I think she has had a wake-up call, but I don't think it's rock bottom. Actually trying to walk and realizing she could only walk for a minute and a half before she had to sit down, breathing heavily, was probably a wake-up call, and realizing that trying to walk or sit up out of bed makes her legs swell was another wake-up call.

She asked for advice about her swollen legs a day or two ago, and then today is mentioning that she wants to see a "heart doctor." I think she's worried about having congestive heart failure, which causes swelling in the legs and feet.

So I do think she's had a scare and is worried about her health. I don't think it's enough to actually motivate her for long enough to lose a substantial amount of weight. She might get back down to 560, but I do not see her having enough follow-through to lose enough weight to qualify for WLS.
I don't think she has. I think if she knew how bad her health is she'd have stuck to that Optavia plan (not that she needs a $400 MLM but it gave her some shakes with vitamins and that's all she had to eat so she could lose quickly) . She is still going out to eat. Also as pointed out she hangs out with obese people that aren't looking to lose weight so they'll enable her. She hangs out with them to be the dainty princess but maybe it's the other way around- they hang out with her so then people will look at AL as the fat friend and Hannah and Rafe as the skinny dainty ones. hmmmhmmm. honey booboo


So much for all her "getting better" shit. If she were sincere she would stop monetizing her own misery. As fascinated as I would be to see the "heavy breathing" footage, I never watch Amber's cry videos. Her personality is the most disgusting part of her, and I just watched this bitch take a perfume shower before retiring to pillow mountain for the night. I will not play into her hands. If she's going to blubber 'til she jiggles on camera, she's not getting coin from me looking at it. 7 ads? Shut the fuck up, Amber.


"I don't want anyone's pity" Then why would you upload a 14-minute video of you mostly crying with seven ads in it? I am LOVING this current cycle. (Credits to the original poster)
View attachment 722228
I am a bit confused though. Did we jump from the redemption phase all the way to the manipulation phase? Today's video is the textbook definition of manipulation and follows all of the criteria outlined by the original poster. Part of me still hopes she is able to succeed but I don't want to fall into the same trap as her oh so gullible Am-babies do every time.
Very narc-ish behavior - she can jump to whatever stage benefits her the most, at any given moment.

It's all an act. She thinks she's smarter than everyone, and that nobody can see her obvious behavior. She's not talking to a weight loss surgeon, past "How much does it cost?" She's not doing shit without health insurance. And if she were to somehow get past the MSHPL producers with her obvious bullshit, she'd be another "I guess it's not the right time for me" episode, like this week's, because her fucked up brain won't accept what the doctor is telling her.

I think it's funny she's suddenly oinking about rock bottom, after that term came up here recently. By me. Hi Amber! Fuck you, Amber!

I predict she might actually go through with the surgery and lose the weight this time, finally succeeding in something. For the first few months after the surgery she will bask in the glow and glory of her victory, gaining thousands of new genuine fans. Then, after she finally settles down, there will be no luls to be milked and the views will stop coming, she will start binging again justifying it by saying she's rewarding herself, her fans will start noticing her weight gain, thus, the cycle will begin anew.
Who's gonna pay for the surgery? They don't sell them at Wahlmart. Neither of them have health insurance, and she wouldn't be going to the emergency room for a bladder infection if she had coverage and had a GP to go see.

C'mon. She hasn't talked to anyone, I'd bet all she did was look at a couple of websites, saw the cost of the surgery, and ate 4000 calories.


oh boy talk about the worst candidate for WLS. You have to be able to prove you can lose weight and change your relationship with food
I think you touched on the most important thing right there. I won't break the forum rules again, but I know the fatty mindset. Her life revolves around food. Her life is meal to meal. All of her activity is based around eating, talking about eating, or planning on eating. She does very little outside of that.

And you see it on MSHPL. They live, meal to meal, and live on the internet the rest of the time.

I changed how I look at food. It's almost an inconvenience at times, having to stop what I'm doing to eat. I eat to fuel, not to reward, or to experience emotions. It's a complete mental reversal, and she's not in any way in any position to fix the bad wiring in her head, regarding food.

Remove food from her empty life, and she's got what - an enabler caretaker she gets handies from, in the place of a real, loving relationship, caustic, catty "friends" who stab her in the back if she's not stabbing them, no job, no career, no goals, can't do anything anyway, no internal or external life. Just food, and talking about it. Take food away...there's nothing left. Just a 600 lb woman on the brink of complete physical collapse, and death. It's not even like she's a foodie, exploring flavors and recipes and enjoying the experience, she's just cramming bland, empty calories down her gullet as fast as possible, gulping it down to fill the void in every aspect of her life. That's why her ass is as big as a minivan.

She doesn't need weight loss surgery, she needs brain removal surgery. It's that rotted grey morass inside that rapidly expanding melon that needs excising.


Eating sushi in Kentucky seems as much of a risk as her weight.

Dr. Now told some 5”1’ fat who weighed almost 700 lbs to walk one hour in the morning and one at night. This one minute shit is Amber NOT trying again. The chick was also a lesbian and her enabler was a feeder, and they broke up when the weight started coming off, so I guess that kink isn’t limited to just men.
That was an interesting one. You could tell the gf was not happy with the weight loss. Dr. No shut that shit down fast, he was talking about enablers from jump. He's seen 9000 of these fatties, he's seen it all.


boldy in the streets, spicy in the sheets
True & Honest Fan
I honestly think it seems like she's doing better. She does seem to slightly care about what she's eating, is exercising, and if she really did call a doctor, then good for her. Maybe reality truly has finally set in.:optimistic:

I predict she might actually go through with the surgery and lose the weight this time,

I dunno. Something felt different this time around. That heavy breathing was quite jarring. I feel like that was something she normally wouldn’t share, and yet she showed us. I’m going to remain cautiously optimistic here. I just hope it’s not too late :optimistic:

Nope, nope, nope. I don't buy it for one goddamn second. How many times has she had this eye-openeen epiphany? Every time she hits "rock bottom," gorl grabs that pickaxe & keeps on digging.

What kind of food do you think she'll have for her next smug mukbang, her smukbang, if you will? She never did do the fruit mukbang she promised last year. I mean, you can still do mukbangs without sabotaging your weight gain loss, right Amber?*

*or did Chantal say that? I can't remember.


I went to college for pre-law
What irked me the most was when was breathing all heavy and had to stop to say "This is my reality" Bitch just shut up and suffer.
LMAO RIGHT??? What the fuck was the point of that? We already see her "reality". We see her manipulating people, we see her surround herself with enablers, we see her set herself up for failure, we see her continuously gaining weight, we already been seeing her unable to move much. What we haven't seen is a live weigh-in yet. So IDK what the heavy breathing was supposed to prove other than "I'm super obese and struggle to move" GORL WE BEEN KNEW

Nope, nope, nope. I don't buy it for one goddamn second. How many times has she had this eye-openeen epiphany? Every time she hits "rock bottom," gorl grabs that pickaxe & keeps on digging.
Agree. What the fuck is going on. Her comment section is full of positive "you got this, gorl" stuff too (unless she's been moderating them somehow?) Clearly this is MOST people's first time at the rodeo because I can't even count how many times she's hit the reset button on this weightloss "journey" and I haven't seen anything new that would indicate that this is the turning point. I mean....I hope I'm wrong here, but I wouldn't put any kind of money on it either.

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