WEIGHT UPDATE & FIRST MESSAGE BECKY EVER SENT ME!!!! 4/7/19 - Our gorl blesses us with a Sunday video

How does Becky wash Amber?

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Midlife Sperglord

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wants to "inspire others" or "Maybe to show others what not to do"
Well, is the second half of that statement a blatant admission that she knows full well what she is doing? She is doing a fine job of showing others what not to do.


I wonder what AL's (or any gorl's) reaction would be if Becky went up to them and tried flirting hoping they are gay. If they weren't then it just gets awkward and if they were it's unsure if Becky is considered attractive in the gay world. Maybe she is in Kentucky's gay world? 100 pounds ago? still smashable at 350 pounds? Maybe if Hannah is....
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Damaged Goods

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if that's the case I'm thoroughly impressed Necky can even read
Don't be, that's actually the very best she can do. Remember that video they did where they both had to read the same passage out of a book? She kept stumbling over her words so much it was painful to watch. She couldn't get a single sentence out properly.
(Bonus lolz: Becky's book of choice was the novel they later based a Kate Winslet movie on :christine:)
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Cheese Trap

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Died laughing at Becky saying the haydurs are jealous of amberlard because she’s hot and we’re not. Rate me as power leveling but I’m about 1000% sure every single one of us is objectively more attractive than that manipulative stupid cow.
Honestly I thought that statement was sarcastic. The whole message sounds like Becks is making fun of her, this just can't be serious.
Maybe she started dating her as a bad joke and then didn't know how to bow out.

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