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You're a faggot Harry
I had a dream of me and my wife driving in a car and an ice cream truck with a bowl of visible mint chocolate ice cream could be seen in the window and saw this brown haired hipster looking guy with black thick-rimmed glasses along with it.

We chased down the ice cream truck like exceptional people and when they pull over to get gas, we followed them inside and asked this black guy wearing an orange hat and shirt "can we buy your ice cream?"
He said "fuck off I'm on my break," and she responded "fine fuck you, too" and then I woke up.

Even my dreams are exceptional too god damn I am not even safe in my head.

I seriously have no idea what any of that shit means I guess I wanted ice cream or some shit.

Save the Loli
I just woke up from a dream where Alex Jones did a mass shooting. He crossed the border into Canada with some guns, went to a mall or something, and started shooting. He was broadcasting his radio show the entire time, and that's why people knew it was happening. I read about it on the Internet so I went to Canada myself (by swimming really fast across this big lake) to go and check out what was going on. In some cafe at the mall, I saw Alex Jones's dead body slumped over a table with blood on it (he had killed himself), and like two or three other bodies (he only managed to kill like 5 people the dream said). Then I got arrested by the Canadian police and put in jail, but they let me out immediately (because I helped the investigation) when I said that the shooter was an American guy named Alex Jones.

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I had some random out there dream a while back that there were public photos of Null with most of his clothes off. Kiwifarms is going into my dreams now.
Most of the dream was me riding on a bus though.
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PT 940

I've been having trouble sleeping lately and I had a very long dream last night in which I was in a giant room that had six beds in it and people kept coming and going from the room, leaving lights on right in my face and making too much noise so even when I was actually asleep I was restless.
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I had quite a disturbed night and dreamt I was in a some kind of screwball comedy with Steve Carell which involved sneaking a new born baby out of some apartments. I helped them escape then got chased by a tall bearded man with his knob out. Actually a pleasant change from my usual plane crashes and explosions!
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Got another autistic dream story to tell. Had this one just yesterday.

I dreamt that I entered some kind of fighting game tournament that only accepted custom characters (it was probably a Soul Calibur game). There were 50 participants taking up 50 ranks on a leaderboard and you just had to beat everyone else and get to rank 1 to win. If you lose a match, you're out. The problem is, the hosts loved to rig the shit out of certain matches, so they would give various power-ups to certain players and make others fight five opponents in succession in a single match, no breaks and all (which happened to me. but thankfully I won).
Anyway, my character was Jacket from the first Hotline Miami (wearing the Richard mask and wielding the fireaxe from that game (I think) ). I wasn't exactly good at the game so I mostly just button-mashed my way through every fight, though Jacket had a certain combo that I used as often as possible: he would fling the opponent up in the air with a few heavy hits, then do a vertical spin attack that damaged them multiple times. This combo could be repeated twice before potentially leading into a different combo. Shit was fucking OP.
I don't remember much of the competition, since most fights were a blur. There was some nigga playing as Koichi from Part 4 of JoJo, who decided to be my friend in exchange for me not fighting him.
I do remember the rank 5 fight, though, which was against my brother's character: some middle-aged witch bitch with a tentacle hand that was apparently from Game of Thrones. The hosts gave him a power-up that was called "Control over tiles", which added some kind of short bar under my health bar. I desperately tried to somehow get rid of it for a bit before giving up and focusing on the fight, which was surprisingly easy. I fucking annihilated that witch, without losing much health and all.
The next few fights were also a blur, except the Rank 1 fight. Oh, that fucking Rank 1 fight. Now you might ask: "Gee Brainlet, I wonder what kind of autistically epic final showdown you had?" Well, lemme pull one over on ya: THERE WAS NO FUCKING FINAL SHOWDOWN.
The main host's avatar (some old Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat looking motherfucker) decided to just take the prize money and run. So I, along with the guy playing Koichi, had to chase him down a long, winding river on an airboat. But I said "fuck that noise", 'cause I found an exploit that let me quickly catch up to that old fuck. It involved clasping my hands together and closing each finger, one by one, which, for some reason, made Jacket rapidly slide along the surface of the water. So I just repeated that, leaving Koichi and his airboat way behind, and quickly caught up to the old guy's airboat. Then a cutscene played of Jacket beating the old man to a pulp (likely killing him), taking the bag full of prize money and riding the airboat into the sunset.
I think the prize for winning was $100,000.
TL;DR: I enter a Soul Calibur OC tournament as Jacket and button mash my way to victory against all odds

Rogue Boob

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I had a lucid dream once a few years ago. Was living in an apartment at the time and as I am a cheapass, had the air off as much as possible, which translated to me spending all summer downstairs on the couch, where the cooler air was.

I'd plugged my phone into the dvd player to charge, so it was across the room.

Cue me having a dream about the alarm going off. I get up to go silence it, then turn around and see myself still sacked out on the couch. "Oh wait, this is a dream."

At which point the alarm actually did go off, more's the pity.
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welcome to god's mosh pit
I had that nightmare again recently where my reflection tried to switch places with me. I had just gotten out of the shower and was looking in the mirror when I saw a red bump on my face. As I leaned in for a closer look, my reflection shot a hand out to try and grab me and pull me in. I scrambled out of his reach, but he told me it was no use resisting, that over half of the world had already been "replaced". I ran downstairs in a panic, but my mom had already been "replaced" (her facial features were 'off' for some reason). I ran to my sister and she was still normal. She looked at me, half puzzled and half panicked, and asked if I needed a ride to school since I was late. I then realized I was in a dream and forced myself awake.

