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I had a dream that had me watch an ending of some kind of epic story - a man and a woman returning home on some kind of a fanciful flying thing were unable to leave it before they fuck (?), and pilot died after explaining it to them...I think they found a way around, but I kind of wandered away, and entered a building that looked old (with shitty wood panels) and dark inside, and there were lots of people in mix of vintage and modern clothing, few had spines exposed on waist level, with electricity running on them.
Few of those were around the counter, where a woman was saying to one of them: "Oh, your husband is an audial? That's rare! And a smoker, too? Room 3C, please", and I followed the corridor towards that room (seems I was invisible), and saw a marble hall with lots of men in it, that were trying to listen to a guy on a podium.
Few of them tried to make others quiet by saying "Shut up! Can't believe I am saying it..." (yes, same phrase, in similar way, but diffirent voices and speed), and that's when I noticed there were wax statues on walls - mostly human torsos and various combos of parts and flowers. For some reason, it made me mad, so I cut one of them with a whip I (suddenly) had, and started to yell at the speaker that, if you use such decor at all, it should be made from "bodies of their own will!", and, pointing at hanging pieces (shaped like a "flower" of female head and few feet), specified: "Those should be created from the faces of most beautiful women, and feet of all the men who followed them!".
Speaker got irritated and dashed after me, with me running and fitting through odd, semi-barred doors, leaving a trace of violet flowers on a vine (guess whip turned into those) - it lasted for a while, but then, in a room with glass (opaque) box, flowers ended, and I jumped out of the window onto the street, feeling calm.
I thought "Wonder what is he going to see in the coffin?", and a voice in my head answered: "It can be himself, someone else or the universe - it doesn't matter for you, only for him. You just were The Devil.".
To which I pondered how could I be one, and got the answer: "Anything and anyone striking the conflict is The Devil. It's not an entity, but a role, that's why Lucifer, Mammon and others are said to be names of The Devil. Even God can be one."

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I had a dream last night that I ordered tacos at a burger king. That wasn't the weird part. The weird part is that they served them to me on a napkin, and then proceeded to spread out the condiments in fancy plating style on the napkins as well. They absorbed into the napkin and made it super soggy. I thought it was so absurd I spent the rest of the dream laughing about it.


I was phone!
Every time I here a doorbell in my dreams I wake up thinking it's the doorbell in real life. Last night I jolted out of bed because I thought I heard the doorbell and it was my father in law come to visit. No one was there, and it was 3 in the morning. Stupid dream.
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I keep having dreams involving characters from Eastenders, a UK soap opera. Last one involved me flying home in a car whilst Walking In The Air played. I have no idea either.

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I just had this profoundly disturbing dream where I met up with one of my classmates whom I haven't seen in years since our high school graduation and discovered she'd trooned out. She had a buzz cut and a peach fuzz beard; she looked like a nonbinary/genderspecial version of our high school teacher/principal. She said to me something like, "Oh, you don't realize how lucky you are" with a sorrowful look on her face.

In real life, that classmate was an outspoken feminist, although in more of an old-school/second-wave way than third-wave or whatever the hell today's feminism is. From what I remember of her, she's worn various short hairstyles, and her wardrobe wasn't too girly in general, but not too tomboyish, either. I don't recall her saying much about LGBT, be it favorable or unfavorable. Wherever she is today, I can only hope that she hasn't drank the Kool-Aid, and never will.

Thank goodness my middle and high school years were before the advent of social media, identity politics, and trans activism.

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buckle up boyos, this is a long one

so the dream consists of 4 short "episodes", but the first two are boring shit, so I'm only gonna describe the 3rd and 4th one

1. Spooky Camping (3rd "episode")
I'm an unknown presence, watching a movie. The movie opens with a bunch of teenagers walking towards/through a snowy forest, presumably going camping. They meet this older guy who acts as their guide. So the group just keeps walking through the forest, with the teens cracking jokes about some fucking giants/trolls/ass goblins living in the forest, meanwhile it's getting dark REALLY fast. The group sees a campfire in the distance, but there's a weird-ass shadow with long arms just standing between the guys and the fire. The group gets kinda spooked and starts walking faster, eventually coming across a two-story cabin. They get in there, get settled in, but then people start freaking out, because they're seeing monsters around the cabin. The guide doesn't try to calm them down, he doesn't even give a shit. Anyways, the teens spend the entire night scared and eventually morning comes. The guide walks the group around and shows that what they mistook for monsters...

are fucking trees. There's also a giant wooden sculpture of a face, so make of that what you will. So the kids, calmed down, go have fun in the cabin, while the guide comes around to the front and sees two things: a lanky, humanoid creature with white fur, a deer's head and long arms reaching to its knees and a weird tentacly shadow thing with glowing eyes. The shadow lunges at the screen, eventually "eating" it whole. The movie ends here.

