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Has she tried to wipe her own ass and gotten feces on her hand?

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Holy shit I knew her eyebrows were bad, but seeing them in HD quality 😳 woof.

She puts so much effort into her eyelashes and yet forgets to balance them with filling in her brows.. she looks like a true lunatic.

“A lot of eating out”? What do you mean, Amber? I thought you said you ate out three times a week. That is truly shocking, Amber.

Also, it’s weird that she knows everything about nutrition but doesn’t know that it’s the calorie deficit that makes you lose weight, not the logging. You can log every single dust particle you inhale inbetween the hourly orange chickens, that won’t stop you from reaching 600 lbs (if not more).

Her goal for next week is to not reach -216 points, NOT stay below her points. She doesn’t want to lose waight, she just wants to gain less weight than this week, because that’s obviously a huge improvement. WW is truly doing wonders for her.

She’s legit waiting to lose weight until after she meets the weight doctor which is absolutely ridiculous. She does not want to lose weight... After having this thought I wonder if her whole channel is a long drawn out attempt to convince herself that she wants to.


People seem to be missing that not only was her deficit 216 points (an entire month of weekly bonus points), but her daily for that Saturday was 148 points. That one day was all her extra weekly points plus another week of extra points (and this assume everything was actually logged). Crikers. Just imagine how much food that is in addition to all the zero point stuff (lean meats and vegetables). A normal candy bar appears to be about 10 points. She ate the equivalent of 15 candy bars in that one day. She easily took in well over 4000kcal just in the stuff that counts as points.

She set up WW so she gets 65 points per day and 42 for weekly overflow. Add 216 and you have 713 points. Subtract 148 for that orgy of food and she is still averaging nearly 30 points over each day. What a danged cow! She must spend all her time awake eating.
It keeps her from bingeing. She needs to feel satisfied in order to not binge, so she needs to eat big meals.
She uses it all as an excuse for her inability to eat normal human sized portions of food that is not deep fried and/or covered in sugar. "Binges" are what do her in. She cannot control that, so you cannot blame her for the weight gain. It is not the eating two restaurant entrees and dessert with every meal. Nope. She is in control 99% of the time, but those "binges" ruin her progress. She will go weeks only eating 2000kcal/day. One binge and she gains 25 pounds. Seriously, you guys. So seriously.

Amber is dumb as a cow and fat as one too, but she knows how to manipulate the absolute morons who put up with her so she will pay their bills.
She’s legit waiting to lose weight until after she meets the weight doctor which is absolutely ridiculous. She does not want to lose weight... After having this thought I wonder if her whole channel is a long drawn out attempt to convince herself that she wants to.
She wants to lose weight because being a 500 monster pig is not fun for anyone. She cannot breathe and it probably hurts to move. I highly doubt she wants to lose much weight. She would probably be okay with being Becky's size because she is so hot anyway than she could pull all the bum she wanted. Her issue is that she cannot give up eating junk. She needs to eat plates of rice for that awesome orgasmic feeling eating gives her. She wants a magic pill that allows her to eat and eat and eat while staying at like 350 pounds.
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I see that she takes her diet very seriously. Why she even bother? Next week, she will still eat as much or more as this week; she is not even trying. I think that gaining 5 pounds a week is about right. By the time she has her appointment with the WL doctor, she will be in the 500's. Unfortunately, the doctor will tell her to restrict her consumption of fast food and avoid restaurants. This will the last time that we hear of that doctor, like with the last WL doctor.


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"Eating out is very caloric" Amberism aside, you don't fucking say gorl. It's almost like that's why most people avoid eating out except for special/rare occasions and people who are dieting usually don't eat out at all!

