videos regulary and they all are letting those 20 advertisements run without any block. The single greatest thing that could happen to the Amber show would be her channel being deleted.

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She's so full of herself (and food), she's making it a PREMIERE tonight!