2. Spooky Camping 2.
Same deal, I'm a presence watching a movie. This one picks up where the previous one left off, with the guide guy in front of the cabin. But the two monsters are gone, and in their place are four armed dudes dressed up as horror movie icons:
  1. Guy dressed as Michael Myers from Halloween, with a nailgun. He's presumably the leader of the quartet.
  2. Guy dressed as Jason from Friday the 13th, with the iconic machete.
  3. Guy dressed as Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, with the chainsaw.
  4. Guy dressed as I don't fucking remember who, he has a shotgun.
Myers leaves the other 3 to deal with the guide, while he sneaks into the cabin and deals with the teens. Meanwhile, the guide, surprisingly enough, kicks the maniacs' asses. Leatherface gets his own chainsaw stuck in his neck, guy with shotgun gets his head blown off and it's just Jason left by the time Myers comes back. The guide manages to wrestle the machete away from Jason, all the while being narrowly missed by the nails Myers fires. But when he tries to stab Jason, the latter is unaffected and reveals his ability to shapeshift into a moving mass of water. He's basically invincible, so the guide tricks him into rushing at Myers. There's a quake and they both black out. Guide wakes up in a cavern, with Jason nowhere in sight and Myers in front of him, trying to climb out of the pit. The guide grabs Jason's machete that's lying nearby and stabs Myers in the back. The movie ends here, then I wake up.

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Doubleposting because this shit deserves its own post.
I had another dream divided into episodes.

1. Classroom Demon
The dream has me back in school, in a classroom. I'm doing some test and there are some other people in the room with me, doing the same thing. The thing is, there's a fucking demon in the room (it looked kinda like this). By itself, it didn't do anything except float back and forth around the classroom and taunt the students. However, one must never look at it for too long (I think the limit was 4 seconds). If you look at it, your vision goes red, you start seeing text in some weird symbol language flash and the demon's mouth opens to massive proportions and it fucking eats you, but if you look away, everything goes back to normal. Anyways, I was just keeping my head down, focusing on the test (BTW, the test was just some random shit, I remember one of the answers being "256kps"). Then the demon started talking to me in a gravely voice, saying shit like "You can't keep this up forever, you'll have to look at me eventually". I don't remember what happened once I was done with the test, but part of me wishes I got to get the fuck out of there alive.
Oh, and apparently, this was a yearly test.

2. Horned Beings
I start in my living room, in darkness (it was nighttime), with a closet behind me (I don't have a closet in that room IRL). I walk out of the room, go outside and go down some stairs into a tunnel, which is slightly more lit. There's a fenced door blocking a passageway, which leads to a dark hallway (splitting into two paths), filled with blue mist. There's also a switch nearby, which I flip, opening the door. However, when I look down the hallway, I see a shadow of a horned humanoid creature walk out of the right side, meeting two more creatures coming out of the left side. They start walking towards the door (probably investigating why it was open). I naturally run the fuck out of there, back into my apartment, into my living room, run into the closet and just hide there. At some point, I see one of those horned things enter the room. Thankfully, it doesn't find me. Episode ends here.

