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Amber is supposedly talking to a weight loss surgery clinic. She admits in the video that she does in fact need help. Amber says she is exploring the options before making a final decision. Amber then shows off a lite sandwich that she's eating with carrots. The Kentucky Lesbian Mafia then goes to eat sushi. First Rarity and Wasabi sighting together in a long time! Amber does her exercises. At 7:35 she shows off her hard breathing from walking, claiming it's why she has a scooter (really wish she would get a walker if it's that bad.) Says she's hit rock bottom while crying; Having an epiphany that she must stop self-sabatoge.

Gorl, fix yourself for real now! Your knuckles shouldn't be like that.
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El_Guapo's Sweater

Mental things is scary!!!!
does she work out with her pretty pink weights in this one? Like most of you gorls said before, we knew this stage of the cycle was coming .. woe is me, I didn't succeed, cry about it .. blah blah .. I hope those ass-patters are starting to feel really stupid now (again!)

ETA: I see the OP of this one added a bit more so I see she did work out again ...
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We find out what she ate at that restaurant: Octopus, crab, shrimp. She's never had octopus before. She didn't like it, couldn't even swallow it.


Claims she did her exercises, doesn't want to make her channel about that though, she thinks it will bore people. No, Hamber, that's the shit people actually want to see.


She watches My 600lb Life, right? She's seen the sheer amount of effort that must be done before one can even hope to qualify for the surgery? Keep dreamin on them crocodile tears, boo boo.
Yep, there is not one doctor, save some third world charlatan, that would touch her without therapy and her demonstrating the ability to stick to a plan and lose weight. She's delusional. She's across the border now, there's very little chance of coming back. She had done this to herself by choice and there is no way you can convince me that she has the fortitude nor the will to right the ship.

ETA: It would be incredibly fun to watch Dr. Now rip into her and Becky's ass though.

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