WEIGHT LOSS UPDATE | DAYS 11-20 - 8/11/2019 - (Day 54 of this 100-Day Nightmare)

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Will post recap shortly. Guess: Not a "weight loss" at all (duh)

Edit: RECAP!

WEIGHT LOSS UPDATE | DAYS 11-20 - 8/11/2019 (Day 54 of this 100-Day Nightmare)
Because I hate myself and my blood pressure enough to watch these "inscrutiateen" videos so YOU DON'T HAVE TO:

- We WERE told we'd be getting these in "10-day batches"

- Reminder of her 100-Day Challenge/Goals and reminder of her caveat of "unless I'm not near a scale".

- It's STORMEEN again outside (so those "rumbles" are weather, not noises coming out of Hamber)

- Gotta throw in NarrationLynn to EXPLAIN things before the actual weigh-in videos that stretch this to 11 fucking minutes!

- Emergency "dental visit" explains why she was able to eat all them sweets. "I've never been so grateful for anyone in my life" *Necky off-camera glares*
- Hamber was FORCED to eat soft foods, and the "recommended" foods were all "processed and full of sodium". BLAME THE TOOTH!!!
- Admits multiple times it's excuses. SHE chose Ice Cream. But the TRAUMA of getting a tooth removed!!!
- Her period is still going on. Too "scared" to see a gynocologist (more likely can't find one that can handle someone of her immenseness). Her period makes her HONGRY. BLAME THE PERIOD!!!
- Her period makes her swell? Whatever. BLAME THE SWELLEEEENN!!!

- More bullshit about "moving a lot more". Moving makes her "swell"? BLAME THE SWELLEEEENN MORE!!!
- More energy! (Sure it's not the sugar rush from all those unhealthy bingeen foods?)

Day 09 (June 15): 563.2LB (swollen complaint)
Day 10 (June 16): *** Lexington vacay
Day 11 (June 17): *** Lexington vacay
Day 12 (June 18 ): *** Lexington vacay
Day 13 (June 19): 566.0LB (swollen complaint, blame the vacay)
Day 14 (June 20): 571.0LB (swollen complaint?)
Day 15 (June 21): 570.8LB ("started period"?? Claimed started on Day 3 vacay, swollen complaint)
Day 16 (June 22): 571.8LB
Day 17 (June 23): 572.4LB (dentist happened, "haven't been on track", claims THIS is "her heaviest")
Day 18 (June 24): 572.4LB (sodium excuse, NO WATER excuse)
Day 19 (June 25): 568.0LB
Day 20 (June 26): 566.2LB

- Claims the +5 and -4 days were related to "swelling". (Not the normal fluctuation of the less than 1% of her insane weight that equates to and "normal" people experience.)

- If math worked the way it should regarding her actual goals, "I don't see that happening." So why have goals?

- Hamber is unhappy with her progress. (Internet is collectively way more unhappy.)

TL;DR: Results Days 11-20 = GAIN of 3.0 elbees, and LOTS of excuses!
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She went to an "emergency dentist" and got her wisdom tooth removed.

Obligatory blaming her period for her being "swollen" and pigging out like she always does.

From that highest weight to the weight she ended on is a typical drop that can happen once you un-bloat and take a shit, though. That's not fat loss, but she'll pat herself on the shelf as if it is.
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