3. Bootleg Resident Evil 5
This episode doesn't feature me as a character and instead focuses on Chris from Resident Evil (looking like the RE5 incarnation of Chris) and the african girl (think her name was Sheva) who served as the companion in the game. These two are infiltrating some kind of secret base ship belonging to Wesker. I do remember two particular parts, one of which took place on the ship's bridge. Chris and Sheva walk from the right side of the bridge to the left, picking up a keycard (I think) from a corpse. When they turn around and start going back, they get ambushed by a licker, which they dispatch with little trouble.
The second part is the fight against the "final boss" (if you can call it that). The fight takes place in the ship's cargo area. Chris and Sheva reach a wide open area, where they are contacted by Wesker, who starts boasting about his unbeatable ultimate weapon or some shit. This ultimate weapon is... well... let me describe it.
It's a rotund, fleshy torso with rounded stumps for hands and feet. It has a giant computer monitor attached to its chest, serving as the head, and is wearing a pair of weird mechanical gauntlets, with lots of wires coming out of them and going into the thing's flesh.
Anyway, Wesker activates the thing and it starts attacking our heroes by punching and kicking (and rather slowly too). Needless to say, at first, Chris and Sheva kick its ass. Then some robot voice announces that the thing is going into "Hyper Mode". What this means is that the machine-beast starts moving and attacking a LOT quicker and regenerates damage to its fleshy parts almost instantly. Chris realizes that they're not doing shit to it and decides to go for the two rocket launchers that are just hanging on the wall. He and Sheva hit the beast's monitor head with a rocket from both sides. Then, the dream immediately cuts to a post on Wikia (turns out this was a fucking roleplay, yes, I know, :autistic: ). The post just says "Are you insane." in response to me (the player of Chris) going for the rocket launcher and trying to shoot it at the thing from basically point-blank range. The rest of the dream episode is me trying to come up with a good response.

4. Bootleg Half Life 2
This last episode details me playing some fucked up version of HL2. The dream starts with my character, holding the combine pulse rifle, walking in a small stone building. I come across a combine upgrade station (a big metal box with two holes on the top). I place the pulse rifle in one hole, it goes down and comes out of the other hole, spins for a bit, then lets me pick it back up. The upgrade allows the pulse rifle to accept and fire the energy balls (it doesn't need an upgrade for that in the actual game). The moment i come out of the stone building, I am attacked by 7 (or so) gunships. Like, there were so many, some of them were stuck inside each other. Anyways, I fire the 1 energy ball I had, then switch to the RPG. It is here that I discover an amazing thing – even if a gunship shoots down a rocket, the rocket can still hit and damage it. I exploit this liberally, but unfortunately, every time I shoot down a gunship, another one flies up and takes its place, so I eventually give up and advance to the next location, where I fight some combine soldiers, defending a house. The only notable thing here is that the fenced off ramp on which some shotgun soldiers were standing had this texture from the first 2 Doom games. Anyways, I advance further and fight a Hunter, where I switch to the SMG. At first, I thought that I was somehow out of SMG ammo (I did have 10 SMG grenades, though), then realized that I was a dumbshit and just forgot to reload. I kill the Hunter, advance further and the dream suddenly ends.


Atleast things I wanna fuck are 3D
Had one more dream where I briefly saw the end of someone else's epic story: the hero (classic buff-fuck-with-a-sword, long-haired) approached the door to some kind of tower - there was debris around, and some kind of water stream, with two semi-obscured bodies laying in it (I saw them when he and I turned); narration said that "He saw both Good and Bad urgiad [? don't exactly remember what the word was] were dead, as well, which meant the war truly was won", and guy turned away and entered the tower.
I stood there looking at the bodies, and suddenly, narration continued: "But they weren't really dead," - and "bodies" moved, and then raised from the water, revealing they were what looked like men in thick cloth armor (realistic, and in combo of neutral tones, mostly beiges, white and blue, with similar gloves over hands - feet I couldn't see due to water), with heads completely covered with dark metal helmets/masks that had sharp, jagged, uneven shapes around the face, covered with black metal grid that obscured faces.
After those rose, some more emerged from the water, as if it was deep enough to hide in, and they kind of...hugged a bit, and slapped eachother's shoulders, as men who are friendly usually do...and narration said that "Now free from their dark master, urgiads wanted nothing more than to live among humans, to prove to them they weren't monsters from another planet, but simple earthlings, like them", and, when all ten urgiads, still holding onto eachother, started to go away, added: "And, they hoped, they could help eachother get out of that cumbersome armor".
Then the dream shifted onto something completely unrelated, but I remember "knowing" that, under the helmets, urgiads weren't human, but rather, something along the lines of myrddraal (from Wheel of time), and doubted they'll fit socially.

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Bish, please.
A while back, I had a series of dreams featuring Sam Niell, for reasons clearly known only to the powers that be. In all of these dreams, he was absolutely insane and in the last one, he was a very distressed cat.

That was actually pretty vanilla and boring as far as my subconscious goes, I just wished I knew why it had fished up that particular actor, lol.

