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Yeah I have noticed that. And I keep trying to go cold turkey and it's not working. I can also just make cookies with lower carbs so I get that fix. I finally figured out the proportion of xanthan gum to make Almond flour do what I want it to because otherwise it's too moist and flat.

I think I can actually make my chocolate cherry cookies in this lower carb format without much issue texture wise. Gonna have to experiment but it sucks not to have holiday treats. That and lowcarb Cheesecake is doing the trick for me right now. Just been putting some low sugar raspberry jelly on it for flavor and it satiates me for now.

Still trying to figure out how to do eggnog properly, with lower carb in mind. Replicating the flavor of high fructose cornsyrup though, not exactly easy. And the last time I tried I put too much thickener in it so it was just goopy sludge. (Which is what eggnog haters think it is anyway.) but I'll find a way to survive Christmas and lose weight.
Naw, ignore the haters, a good eggnog is a thing of beauty :biggrin: Ooh, what's your secret on xanthan gum and almond flour, by the way?

I had to change to a keto diet for health reasons (not the beetus, I've got epilepsy and a low carb/keto diet can help with keeping fits less severe/to a minimum). I found that higher fat food keeps me fuller for longer. I eat two meals a day now, both high fat/veggies/high protein, and I struggle to clean my plate. It's ingrained into us that fat = badbadbadbad but it's not.

And jelly is no bad thing, if you mean, like, jello? Rammed with collagen and protein, which is good for you.

Maybe focussing on cutting down is a solid plan? Cos you're not making it a big bad Nono in your head, but you know you're reducing it slowly and steadily? From my own experience, weight loss starts in the head and is build on in the kitchen. and identifying why you overeat is important too. But it's not an easy step to make, but once you do, it's like solving one of those metal puzzles where there;s bits and thingies that interconnect, lie it all falls into place, you know? But the amount of work to get to that point is HUGE.

It's not easy pal, and I do feel for you. And it is SO easy to fall into the "I had a bad day so into the fuckkit bukkit goes the rest of the week/month" mentality.

Oh, actually, a thought on the eggnog? Have yo considered goose or duck eggs? I've a neighbour who has both, and she gives me eggs from them. They're very rich, but relatively healthy, plus rammed with nutrients and good fats. Plus they have a divine mouthfeel too. A cake made with duck eggs is sublime, and mereinges with them are something else. Might be worth looking into? I know if I get 6 duck eggs, they last me a good fortnight, cos I use a duck and a chicken egg for scrambled at a time, cos more than one duck egg is just too much.
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The Xanthan gum replaces the binding of gluten and thickens it up. The first batch of cookies I made were flat and merged with all the others, without it.

Second, they were still flat but following the instructions on the conversion on the back of the xanthan gum which is 1/2 per cup of non flour.
So the third time I did heaping 1/2s fulls and that did the trick. They were well formed cookies. A little less perfect than the typical flour based cookie but I'll take what I can get at this point.

Maybe I'll buy a couple ducks for my sister and she'll give me the eggs. lol. She's got a farm now.
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