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So last weekend my wife and I were driving by the local high school and there were kids standing out front with signs that said "Mattress Fund Raiser". They even had one kid dressed up as a mattress, which was pretty funny.

Both my wife and I laughed because we've never heard of a fundraiser selling mattresses, and I can't imagine they sold more than one of those, if any at all.

What other weird kinds of items have you seen on sale for charity?
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The only weird fundraising items I can think of are those scams in big cities where people try to sell stuff for "kids basketball teams". I've seen them try to sell incense, tickets to events, and I think music CDs? I'm pretty sure these are not real fundraisers though.

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I once was attending a function for a charity that helps poor children. They sold foldable nylon frisbees printed with pictures of smiling little kids, ecstatic that they got to eat that day. I don't think they sold a single one
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