How long will Amber last on Jenny Craig?

  • 1 day

    Votes: 122 24.8%
  • 2 days

    Votes: 122 24.8%
  • 3 days

    Votes: 115 23.4%
  • 5 days

    Votes: 70 14.2%
  • 1 week

    Votes: 42 8.5%
  • 2 weeks

    Votes: 14 2.8%
  • 3 weeks

    Votes: 3 0.6%
  • 1 Month

    Votes: 2 0.4%
  • 2 Months

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 3 Months

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 3+ Months

    Votes: 2 0.4%

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Tangerine Dreams

There isn't an option for 0 days so I'm going with 1 day in her new diet. That said I wouldn't be surprised if she pads it with her healthyyyyy snacks of a few thousand calories.

The thought of Amber actuality addressing anything about her mentulz to get WLS is 🌈. She cannot handle any form of introspection. Also her last therapy arc sucked.


that's bad, she should have gone with that TV show that contacted her. if they operated on all the crazy people they have and Amy Slaton they would have done AL. I thought she was seeing a counsler and on medications, I guess she stopped. Why didn't she lie on the questions like she does with her youtube fans?


this weight loss story smells fishier than the 2020 election.
I agree. I'm sure there's some kernel of truth to it. Like maybe she looked up the process online. But it has all the hallmarks of being BS. The extreme detail started making me feel like "gurl, you lah" Whenever people like amber lie, they go into extreme and needless detail. The harping on detail is usually the tell. (for instance, the more trump mentions being called "sir" in a story, the less likely I am to believe the story. Not trying to be political, all politicians dem, gop, independent, green, etc. lie, I just can't think of any prominent "tells" offhand)

390 questions, 390 questions, 390 questions. Did you know she had a psych eval that involved 390 questions? It was easy to miss, she was subtle about it. Then casting doubt on the psychologist's qualifications, as he forgot his computer password, and then just some assistant called her back. I guess we were supposed to doubt his qualification to tell her she needed psychological help before getting the surgery. I thought months of counseling and group therapy was the norm before people got this surgery? I know someone who got it 2 decades ago and they had to go to therapy and group therapy, this is only memorable to me because she told me that she was the only person out of the whole group who was there for their first wls. (spoiler alert: wls didn't work for them, either)

She had the check written out the night after her appointment! Sure, Amb.

As if to demonstrate to the world that she's not at all a good candidate for WLS, instead of just researching CICO, making meal plans, using my fitness pal or her apple watch, and getting in some exercise, she's joined another magic bullet. Noom didn't work, Weight watchers didn't work. Sticking to only eating hello fresh didn't work (I think jenny craig is going to be worse than that, isn't their stuff shelf-stable and not fresh?). Vegetarian/vegan didn't work. Intuitive eating didn't work. Intermittent fasting didn't work. Being a riceatarian absolutely didn't work. Each time amber goes through this phase and picks yet another thing that's going to be *the* thing that will take the weight off, it's proof to everyone that she has no intention of ever having a realistic mentality about weight loss, and she's never going to realize that the only magic solution is herself, a food scale, measuring cups and a calorie counter/tracker. No, Jenny Craig is going to be the answer this time.

I voted for one day on the poll, but I was disappointed that "already quit" wasn't an option. She's going to get the food tomorrow, eat the week's worth by mid-day (she'll change her outfit before each meal to "test" it on camera), then make some ramen and order in orrnj chikken and eleventy egg rolls, and then send becky out for some ben and jerry's. She'll act like she's on the wagon for 7 days, after falling off on the first. The next week she'll be coy about it. By thanksgiving week, she'll tell us, with her patented lip smack, that it just wasn't for her. She knows what works for her, and that wasn't it. The meals were too salty, they had too much fat in them, or she wanted to try cooking her own meals so she could learn healthy portions and recipes (as she said when she quit hello fresh).


She should just go get WLS in Mexico, big $ savings, bypass the mentulz. It works for the plastic surgery retards and troons.

Isn't Jenny Craig pre-packaged meals? I believe she'll eat them for a week but I don't believe she wont eat a bunch of other shit as well.
She probably looked into it but can't due to chinkycoof.

I bet they think she just has PTSD related shit and she sucessfully hid her Narsisistic Personality Disorder and pathological lying from them. Decades of therapy won't do shit if they don't figure it out.
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Turd Fergusson

I voted for 7 days. While I do not think that she will last but I hope that she will try. After a few days eating only 1,200 or even 2,000 calories, she will basically starving, and it may create some hilarious videos. Unfortunately, for Amber, the only solution for weight loss is bariatric surgery, not Jenny Craig, or any diet that does not resolve her mental issues.

Of note, no bariatric surgeon worth his weight in salt would operate on someone with sleep apnea. She did not mentioned anything about this.
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Fattest Among Thousands, Altogether Lethargic
I suspect Amber has always thought that whenever she got tired of being fat, she could just throw down some cash and get un-fat-ified. Trouble is, weight loss surgery doesn't work like that.

Fat Amber is almost 30. That karma train is picking up speed, folks.

Tangerine Dreams

I noticed around her mouth/chin it looked bruised... maybe it's just from stretching her mouth for Becky's bawls.
It is probably the acanthosis nigricans showing through her foundation. It's pretty obvious on her neck pre ring light.

Amber claims she isn't full of the diabeetus but she lah. She has hallmark symptoms of uncontrolled blood sugar and insulin levels.

Fat Amber is almost 30. That karma train is picking up speed, folks.
Death fats can live shockingly long, all things considered. However I would like to witness the poetry sessions of DyingLynn.

Angel Dust

Insidious Bitch Snake
"There is an initial sign-up and a monthly membership fee, plus the cost of Jenny Craig meals. The sign-up fee is typically under $100 and the monthly membership fee around $20 per month. Food costs add up to about $150 per week, depending on which items you choose."

Aaaand Amber blows a ton of money on useless diet foods yet again. This surely won't turn out exactly like the last time with $200 down the drain and a gain of 20lbs.


She is a liar even if a dr forgot his password he isn’t going to tell cowzilla. She wanted a quick fix but she is too stupid to realize how bad and painful that surgery is. I’m betting she thought I’ll binge for the weeks leading up to the apt if there was one cause I’m getting surgery none of that will count. She says it herself she thought she could walk in sign up and use it as a tool. It’s not a tool it’s not a quick fix it’s the opposite and for it to work she has to do a lot of work. She once again is full of shit. Maybe Becky gave her an ultimatum because she is sick of taking care of her and wiping her ass. Maybe she said loose the weight get the surgery or I’m done? I mean she didn’t put that much effort into her tarted up look on her return video. You think she would have wanted the haydurs to see how good she looked instead she looked like death. Now she is all tarted up (how can she actually make the people of Walmart look good is mind boggling) maybe it’s a see Becky I did what you wanted it’s not my fault and look how good I look? Maybe it’s a demand from Becky that it wasn’t up to her to share but damn Becky if you did put your foot down throw us a bone and let her tell the story Or I’m just crazy lol

mythical mother

I know she fails at every diet, but she’s really no gonna make it with JC. It really isn’t a lot of food. My roommate did it and the meals are smaller than lean cuisine and you have to be careful about the non JC brand food you eat as snacks or “off plan meals”. Plus, everything I tried as far as their food was terrible, bland as fuck. I don’t weigh 500lb and there’s no way I’d stick to it. I know she won’t.

and also, I was there when my friend signed up and it was almost $400 to start and she had to do it at tax time to make it work. Big Al has definitely been spending a lot while she was gone.