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Save the Loli
I had a dream last night where I was rewatching Jojo part 4 and Jotaro and Josuke were hanging out. Then they met the villain of the episode, who was literally fucking Jonathan Yaniv (I guess because I'd been reading his thread before I went to sleep). He was fat and had that horrifying face but not the wig or dress thank god. I don't remember his Stand's name, but it shot bullets that if it hit would make your skin slowly turn into wood (like tree man). He could also block a lot of Star Platinum's hits (for some reason Jotaro didn't use ZA WARUDO on him). It ended with Jotaro getting grazed and almost totally freezing up, but it turned out Star Platinum had caught a bullet and flung it right back at JY, then Josuke came to help and Crazy Diamond started beating the shit out of him followed by some ORAORAORAORAORA from Star Platinum.

I woke up thinking "what the utter fuck" and now realize I should be careful about reading weird shit on Kiwifarms before bed.

PT 940

Had a dream last night in which I was either in my sophomore or junior year of high school and was having a hard time keeping up with really easy work in my classes. As soon as I'd start figuring it out the bell would ring and I'd have to rush to my next class and couldn't find it. Then I had a teach tell us to put our backpacks and whatever school suppplies we had into a closet and only have a pencil on our desks for the rest of the class and instead of my stuff being all in one place it was scattered around the closet so I couldn't find it all but still had to leave for the next class without my things. Very stressful.

Gordon Cole

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I had a three-part dream last night.

Part 1 involved me climbing a massive wall with no gear in order to get a bike on a little ledge in the corner without falling down. The holes were big enough to get my fingers in, uet I don't know how my feet fit. I got the bike and successfully made my way down. This leads into...

Part 2. I'm riding my bike when I see two irl friends in a house, inviting me in. Soon after, Nicolas Cage walks in with two big bags of KFC, with Jena Malone carrying another bag behind him. My friends introduce me to him, and he stands on my shoes, puts both hands on my shoulders and says "Sexy, thank you for coming to this feast." I nonchalantly eat and talk to Nicolas Cage until I allude to Leaving Las Vegas. Discussing his movies was apparently a big no-no because he said in an upset tone "Why would you say that?"

Part 3 came after I woke up and got a glass of water. I dreamt I was at an adult summer camp perched on a cliff with my sister and my cousin, they shot the shot while I looked off the cliffside. There was a giant rock climbing wall facing the cliff with a floating platform at the bottom. Yet there was a gap between the wall and the platform, as well as a rope meant to swing you into the water. Try as I might, I kept hitting the wall and eventually climbed up to see my sis and cuz looking grossed out at "burnt chicken caesar nachos" while "Unbreak My Heart" played in the background. Then I woke up.

I guess my brain's trying to tell me to climb insurmountable things and stop eating shitty food.

PL 001

The past few nights I've been having strange dreams all involving wandering around my town at night, but in very odd locations; train tracks, a hospital, the small little suburban areas. I'm always alone, and I feel simultaneously completely at ease and relaxed, as well as on edge and nervous.


do you want fries with that
i was given a kind of 'danish' (it was actually a kind of pasty, so not even the right food, but whatever) and someone had taken a bite out of it, so my autistic ass decided to 'test it' by running a computer scan on it. anyway it came back with 'strep' so i didnt eat it becuse i dont want strep thanks. interesting how my brain associated food virus with computer virus tho

anyway, the person who'd taken a bite out of it (and apparently had strep) was some cunt who is decidedly not my friend irl, but true to form they were pretending to be like they were doing IRL, so i suppose thats true to life

and then there was one of my old college friends (who was actually a friend) there too and he was laughing over... something. might go see how he's doing

The Littlest Shitlord

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I recently dreamed that Kiwi Farms was involved in smuggling the semen of intelligent alien horses by the Deep State. With Null's cooperation, the CIA had installed a pair of conveyor belts running through Kiwi Farms on which the semen would travel. We knew this because Null told us, in case we wanted to steal some alien horse semen for ourselves for some reason. Islamic terrorists found out about the semen-smuggling and were outraged; they retaliated against Kiwi Farms by (somehow) accessing the future stupidest posts that anyone here made about the semen smuggling and posting them in a book.

Your guess is as good as mine as to what any of this means.


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Once again proving that I spend way too much time here, The Fit Vegan Ginger showed up in my dream last night. For those not following her thread she's a othorexic health nut going down the munchie route and recently got an ostomy due to evicerating her colon so all her posts are getting ostomy related and nasty. For some reason in this dream I got trapped in her house and was wandering around trying to get out and I accidently stumbled into her bathroom. It, for whatever reason, was a multistall public restroom setup that had a very unpleasent smell and was unclean in ways I wasn't interested in investigating. There was more to the dream that I don't remember now. The ostomy thing genuinely freaks me out so I'mma have to take a break from that thread. Anna's poop bag is giving me nightmares! :cryblood:
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Made pure again from the hardest game on earth.
It's so rare when I dream that I think my last dream was years ago.
I used to have nightmares of a couple themes which I can't say because POWER LEVEL, but all my nightmares went away when I met my last ex-gf. I wish I was kidding.


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Last night's dream revolved around the book Babe (or Charlotte's Web, it was some book involving a pig trying not to be eaten) which in the context of my dream actually had seven different published versions. They were all similar in the sense that in each version Babe/Wilbur/Whoever gets sentenced to death and eventually eaten. The only difference between the seven versions is why the pig is sentenced to death, and how he is eventually prepared for consumption. In one version his execution was because he had been accused of autism, and would be later made into a delicious roasted tenderloin.
For whatever reason I was inside this version of the story and was tasked with butchering and preparing Pig Character. Easily the scariest part of the dream was how horrible my pork tenderloin turned out. My seasoning burnt and was a smokey black crust on the outside while the inside was undercooked.


