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Weightlifting for KiwisDiscussion and support regarding the art of swole

Discussion in 'Hulkamania' started by Judge Holden, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. If you want a good bodyweight exercise routine, my recommendation is Charles Bronson's Solitary Fitness. These have clearly worked in his case, and having done it myself for a couple of months 3 or so years ago I can attest that it's pretty good. He also is remarkably knowledgeable, and his insanity also makes the book an interesting read at times.

    Firstly, there's the phenomenon of baby gains; for your first few months especially, you will develop pretty well in strength even if you are running a caloric deficit. Secondly, there is the fact that increased muscle mass increases your metabolism and thus will make future weight loss easier. Third, your goal should always be fat reduction rather than weight reduction - if you were to manage to eat at perfect caloric equilibrium during a programme, then you'd probably see over time your body weight remain the same-ish but you switch from fatmode to leanmode.

    My recommendation is that you should aspire to a 500ish kcal deficit a day while following a lifting routine mixed with 20 mins of HIIT. The increased lean mass and test will do wonders for your confidence and figure.

    As for sups, think of them as catalysts that expedite your development rather than core ingredients. If you want the speediest and most efficient transformation, I'd recommend a whey+BCAA mix before a workout and a larger whey+creatine mix after a workout. Also, good multivitamins really expedite recovery. If you can also source a large quantity of Vitamin D (through dedicated supplements), that also tends to increase the speed of your progress.

    Just go to the gym and either ask one of the staff to spot for you or a guy resting between sets to help you out. People at the gym are generally extremely friendly and supportive (most of them have been where you're at), and are happy to lend a hand. I frequently ask total strangers to spot for me; just make sure you're willing to do the same for them.
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  2. Dumbbell bench presses are a thing, or just use the press machine at your local gym.
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  3. Look up the roll of shame. You basically just roll the bar onto your waist, sit up, and then deadlift it back up to rack. I've only ever had to do it once.
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  4. BCAAs are junk. Waste of money. With a proper diet (which you should have if you are exercising) you don't need them. Get enough protein and you will be totally fine.

    Supplements in general are junk and snake oil. The only ones that actually do anything are creatine (and even that doesn't if you eat enough meat, since meat has creatine in it) and protein powder (which is no better than a chicken breast or other form of protein). Pre workouts are nice for the caffeine boost, too.

    But anything else? You're wasting your money. If it works, it's probably spiked with steroids. The supplement industry is one of the shadiest on the planet

    But to answer your question, unless you are just starting out, you won't be able to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time without using PEDs. I'd work on getting lean, first, then adding muscle. Proper diet is seriously 90% of the work involved in both.
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  5. Broke: Selling your illegal steroids as steroids at $2000 a 50 ml vial

    WOKE: Spiking a tub of gainer with steroids and selling it for $20.
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  6. Steroids are actually way cheaper than supplements. You can run a test cycle for under $100 and it'll help you far more than any mass gainer will
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  7. A test cycle under $100? Are you getting the most bottom-shelf Chinese test supplements available?

    I've never been interested, no reason to do steroids as I don't lift nearly hard enough to warrant them, but I'm seeing $400-$600 cited as a common normal cycle price.
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  8. Depends where you live I suppose. When I was considering doing it (before I got injured, so I didn't do it lol), a 12 week cycle 500 mg test cycle would've been about $120 (not counting the PCT).

    But either way, a $50 tub of weight gainer, which lasts about 3 weeks assuming 1 serving a day, would do less than $50 worth of steroids by a large margin
  9. I'm not arguing with that at all. I've seen those studies that show you can simply sit on your ass and do a test cycle and gain more than you would working out 4x a week
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    Varg Did Nothing Wrong Maak Suid-Afrika weer goed!

  10. Yep, it's crazy. A 500 mg per week cycle of test will increase your testosterone about 4x, and it'll mostly be free test so it's more effective.

    What compounds you choose to do also affects the cost. Something like Tren or Anavar is a lot more expensive than just test (test is pretty cheap). HGH and IGF1 are very expensive, but those are also for more advanced users. One should never run tren for their first cycle, though. A starting cycle for a male should be 500 mg/test/week. Tren is some nasty shit, but really effective
  11. Damn I haven't touched a barbell in years. That's what you get for living in a tourist trap where you're a prisoner of excellence. My house will be done by October this year, and I'll just get a $200 300lb set from Dicks Sporting Goods and ship it into the country on a boat.

    The last time I was able to strength train I made up a great system to get my Bench Press to grow.
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  12. I'm kinda on and off with my lifting, sometimes doing it just barely enough to keep from backsliding. My job makes it kinda difficult to keep a routine since on average it's a 10-12 hour workday, but thankfully there's a pretty decent on-site gym I can go to before (and sometimes after) shifts. Basically I hit chest and tricep the first day of the week, back and bicep the second day and depending on how I'm feeling on the third day, it's either solid chest or solid arms. I don't really have a dedicated leg day (though I probably should), I just prefer to use leg stuff to break up the upper body workouts.

    If it's anything involving chest I always start with bench press since it's a good compound move that preps other muscles and it's the most reliable indicator of progress. Worth it to note though that I don't do incline bench press at all, something about the range of motion fucks my shoulder up so I save my incline for dumbell press. The numbers are steady growing. The most defined and (sic) successful routine I've got right now is the chest/tricep day. Right now the numbers look kinda like this - -

    • BP 5 sets of 8 at 205 lbs (that's higher volume, if it's a straight chest day, I do 5 sets of 5 at 225)
    • Skullcrushers, 4 sets of 10 at 80 lb, sometimes 2 extra sets of 8 at 90 lb if I feel like I didn't hit it hard enough
    • Dumbell Press, 4 sets of 10 (75 lbs for flat, 65 for incline)
    • Cable tricep extensions with the triangle (depends on the machine, but usually 100 lb for 3 sets of 15)
    • More cable tricep extensions with the rope (again, depends on the machine, but usually 35 lb for 3 sets of 12 )
    • Dips till I burn out
    Again, this is all being broken up with leg work-outs, usually leg press or hamstring curls and always calve raises. I love dumbell presses but I won't do them at higher weights (like, 85+) because it takes too much just to set up for them. Like, just getting into the position with 90 lb dumbells involves the effort it takes for one or two reps, so I prefer to undercut the weight on dumbell press and just do it at a higher volume (10-12 reps).

    Volume is also a big thing for me when it comes to triceps. I'd been training them for the better part of a year but it was only after I started hitting extensions for sets of 15 that I started to notice real progress with it. A big pet peeve of mine is when I see people doing extensions with the rope where they lean way forward and don't bother spreading the handles out at the bottom of the lift. That completely betrays the purpose of both the rope and the lift. In fact, poor form on tricep extensions in general is kind of a sad thing to see. Pinching your shoulders just a little goes a long way in terms of recruiting the muscles in your triceps, but there are so many people that just prefer to load a fuck-ton of weight up, hunch over and crank out the set without any real understanding of what the lift is even doing.

    The only sup I take is creatine, so of course I drink a shit load of water daily.

    Roll of shame as a last resort, or if you can snag a smith machine, use that. Personally I'd rather just chance it on free-weight, but on bench I tend to push the envelope very gradually so failing isn't much of a worry for me.

    Globe baby you look great today

  13. Power rack.

    Set the pins slightly below your chest while pinching scapula and arching spine.

    If you can’t lift it unpinch scapula unarch spine and flatten out.
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  14. I can't wait to start bulking again. I want to eat hamburgers and burritos
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