Weight Loss Goals & Snack Recommendation | Day 3 5/9/2020 - weigh in: 498.8 on april 30th


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I don't know why she's saying her goal is 469.8 because it's her lowest since she was in Kentucky. She was claiming to be 469.4 in January 2018. She's gonna have to adjust that goal if she really wants to beat her record.
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  • this was filmed April 30th
  • she's not an episode type of gal because her videos are kind of bland
  • she noticed herself thinking about calories and not WW points
  • next goal she wants to reach: 469.8, the lowest she remembers being in 4-5 years
  • today's weigh in: 498.8
  • says she is down 73.6 lbs total
  • has an appointment today w a new doctor via phone call
  • first doctor she saw told her to see an eye doctor; this doctor says it could be "nerve problems" caused by her mood stabilizer
  • says she might see another doctor
  • makes h.ash browns, cheese, and buffalo chicken sausage
  • now she feels lethargic after overeating
  • wants to focus more on eating smaller quantities
  • super long grocery list
  • taste test of 100 cal mint chocolate frozen yogurt bar
  • she's weighing and measuring everything
  • "It's not fun, it's not cute, I hate it."
  • forgets to end vlog


Lamictal is a sodium channel blocker. It is so important to take it as prescribed and on time every single day...otherwise, as it wears off the brain is flooded with excitation from synapses firing that were previously suppressed. Headaches, mood swings especially rage, muscle twitches and seizures commonly occur as a result of a missed dose or taking it improperly (doubling up and such). I doubt she takes it responsibly, it's too effective a medication for her to have noted mood swings and erratic behavior.

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Into ‘I’m thirsty for coin’ episode infinity!!

0:00 ‘Hey guise!’ Hey Amber. So apparently this is day 3 of her dumb Operation Curveycaloriies, even though in her recent lives it came out that she quit her 100 days of WW. Why you doin’ this, gorl?

0:27 April 30th was the filming day. Still in the way-way back machine. So I wonder how many days she actually filmed this shit before she gave up.

0:37 Decided that she doesn’t want these to be called episodes because she’s not some ‘episode type of gal’ because her shit is bland as fuck and she’s just going to call them days. At least she acknowledges she’s too dull to be episodic.

1:13 Noticed that she was thinking bout calories the day before when she ‘did good’ and stuck to her points and shit. She should’ve been thinking of sodium, because she consumed a salt lick. She likely didn’t have to piss for a week after that.

1:53 Oops, I wasn’t paying attention. I think she mentioned that you have to put in calories, sugar, protein and saturated fat or something into this new WW. Sounds like it’s more complicated than their last plans, and thus this is surely why our gorl failed at it miserably. It WoRkS fOr HeR (except when it doesn’t).

1:57 Professes she’s going to try her hardest to ignore calorie counts, because that’s not what WW is about. Uh huh. Suuuuure. You should’ve just stuck with MFP or some similar free tracking app. Hell, I know you have a MFP account like every other fatass out there. Just use that and fail for free.

2:08 Oh hell, now she’s going to talk about goals she wants to accomplish during these 100 days of… fuck it. These next few days, because there’s no way there’s going to be 100 of these, of rambling bullshit. Except she goes off on a tangent about time going slow. Her goal is reaching 468.9 lbs because that’s the lowest she remembers being in the last 4 years, aka: her exile to Kentucky.

2:51 Weigh in. 498.8. No sound. But it is what it is. She’s all happy and cunty and smug for the 1.4 lb loss, 73.6 total loss.

3:32 Now professing confidence in her ability to lose the amount of weight she needs to lose to reach her goal in the next 97 days lolz sure.

4:00 Has an appointment with a doctor she’s never seen before via telephone in 1 hour and 10 minutes about her eye-twitching nonsense.

4:21 Just got off her video chat with the doctor. Blah blah blah, he said something different. First doctor said ‘see an eye doctor.’ This one says it could be a symptom from her mood stabilizer. Positive it’s a nerve thing. Like we said here on the Farms.

5:06 FFS, now she wants to see /another/ doctor so she can get a third opinion. And a fourth if needed because her symptoms are messing with her.

5:35 Going off on how he said 1% of people who take Lamictal (no, I can’t spell right now, fuck off) have nerve problems. She says ‘there’s no way that could be me!’ Like there’s no way you could’ve reached 600 lbs lolz

5:57 Oh, apologizing for the lighting because Eric was a shitburger and took one of her lamps to use it in his video.

6:18 Put one of her gross ass recipes into WW recipe builder. It was hash.browns, cheese and buffalo chicken sausage (should just leave it for the word filter - hash browns). She ate her entire recipe and it was supposed to be 2 meals. It has made her feel lethargic and super full. Now she feels sick. Says she didn’t overeat but she feels that way. Yeesh. Shaddup already.