Oh what a Sperg I am. Oh what a Sperg I am.
Ever since I was a little milkboi, every single one of my dreams have involved some sort of aircraft crash. Be it a plane, blimp, heli, etc. If it flew, it came down. Thing is, I'm not even afraid of flying, so I don't know what the hell it could mean.


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Semi-lucid where I realized it was a dream but didn't actually do anything with it, and it was just a conversation, until for some reason I decided one of the people in it was actually God and I'd somehow found a cheat code and got him to agree I could ask him any question and he'd tell me the truth. And I asked him "Why am I even alive?" and then reality dissolved into nothing.

Dreams suck.
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Kiwi Lime Pie

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Once again proving that I spend way too much time here, The Fit Vegan Ginger showed up in my dream last night.
After my own dream involving the Fit Vegan Ginger, I can say I truly feel for you. Any dream involving her has to be automatically horrifying.

Last night, I browsed some of the movies you can't believe are real thread before bed and it apparently shaped my overnight dream. In it, I somehow got hold of a script for some sort of movie that had never been published. As I read the script, it becomes apparent it was an attempt to make a parody film about the university I attended. The first section of the script has notes from the writer about the various characters to appear in the movie. Although nobody's real names were listed, their real-life personalities and traits were recorded along with how to parody them in the film. Further reading led me to realize that most of the characters were based on people I knew during my time as a student there. This seemed to be confirmed when I realized the writer changed names rather clumsily in giving film characters the same initials as their real life counterparts or using names that rhymed. As examples, a person named Bill may have been put into the script as "Will" or Sarah would be shown on screen as "Samantha."

Eventually, I discover an entry that I believe was a direct reference to me. Apparently, the plan was to make my in-film character be as much of a polar opposite of myself as possible.
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Absolutely AFABulous
I remember a dream I had where I "woke up in reality". I was a chimpanzee in a hospital of some sort. There were losts of other chimpanzees being attended by human nurses who were putting electrodes on their heads. A nurse came other to me and made me go back to sleep. Then I woke up for real. It still freaks me out.

I also had a dream where I went to Heaven. It was like a big old city. I went into a huge building that had scientists, scholars, doctors ect... Outside I talked to several dead musicians (of which I can't recall) who were busy helping other residents of Heaven and were very happy.

In the big building I ran into a huge white creature. He was like a semi-skeletal bipedal beast. He called himself The Pope. And despite his looks he was the most benevolent and kind being I had ever met. I got no bad vibes from him at all. It was very strange since he should be terrifying nightmare fuel. But he was the total opposite.


What could possibly go wrong?
For a couple months in a erm.."lesser" part of my life, I kept seeing my (departed) Grandmother looking aghast and pointing a finger at me very sternly. She was typically on her hospice bed (either sat up or rolled to a side) rolling out of the hospice doors which I seemed to be standing outside of (because dream, I guess). She always looked like she did the last time I saw her alive (not good), until the very last time I saw her like that. I shit you not, the final time I had the dream? she looked like I remember her from her life - vibrant (if frail), and happy/content..she just waved at me that time.

It was really more harrowing than it was weird, but either way it's amazing what lengths your subconscious will go to try and tell you something. They're still some of the only dreams I even remember (and quite vividly, at that).

Rick Pratt

Whiny twat
I get a LOT of *lucid* dreams, they usually involve or are connected to the afterlife and they usually involve either Freddie Mercury from Queen, David Bowie, the actor Rik Mayall or the Rocky Horror sequel Shock Treatment.

they are either wholesome or really weird

there was one where I was on a seaside and Freddie Mercury and his husband Jim Hutton were relaxing while George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley from the band WHAM! were playing volleyball It had a nice atmosphere, Rik was there too, he was sitting on a beach chair drinking.

I also recall one where Freddie was at a park walking with some of his cats and Rik was walking with some dogs and they stopped to talk to each other but then the dogs and cats started fighting.

the weird ones are the ones where I'm stuck in the world of the movie Shock Treatment, I would sometimes get dreams or visions of two of the characters from that movie controlling my mind like an Inside Out sort of scenario, where they were at a computer desk of sorts, going through my thoughts. Shock Treatment is a movie that takes in a fictional mental hospital (because it's the backdrop of a tv show within the universe of the movie) so some of the Shock Treatment-related dreams involve me as a patient.


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I had a dream Ron Toye (Monica Rial's cuck in the weeb wars saga) was in court and went into a tard rage because he got called a cuck again, mouthed off to the judge, and got thrown in jail.


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Does anyone else occasionally have a dream that foretells a very specific instant in time several months later? I'll have a very clearly memorable and oddly specific dream that I remember quite well for a while after waking. Then, months later, I'll have a flash of deja vu, scan my memory for what's triggering it and recall the dream or a fragment of it. Nothing important is foretold, just the feeling that defines that moment is predicted by the dream.

Or so it feels. Maybe it's a mental glitch or something, but it's enjoyable in a mysterious way.

Gator Young Henning

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I had a dream recently where I woke up and a molar fell out of my mouth. Later that day, someone here was talking about something that happened to their teeth. Too spooky for me.
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Rice Is Ready

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I had a dream there was a irritating pimple on my back I was squeezing but it just wouldn't pop. So I went to a mirror and it was a nasty bloodshot eye instead of a pimple it made me cringe.
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