weight update | i feel miserable (02/12/21) - Being +500ibs is a miserable experience. Shocking. Also, "Muh mental illness".

Re healthy fat, yes you can have great numbers in your twenties and even at the same weight once you hit 35 to 40 all hell breaks lose and you end up on lots of meds with a l

Actually...........:) :) :) Did your parents do drugs? If not, you have NO IDEA!

But I love u xenomorph, you're a reg here. But I'm just saying it's a really bad thing to be raised by addicts.

I don't like dick and I'm straight. It's just like whatever, ugh
Are you possibly, really, exceptional? (I'd like to ask your you're a ret*rd, but not sure if the filter will let me).

And quit kissing up to xeromorph. Yes s/he is a reg here and you aren't. You've pretty much proved to live up to your user name.

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