Guards! To the Mathmos with this winged fruitcake.
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She couldn’t go to Mexico or Thailand or wherever for surgery, cuz gorl doesn’t even have a passport. Not that she would go but still. You don’t leave the US without one anymore.

The girl that does my hair had bariatric surgery. Mind you, she is 5”10’ and was 300 lbs so I didn’t even really see her as obese, Her insurance didn’t cover it and she paid for it herself. She said it cost 20k, in CA.

KY is cheaper so maybe Amber could afford it but she’s not healthy like my stylist was. Add all the tests she’ll need, it’d add up to a lot more. A woman who can’t sleep sitting down has a serious problem that precludes her from bariatric surgery or any anesthesia

Not all weight loss doctors are like Dr Now. Many won’t operate over a certain BMI or over 300-400 lbs. most want you to lost some weight first, either with a liquid diet to shrink the liver or with a low cal diet to show you can eat properly afterwards. But not all are as scrupulous as Dr Now with his program that consists of a diet, getting close to 400 lbs, psychotherapy. Get a quack and you end up like Boogie, who lost more weight before the surgery and has already stretched his stomach back out again and still uses scootypuffs. Boogie is hopeless though, more than Amber maybe.

Not everybody gets to a “rock bottom.” It’s become a popular thing to say, and even wait for. But it’s a made up thing that not everybody feels. Some people do drink and pass out everyday until they die, some do eat and become more immobile and unable to breath until they have a heart attack or die of an infection. Some aren’t that bad yet but get help early. Not everybody has the strength, desire, or intelligence to change their lives.

Maybe Amber will, but I’m not crossing my boney fingers. Like y’all, I think this is all a game to get her subscribers back. Stats say that only 5% of people are successful with weight loss, and Amber and her 89 lbs proved it already. Now she has a lot more to do than just lose weight: she has to do a REAL diabetes test, have a heart check, maybe get a cPap or be on oxygen, check for skin infection since she doesn’t bathe, and see a lymphedema specialist. She’s let herself get in bad shape, and at this rate, 30 is a fantasy.

Pog Mathoin

What I am loving the most is her complete and utter confusion about how she got so fat. Apparently laying around and gorging herself every fucking day is not related to her current predicament, it's just that "one day she just couldn't [do anything] anymore" . Denial is not just a river in Egypt, and Amberlynn is Queen Cleofatra.


Chicken fucking tendies
She cant make eye contact for any length of time during the surgery bullshit, and she did the 8-year-old-child-caught-in-a-lie-downward-glance-and-away-because-im-lying look when she said she has the money for surgery.

Can we get real with this? She has no willpower, she's going to crumble the moment people go out to eat without her. Its a slippery slope. She's going to slip, and fall back into it. She'd be better off going to a long term treatment facility at this point.


What I am loving the most is her complete and utter confusion about how she got so fat. Apparently laying around and gorging herself every fucking day is not related to her current predicament, it's just that "one day she just couldn't [do anything] anymore" . Denial is not just a river in Egypt, and Amberlynn is Queen Cleofatra.
Despite whatever she says. What we know from observing is that Amber eats portions, every meal, that are large enough for between 3-6 people. To her that is normal, and I would guess since she hangs around mostly her fellow morbidly obese, she thinks that's how much everyone eats, that's "normal". She might see normal size people eat a lot and she doesnt put together that they also exercise, work, and don't eat like that ALL the time. Healthy is something Amber has never been, and will never be. You can tell the way she talks about exercise, weight loss, or surgery that she thinks all of it is a magic quick-fix and once it's "over" she can get back to business as usual. Doing a few seconds of exercise is cause for a celebratory feeding frenzy, walking for 10 seconds calls for cheesecake factory! Not stuffing her face with orange chicken means it's time to hit mcdonalds!... It's all a lie, and she's mostly lying to herself.

So that's why I have zero optimism anymore, until I see her planet size mass physically shrink, and stay that way for longer than a day I don't trust anything she says or does.

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So IDK what the heavy breathing was supposed to prove other than "I'm super obese and struggle to move" GORL WE BEEN KNEW
Because she made a point to mention the haydurs who call out her use of the scootypuff right before showcasing her heavy breathing, I'm convinced it's to get those last few people off her back.

No matter how many asspatters Amber manages to amass, she'll always ignore them to "correct" the haydurs. People who say she should try walking in Wommart or suggest that she try increasing her walks to 2x a day must be proven wrong and shown proof that she's nearly DYING from her efforts to better herself. 2 minutes, once a day, is a Herculean effort and faaawk you guys she's being so raw, so back off, Boo Boo!

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"I don't eat on camera for views....."
"I don't cry on camera for views.... "

I'm more nauseated by all the "you go, grrrl!" shit in the comments. Vapd, empty words to a vapid, empty lump. Albert is the poster goorl for the decline of Western civilisation, meeping out utter bilge for others to virtue-signal at and tell themselves how understanding and empathic they are.



I'm just a dry gorl
It’s been one week, and her comment section is a fucking shitfest.

View attachment 722478
Oh god, that fucking CRAZY cunt EDucating Shanny is in her comments now! That's another cow of epic proportions who has branded herself as the quirky bulimia queen of youtube. Worth checking out tbh.

I love how Amber made it a couple of days keeping up the facade, and then right on schedule has a "breakdown" sobbing about how she needs help. Next stop: Ben and Jerry's!

Wake me up

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he wants me to believe she'll let some surgeon go elbow deep in her
I think she might do it if she had realized that she literally ran out of alternatives and thought jumping under a surgeon's scalpel would magically take 200lb away, which she would then be free to eat again and repeat as needed later. It's the fact that it's not as simple as that and would require actual effort before and after the surgery that makes this a no-go for Hamberg.

If it was indeed that simple, it would be the exact type of childish logic that got her to this sad state to begin with. She'd gladly take the leap if it meant she could start again from half her weight. She's smart enough to know it's not quite that easy though.

Mr Foster

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Does anyone suspect she has already had her first appointment? Obviously there is no evidence of this but she printed off paperwork for an appointment that she didn't give us any details on and she has started exercising and counting calories. I suspect she has a goal weight in mind that the doc pitched to her.
Good thing our gorl is excellent at following through on her planned goals.

She is the queen of taking challanges one day at a time, and has excellent self discipline.

Oh, wait, I'm thinking of literally anyone else on the planet.


Okay so she's getting paperwork for the WLS but who actually thinks she's gonna send it in? I, personally, suspect that she will get the paperwork and be too fucking lazy to fill it out. Or she'll be like "what's the point? I'll actually have to lose weight first anyway so I'll just do that and then I'll pursue this avenue again." If she does fill it out, I guarantee it's because she's weighing her options (but not herself, lolol) and she figures that WLS is gonna be less work in the long run. Lots of fats think WLS will be way easier and that's a huge sign they're just going to relapse again. Because they opt for the easy way out.


Don't give a fuck what you've been through
I would love love LOVE to see her get better

but guys, some of you in here legitimately think she's going to change. and I feel the need to remind you this bitch is 600 pounds, (sorry "570".) And I don't think you guys who hope this is a turning point realize just what it takes to get to that level of obesity.

I refuse to believe she'll change until she goes to a therapist. And not an online therapist. and even if she does...I'll be skeptical all the way till she starts losing weight.

to me, this video seems like she's on the verge of telling us she needs to eat 3k in calories because she "earned" it by working out.

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