WEIGH IN | SHOWING THE SCALE!!!!! - 4/15/2019


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I take Effexor, and if I miss a dose it makes me feel super fucky. That said, they should have her slowly lowering the dosage so that she doesn't hey withdrawal symptoms. I went off it once before many moons ago, and I was fine slowly weaning myself off of it, with zero withdrawal.

Sounds like Becks might just be using getting off of Effexor as an excuse for being 'grumpy' with AL.

ETA: I can't speak to whether or not it'll have any effect on her weight as I haven't gained while on it ??‍♂
Effexor has a neutral effect on weight gain, as do most anti-anxiety medications. Also, most SSRIs have no direct effect on weight gain or loss.


I'm happy AL read the farms and saw all the notes on how NO ONE BELIEVES
but but but but
I still don't see feet. I see a number, and 56X pounds of SOMETHING dropped onto a scale. I want feet.
She doesn't take the pants off. Her and the pants are ONE, NOW.

I still call bullshit.
I want a fucking Kentucky Herald newspaper, audio, feet, voice and numbers same time. Becky can jumpscare if need be.

Is it just me or does she look like 5’8”? I always read that she’s only 5’2” or 5’3” but she looks a lot taller than that to me
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Is it just me or does she look like 5’8”? I always read that she’s only 5’2” or 5’3” but she looks a lot taller than that to me
Nah, it's just forced perspective. She's claimed 5'2" and 5'3" both in the past. I'm inclined to believe 5'2" at this point just because of the damage she's done to her skeleton. When she sits, she appears higher because she's literally sitting on a booster seat of fat. You have to look at her when she's standing next to other people like Ricky or Eric to see that she really is that short. That's why she thinks she's petite.


Anytime I feel shitty about being chubby I take a look at Amberlynn and suddenly I don't feel so bad
Same, though seeing her also makes me want to lose weight (how ironic)
All that work and "dieteeeen". The pathetic <two minute march on place, the bland, wet slop she's been piling into casserole dishes and shovelling in her maw, the weights smaller than her fists that she lazily pumps into the air for the camera, and what does she have to show for it? The weight of a bowel movement. If she can get down to 540, then I'll believe she's serious.

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Why can't she put a long dress on and show us the complete picture when she steps on the scale?
This is a woman who gets out of breath from cooking SITTING DOWN. Amber gets out of breath from speaking. Peeling off those legging is probably an ordeal that takes at least half an hour. There is no way Amber is putting that much effort in her videos.

That little pin head on that massive, larval body is bolth hilarious and nightmarish at the same time...
And both eat non-stop.
Maybe whatever she uses to wipe her ass.
Sorry, but if she uses some kind of tool to help her wipe, I ain't touching it.
Metal tongs, like the ones used by blacksmiths or, better yet, the ones used by glass blowers which have longer handles.


My soul was empty...so I ate 2 ramens.
Is it just me or does she look like 5’8”? I always read that she’s only 5’2” or 5’3” but she looks a lot taller than that to me
Just think of a perfect cylinder; or a ball if you will. Its the same height as it is wide. Its hard to compare here to anyone because anytime she is standing next to someone her massive girth fills the entire frame.
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fat fat fat

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