Weigh In | Taking Accountability | Weight Watchers Week 2 - 5/22/2021


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Another boring as fuck video. Weighs in at like 543.something and of course doesn't show any evidence of herself stepping onto the scale, just an image of the meter thing. Well, she does show the scale beforehand but doesn't even bother to show us her foot being placed on it.

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The puzzling shadow of Amber's nude body as she steps on the scale.
Jesus, is that middle protrusion the fupa lymphedema she's mentioned? Christ, Amber.

So, in this video she admits that, upon realising she hadn't immediately lost dozens of pounds and refusing to exercise any kind of patience, she binged. Then she said she was doing something different than WW. Then she did her stupid reverse sound effect and said that apparently there were people saying they were proud of and inspired by her in a recent live, and that it inspired Albert in turn to continue WW. Absolutely riveting.

Also, apparently that black sheer dress she was wearing was meant to have something under it, which she didn't have because she was 'rebelling'. So she walked around the house and did a live with her gunt encased in nothing but sheer black chiffon, but she won't show laaaayggs? Outrageous.

edit so as not to double-post: She also mentioned that a formerly-obese reaction channel said they did not believe in her, and that it really upset her. Was she referring to Pulpy Syntax here, or Milk Tea? They're the only two that I can think of off the top of my head that have lost a lot of weight.

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like Rosie O'Donnell at a bisexual bridal shower
The sound of Becky packaging up earrings in the background is priceless. Amber is the CEO of her "small business" and wants everyone to know it. She can just sit there loafing on the couch while her subservient does the work. This is real hustle. Take note.

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My take on this video.

Besides earrings, she wants to sell also scrunchies. Amazing. Working for her small business is tiring.

She still does not understand why she is not losing weight even if she does follow Weight Watchers. She is saying that she was doing so well, but realistically she is eating more than she is saying. She is now 543.2 pounds and lost really nothing after a week.

She is rambling about someone on YT that said that they do not believe in her. “People are mean to me.”

She was going to be counting calories after telling us countless times that it triggers her. However, after the live video, she decided to continue with Weight Watcher.

The scratch on her arm is still visible at 6:11.

She will do more “what I eat” videos. Wonderful.

She is very motivated to lose weight. What happened to the weight loss doctor?

She feels to be a rebel today by wearing a see-true dress. Is it something a 16-year-old teen would do, not a 30-year-old woman?


Amber is enjoying the start of this ’small business‘ phase as it’s an avenue she has never explored before for spending money.

Just like she gets excited about new diets that she can order tonnes of journals and specific branded meals and bars for, she’s hyped about buying her little thank you stickers and cards, and no doubt colourful envelopes for Becky to pack up her earrings in.

Shes a bit like Amy’s Life Journey with her crafting business, she’s enjoying spending money on bits and pieces for herself for the facade of being a business woman.

It’ll be over by the end of the week.


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Medicalmysterylynn gains two pounds while "on track". Who believes this giant fatass? Did anyone see someone in her live that called her an inspiration??

Ugh, see-through shirt and no pants.
And she sounds so pissy.

Boring on top of boring, and if anyone buys a scrunchie from her they have a death wish.


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It's a shame she didnt reveal the rest of the see-through outfit.
I doubt she'll walk in public dress like that so....
My guess is fat fetishes or Becky sloppy time~

"I understand I have failed a MILLION different times. But- Anyone who has been successful in weight loss AND who had reached out to me OR I've learned their story whether that be on Youtube or online somewhere or even in a tv show- They all FAIL thousands and thousands of times. Realistically hundreds- "just like me" before they actually succeed. The only difference is between their success story and my HOPEFUL success story is THEIRS wasn't broadcasted every last single fail for the last 8 years on online- y'know?"

"Telling me that you don't believe in me while I'm "down and out"... and failing... on weight loss...and "closer to death" everyday is like kicking someone while they are on the floor "screaming for help". It's just rude."

~ I don't deserve your mean/negative opinionssss because i'm "closer to death". Ya'll gotta be nice to me~ ((check out Youtube Creator Award Button on her wall)
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I call shenanigans

You can't lose weight if you eat 5k when you're ON A DIET! I mean how many fucking points does she get on her WW plan? Plus, she uses them to eat shit instead of real food. She will NEVER lose a pound that stays off. Plus, WW isn't designed to drop huge amounts of weight at a time. JFC.
93 points per day plus extra weekly points. I'm not sure if things have changed dramatically since (according to her) the plans are pretty new...but on average, across the board one WW point equates to around 50 calories...so she's been allocated around 4500 calories daily with some extras thrown in over the week. I don't believe WW has the infinifat market in their sights or in their research for that matter. 50 WW points would be a far more realistic target for ALR if she actually did want to lose weight....but she doesn't want to diet at all.

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550 pounds, on a 'diet' for a week and loses 0.6 of a pound
Doing her make up, but still has the greasy hair in a poop bun.
She cut short her live on Thursday because of the hate, then she films herself restarting WW because of the positive comments she received? Which is it???
She's proud of herself for selling 27 sets of earrings, but had 127 marked as sold on her Depop. So unless people bought 4 or 5 pairs each, at those inflated prices, it's as people said - Fatty's marking things as sold when they aren't.
Learn to tell the truth and taking a fucking shower you disgusting hog


The rant about someone not believing in her was pretty silly. "Telling me you don't believe in me, when I'm down and out and failing on weight loss and closer to death every day, is like kicking someone on the floor screaming for help."

I didn't know that just commenting on you not having an endless amount of faith in someone is like assaulting people who need help. I get that amber likes to feel like a victim but her internal point of view is so fucked it's beyond cartoonish. You're 30 years old, it's time for your perspective to mature.
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