Is this from a show I watched? Or should I make this its own story?
This sounds like the plot of Us tbh


I had another nightmare recently that one of my best friends got hit by a car and died. The weird thing is when I told him about it, he told me that I am now the third friend of his that has dreamed of his death. ?
Additionally, later on in the dream, I was on a date with this girl. We were sitting at a bar eating these small, personal-sized pizzas. I looked over and she was carefully arranging the pepperoni and mushrooms on opposite sides of her pizza. I said something like: "Pizza isn't for playing checkers, dear" and when I looked back at her pizza, it was replaced with a checkerboard. Then I looked down and my pizza was a checkerboard.
I'm pissed off I spent $20 imaginary dollars on a dream pizza I didn't get to finish imaginary-eating.


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I had a dream I was in a bus going somewhere and the driver was the thing from Pan's Labyrinth with eyes in his hands, and this didn't weird me out other than I wondered how he saw where he was driving with his eyes in his hands.

PT 940

I had a dream last night in which my very creepy ex was following me around a convention and kept trying to get me to go back to his hotel room and talk to him about what went wrong in our relationship. I kept refusing but somehow later in the dream I ended up in his room anyway, telling him I wasn't going to talk about it and he was like, "Why won't you talk about it?" and I was too afraid of him to leave the room but once he relaxed a little I bolted out.

I had a dream recently that really messed with me. I am starting a new job IRL in a couple months, and the dream was some inception style bullshit where I had received an email from my will-be supervisor that he just withdrew my candidacy and won't be employing me. Then I "woke up" and in another dream checked my email to and saw again that my new job is no longer happening. When I really woke up I was actually so upset by this that I got out of bed immediately and just sat in my room staring at the wall lol.

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The shit I see in my dreams can be pretty fucking weird sometimes. Case in point, whatever the fuck this was:

There's these two corrupt corporate suit dudes (let's call them Michael and David). Michael and David are working on some kind of labyrinthian dungeon full of monsters. David does something to REALLY piss off Michael and pays for it dearly.

David gets nailed to a wall, crucifixion-style and gets his feet chopped off, all the while talking about his friends and family, trying to get Michael to spare him. It doesn't work and Michael shoots David in the dick. And David starts fucking bawling. Then Michael finally kills him.

David's ghost seeks revenge and starts fucking with Michael, first by sending threatening messages, then by trapping his former co-worker the monster house they were working on (this part is especially interesting because I could see from Michael's point of view – shit was kinda like Doom or the first Quake - and watch him try to escape).
Meanwhile, David's private army (fucking Roman legionnaires) attacks Michael's private army (also legionnaires) and they completely wipe each other out. Michael narrowly escapes the monster dungeon and some shit happens to him that I don't remember.
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had a weird dream @Marvin , among other users, dressed up as Martian Manhunter in a cow's art film to posthumously pay respect to them

he was unironically credited as Marvin Manhunter in the credits

I recall a batman with glass eyes with emojis on them, but I don't remember who it was

Absolute Brainlet

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This one really fucked with me.

So there's 14-year old me and my grandma, going for a walk around town. We come across a wide open area, with a circle of trees on the outer side and buildings behind them. There's three things here.
  1. A car with its windshield smashed and no driver.
  2. A dead deer. (What was it doing in the city?)
  3. What I decided to call the Man-Plant.

It was a tall humanoid plant thing, light-green all over. Its body was slightly arced backwards, the arms were outstretched in opposite directions and one leg was firmly placed in front of the other (I guess it was doing a pose?). Its eyeless head (that had a venus-flytrap-type mouth on the bottom) was looking to the side.
I notice the plant thing and point it out to my grandma. She immediately gets scared and we rush the fuck back home. (I must note that the Man-Plant didn't move a single inch during all of this.)
So we get back home and I'm kinda scared. I keep looking out the living room window, thinking the plant thing is gonna track us by our scent (I don't know why scent specifically) and trap us in our home.
I decide to go tell the story to my mom (and also make a drawing of the thing). After I re-tell the whole thing, I, for some reason, add "I forgot to tell: that bastard was disguised as a tree!" (rough translation).
The rest of the dream-day plays out pretty normally, with me just looking at dumb shit on the internet.
For example, there was a 4chan thread where anons discussed what we should do once we get to the moon. One anon suggested making "an O crater", with an image of a giant crater on the Moon's surface attached.
That's pretty much it.
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Once I had a dream I was underwater in a field of grass. It was dark but there were tons of fish swimming around. Glowing, neon colored fish. It was very peaceful, just laying there watching the fish swim above.
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Last night I had a dream where I was being raised by people who thought I was too belligerent, so they wanted to inject me with a chemical that would make me obedient. The rest of the dream was me walking from town to town with nothing but the clothes on my back after I ran away from home.
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Milled wedges.
I had this fucknut of a dream last night where I was in a car wreck with this kid I went to high school with. I was fine, but his head was partially decapitated, and he was walking around while I was panicking calling 911 so they could get there and sew his head back to his spine. I hadn't even thought about this dude in a decade.

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