Her talking about losing a 'big amount of weight' is funny too. At her size the amount of weight she's lost is really nothing and she could be losing way more weight every month if she was doing an actual diet from a weight-loss doctor. I also never get over her saying she's a size 4 etc which makes her sound dainty when that's actually a 4X


I was pretty sure Rose wine should be stored in cool place (or even fridge) but maybe not...?
She just casually showed us her -216 points for the week; which is 3 days worth of points btw. Amazing, truly..
Is it three days worth of her points, or an average not 500lbs person?
I found it somewhat odd that she keeps pointing out how "easy" poetry books are to read. Pointing out that she can read one in "like 20 minutes". No one cares how long it takes you to read a book. This isn't school. Read at your leisure and, you know, take time to comprehend what you are reading. I know that's asking way to much of her. I honestly think people keep asking what she thinks about the books she reads because they know she has almost no reading comprehension and it's fun to constantly hear her say"oh it was just so good I can't even describe it. Just read it okay you guise!" I'll be waiting for her engrossing book reviews for sure.
Right? Like no shit you can read Milk and Honey in 20 minutes, it's like reading twitter/Tumblr posts... Damn artistlynn. Genuinely got a bit MOTI over this.
Not sure how she can pick up all those steps on her fit bit when most of the time when she's out shopping she's in a disability cart.
So I was wondering how the fitbit decides whether you move or not? Maybe it thinks she makes steps when she turns around? I mean the circumference of her body is much greater than the usual person...

OMG that aggressive hair brushing! She clearly doesn't brush her hair daily if it's in this state, jesus christ.


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I love how easily she lies when talking about the tripod for her camera.

"Why do you have a tripod?"
"Cause I don't have one ... oh they're out of stock'

I am pretty sure that in the whole of the USA you can't somehow access a tripod and no online store can send her one? She lies so easily.

Her weird eye movement and tongue gesture just screamed that she was lying - I think that the tongue thing is a tell
So I was wondering how the fitbit decides whether you move or not? Maybe it thinks she makes steps when she turns around? I mean the circumference of her body is much greater than the usual person...

If you move your arm a lot, it will record steps. So she probably got a bunch while in the scooter because she was pointing and touching everything.

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"When you lose a big amount of weight, you lose a big amount of weight and things start to fit you so much better!"

Only Amber can gain 5lbs in a week, be at the precipice of weighing over 500lbs again, yet still brag about her amazing weight loss.

I can’t get over her using the wine bottles as decor.

at least she takes the eyelashes off.

People occasionally use wine bottles for decorations, but it's usually AFTER the bottle is empty. They'll melt some wax over the top and maybe use it as a candle holder. They don't just stick full bottles of cheap wine on a table and call it a day.

Yeah, she takes the lashes off. According to our gorl, the beauty expert, she can use them as many times as she wants. So she takes them off and them puts them back on, over and over again, along with old mascara, dust, whatever goop and crust came out of her eyes the previous day, and the petri dish levels of bacteria that colonized overnight.


64 points x 7 days= 448 points + 42 extra points= 490 + 219 points over= 709 points in one week / 7 days= 101 points avg./day + addiction to takeout= How you get to 600 pounds by your 30th birthday.
Amber (and lies by Jen) think that if they lose a pound or two they need to celebrate and treat themselves, undoing any progress they made and compounding their failure in the process.

Also, someone with Amber's food obsession should not be on any plan saying foods are zero points. How can eggs be zero points? If you eat 3 dozen eggs a day you will certainly gain weight.

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Wtf happened to Noom? It just up and disappeared suddenly like Becky's self respect after that first date with Hamber.

Got quit three or four videos ago. People told her it wouldn't be for her and she took their word for it to pig the fuck out because that's Amber's solution to everything.

Anyway, I was using my phone's internet browser a few days ago and opened a new tab. In the 'suggested stories' area of the browser what is the title I see? "What happens to your body when you walk 10,000 steps a day," sure enough! So apparently my suggestion alghorythm is like a half a month or so behind Amber's in trends, which makes me uneasy for various reasons...
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Three different rosés just sitting in her living room. Not chilling on a serving station, just there for decoration. I'm so perplexed.

I know I keep saying Amber is an alien poorly copying what she sees other people doing without understanding why it was done but I think this is just more proof, Amber, you're supposed to drink those.

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