7:18 So she doesn’t like the feeling of being stuffed like a blimp. That’s normal, you jackwagon.

7:36 She’s still blathering about the fact that she doesn’t have any willpower and that she sees something she wants to eat and she just consumes until she literally explodes.

8:01 Now talking about how she wants to get a huge amount of groceries so she can have snacks all day so she can just munch on crap all day instead of eating a huge amount of food at one time.

8:32 She was bitching about feeling overly full, and now she’s going to have a Yasso yogurt bar. 5 points per WW, apparently. It’s mint chocolate chip shit. ‘I don’t like yogurt but I like frozen yogurt.’

9:31 Takes one lick and she’s sold and loves it. Waddles around while sucking on her yogurt pop like a toddler with all the lip smacking and sucking sounds.

10:21 Shows she actually has a food scale. Works ‘really good, plus it’s a cute color.’ Talks about how she is measuring everything, but it’s not cute and she hates it.

10:58 World’s most considerate gorlfriend turns off the lights and leaves Becky in the dark.

11:03 Insert stupid end-card. She forgot to end the vlog. Dummy.

TL;DW/R: Insanely dull. This was a pointless waste of my life, and now I'm going to the fridge to get some liquid carbs to satisfy my poor aching brain.

Edit: Autocorrect kicks my ass.

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I hate when she tastes something and then is soooo shocked at how good it is. She did it with the frozen yogurt and with the Ramen she made in the earlier video.
Her going from doctor to doctor for an eye twitch is too much. She never makes sense when she repeats what the doctor said. If only 1% of the people who take her medication get nerve reactions, why would he suggest that as a cause right off the bat? Then she says stupidly, "I'm not 1%". Instead of taking the advice of either doctor (see an eye doctor, talk to her psychiatrist) she is going to shop around some more.

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I'm kind of excited to see what happens next in the Amberlynn saga. The fact she's changing her weight-loss plans so rapidly along with the delayed timelines, suggest she is not getting the level of asspattery she has had in the past and it's messing with big-gorl big time! Sure, she still gets the dumbos who praise her, but her actions suggest that these have dropped right down and the majority of people are calling her out on her bullshit. She's twisting around like a fat worm on a hook desperately trying to hook sympathetic new viewers but I don't think it's working all that well. Her increase in popularity on YT over the last couple of years is now directly leading to her downfall because there's so much of her backstory and history available on other channels that it has become increasingly impossible for her to conceal it.
I smell more than a strong reek of desperation around her these days and I am looking forward to increased lunacy, mukbangs, obnoxious behavior, and hopefully some kind of money scams (in line with her increasing penury). The cow is lactating nicely!


Dude I dunno why but her eyes all of 2020 have been like shark eyes that dart all over when shes talking. There is something super shady going on with her I cant quite pinpoint it. She's lying obviously about her diet but shes acting super weird.
In her last live stream she mentioned now taking two medications "that must be working" and she kept asking Becky and eric if she was acting weird, cos chat said she was.

Amber mentioned being diagnosed either ADD or ADHD not too long ago, I'm unsure if her new med combo is mood stabilizer + anti anxiety med, or if the psych had got her on mood stabilizer + ritalin or something. (Would have sold that to her "you can concentrate and lose weight!) but she has definitely added a new med - I'm not sure if that's the change in her, or it's the weight loss hyping her up because she broke into the 400's (just to over eat to celebrate and go back to the 500s ha) but yeah, something is up.


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Those kind of combos need to be closely monitored, you have to tell your psychiatrist about any suspicious side effect and meet them more often so they can evaluate your state and make adjustments. And I just don't believe ALR does any of that shit. We already pretty much know for a fact that Necky definitely didn't do that since she was a fucking benzos zombie for so long, and Amber is even lazier so why should we believe she's taking care of her mental health

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Judging by her med combo, I am making the educated guess that Amber got a diagnosis for Bipolar Type II. Of course she only heard Bipolar and immediately forgot the rest.

Edit: I don't understand Amber and her hypochondria. Or is it more Münchhausen's? She get's a diagnosis in her head and runs from doctor to doctor until she gets the diagnosis she wants?


Judging by her med combo, I am making the educated guess that Amber got a diagnosis for Bipolar Type II. Of course she only heard Bipolar and immediately forgot the rest.

Edit: I don't understand Amber and her hypochondria. Or is it more Münchhausen's? She get's a diagnosis in her head and runs from doctor to doctor until she gets the diagnosis she wants?
That is also a combo that you can have to temper the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder whilst you get therapy - it is only a tool, s foot hold and not a cure - you still get symptoms of your condition but they are more manageable