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A few years back, I had a dream that started out ordinary enough, but it segued into two weirder segments before abruptly ending.

It started out with my mom and I visiting the region's art museum. A new room for holding artwork had been added and two of the four walls came from what would have been my grandma's house. Given her ordinary life IRL, I didn't understand why the museum wanted parts of her house for this room, so I indifferently shrugged it off.

Upon leaving the room, my mom has disappeared from view and I'm now alone and wondering where she could have wandered off to in such a short time. I find a stairway to the upper floor and go to use it, but I have to turn around and run back down it because countless penguins are coming down the stairs and I don't want to be trampled to death.

After seemingly escaping the penguin stampede and trying to figure out where in the museum I am now, I hear odd sounds that pique my curiosity. So, I run down the corridor into another room where Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars is in a confrontation with Ahsoka Tano. At first glance, he appears too powerful for her to take on by herself. Somehow, I end up with a lightsaber in my hand so I decide to join Ahsoka in an attempt to incapacitate the Emperor and save the museum - if not the universe! Every time it seems like our combined efforts weaken the Emperor, he somehow catches a second wind and manages to keep us from landing the final, decisive strike. The last thing I remember before waking up was thinking my mom would never believe what happend to me if I managed to survive to find and see her again.

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Necroing because I remembered some pretty weird shit that I dreamed over the course of my life.

1. Nuked.
Had this dream a few years back. It starts out pretty normal, in the afternoon, with me in my apartment, screwing around. At some point, I look out of the living room window.
Now, before I continue, I'll have to describe the view from that window, so you can picture what's happening more easily (hopefully this won't get me doxed).
So the window looks out on a tree-filled street, with a commieblock on the left side, facing my commieblock. There's some wide open space on the right, with a path leading to another street.
In the dream, the commieblock on the left and a stone quay on the right, looking out to the sea.
So I'm sitting there, looking at the sea, when suddenly the sky turns orange-red, I hear a loud bang and see a mushroom cloud far out in the sea. It's far away enough that the immediate side-effects don't affect the city (and by extension, me), but I panic nonetheless and start pacing around my apartment, thinking about how the radiation is gonna kill me. Then the dream ends.
2. Meteor strike.
Also had this dream a few years back, I think even in the same year as the previous dream. Anyways, I don't remember the first half, probably was just me screwing around again. I do remember me going outside for some reason and looking to the left. I see some kind of shop(?) being ran in a commieblock's first floor. The thing is, the letters in the shop sign are rearranging themselves as I'm looking at them. I just wave it off and go back to my apartment. I enter my kitchen (which has a window looking out to my commieblock's "backyard" of sorts) and see a big ol' sky rock fall right in the middle of the backyard. I manage to let out a scream before the resulting explosion consumes me. Dream end.
3. """Threatening""" ghost.
I think this one happened two years ago. So I'm standing in the hallway (picture it as a H, with me standing on the left side) of a dark school (it is presumably nighttime) and holding a turned-on phone. I look around and see this bitch-ass ghost (who looked just like that girl from The Ring, except this one's dress thing was bloodied). It's just standing there looking scary, so I look down on my phone and see that it's sending me messages on what seemed to be Discord (yeah, I use that piece of shit). The messages had very poor grammar and were very vulgar threats. The one I distinctly remember said "I'm gonna shock you to death with your own vibrator" (rough translation, because 1. shit was in Russian and 2. as I said, poor grammar), to which I responded with "I don't have a vibrator". I also remember sending it some other messages, shit like "What do you want", "Why are you messaging me", etc. These questions went unanswered and the ghost just kept insulting and threatening me.
I'll post some more if I remember them.


I had that nightmare again recently where my reflection tried to switch places with me. I had just gotten out of the shower and was looking in the mirror when I saw a red bump on my face. As I leaned in for a closer look, my reflection shot a hand out to try and grab me and pull me in. I scrambled out of his reach, but he told me it was no use resisting, that over half of the world had already been "replaced". I ran downstairs in a panic, but my mom had already been "replaced" (her facial features were 'off' for some reason). I ran to my sister and she was still normal. She looked at me, half puzzled and half panicked, and asked if I needed a ride to school since I was late. I then realized I was in a dream and forced myself awake.

Is this from a show I watched? Or should I make this its own story?

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