WEIGH IN | SHOWING THE SCALE!!!!! - 4/15/2019

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I'm happy AL read the farms and saw all the notes on how NO ONE BELIEVES
but but but but
I still don't see feet. I see a number, and 56X pounds of SOMETHING dropped onto a scale. I want feet.
She doesn't take the pants off. Her and the pants are ONE, NOW.

I still call bullshit.
I want a fucking Kentucky Herald newspaper, audio, feet, voice and numbers same time. Becky can jumpscare if need be.

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I think she goes sans pants while at home just to conserve the life of her pants, since they're on their last legs and she doesn't know where to get more that will fit her, despite many kiwis posting links of where to buy.
She told us she bought like eight pairs of these pants that are all the same so she rotates them. The thing about lying all the time is that there is just no way to keep consistency between your lies.


I was assuming she wouldn't put them on because the size of them means the fabric adds extra weight to the scale. Remember when she used to weigh her clothes and subtract?
I remember her taking that black maxi dress off which I could see having a little bit more weight to it then those leggings, although a 2-3 pound fluctuation on Amber is nothing. Even though those leggings are huge considering they're somehow able to encase Amber's legs and gunt, the material has been stretched so thin and worn out at this point I would think that they can't weigh more than one pound, maybe two?

My point is, Becky Amber wasted precious energy and oxygen peeling those layygeens off for pretty much nothing.

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Dosh, grab it while you can lads!
Holy fuck nuggets, her left layyyygggg is at least 30% more swollen then the right.

Bitch, your layg is fucked up.

She tries to fool everyone and thinks she is the one "winning" by constantly lying/deceiving.

It's like someone on the helm of the sinking titanic laughing at people in the lifeboats because they stole jewelry from the rooms......and becky is the iceberg.

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Not that I want to give her help, but I think Amber would find it more enjoyable to walk outside than marching inside the gaycare living room waiting for the (snack) bell to ding. If she, oh I don't know, walked from the house to the family dollar and back, I think she'd find the whole experience more enjoyable at least. If she's afraid of falling, have Becky carry a sturdy chair along with her.

Sure, she'd being walking right to a store full of shit food, but this gorl is gonna eat little debbies on the sly anyway. She might as well work for them.


I was assuming she wouldn't put them on because the size of them means the fabric adds extra weight to the scale. Remember when she used to weigh her clothes and subtract?
Why does she need to be pantless to weigh in?
Not exactly sure why these fatties think their clothes are magically gonna take away ten extra lbs if they take them off, they don't weigh that much.
fat fat fat

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