Weird People You Went To School With - And where they are today

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Dec 24, 2015
There was this kid who wore a fucking wolf tail to school every day. He even had his own little group of female orbiters who wore cat ears. Then he got an even longer tail and wore it to prom. He was also allegedly in a committed online relationship with someone named "Eris". I was a pretty amiable guy in high school but goddamn did I want to throw that kid into a trash can whenever I saw him. If we'd gone to a normie high school he probably would've been bullied till he killed himself.

His mom was president of the PTA. Super sweet lady and she did a lot of shit for us. Probably compensating for having such a weirdo fuckup for a son.

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Aug 13, 2017
About halfway through my senior year, I had a kid in my JROTC class get arrested for breaking into an 80 year old woman's house. He was rifling through her underwear drawer when the cops got there. I only talked to him a couple of times, and he kinda gave off a weird vibe. But I didn't think I would hear about him getting caught up in anything like that. That's some straight up serial killer in training shit.

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Jun 15, 2016
There was a guy who would take shits in the hallway when no one was around. The high school I went to had no security cameras at that time (due to laziness, the technology was availible). Once the bell had rung and everyone was out of the halls and in class, he would strike. He was collequially refered to by teachers/students as The Rogue Pooper.

Adminstration absolutely lost their shit about it, at one point they came on the PA system and told everyone to stay in their classes as they needed to clean up a "potential health hazard" and we all laughed our asses off including the teacher because we all knew what had happened again. They sent a letter out to all students homes at one point threatening disiplinary and legal action to whomever the rogue pooper was, as he was creating a health hazard. I wish I still had that letter because it was so ridiculously threatening. But they were at their wits end, the rogue pooper did this for at least 3 years (not everyday, maybe once every few months).

Of course, in the end, the rogue pooper was caught. He was snitched on, as most of the student body (including me) actually knew who it was the whole time. (initals are JP). He was basically like a class clown type, I had gone to school with him since middle school, and he was always doing crazy shit. He wasn't like a malicious or special-ed guy. Lots of people liked him and thats why, in the end, he got away with a suspension and wasn't allowed to walk at graduation, but still finished out his term in the same school he was taking dumps on the floor in.

Where he is today, I have no idea as I don't do the whole FB thing and even if I did I wasn't close with the dude, just knew of him and his antics.


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Aug 4, 2016
Whew! Why?
Attacking somebody after being called a nigger.
Keep in mind, he was pretty much acting like a gigantic stereotype of black people 24/7, just short of actually chucking a spear at the attackee.
Think of his personality as "black kid acting like white kid acting like black kid".

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Dec 27, 2015
I went to high school in a large but remote town in the east of England during the late 90s/early 2000s, when there was a lot more bullying than would be allowed these days; it was a tough environment, so very few genuine weirdos made it through, unless you count the Plymouth Brethren, a snobbish sect of Christian fundamentalists who segregated themselves from everyone else, and made their women cover the hair in a similar fashion to Muslims, for much the same reason

one thing that strikes me as weird in retrospect is that many of the slower, low-wattage girls would get married to men in their forties immediately after leaving school at 16, undoubtedly because they'd got pregnant (the age of consent in the UK is 16, and at the time school-leaving age was 16 as well); it was many years before I realised this is not normal elsewhere

now the teachers, they were a different matter; we were 'taught' the basics of sex education in year 7 (age 11/12) by Mr. D, a skinny nerdy physics teacher who was almost certainly a virgin himself - talk about the blind leading the blind

there were quite a few teachers who were delicate flowers, didn't realise that children between 11 and 16 are generally appalling little shitbags who will home in like sharks on any perceived weirdness or weakness and mock it relentlessly, often fled from lessons crying, and ended up quitting the profession altogether

a less extreme example of this was Mr. M, a middle-aged fellow who taught graphics/graphic design, was highly strung and easily wound up, and had a Swedish surname nobody could be arsed to pronounce properly, and became corrupted into "Mr. Motivator"; if he hadn't quit when he did he'd have probably had an aneurysm in class

the most retrospectively creepy one was Miss R., who covered our regular RE teacher when she was on maternity leave during the time I was in year 8 (age 12/13)

completely unprompted, she started using the diminutive form of my real name (nobody has done this since I was about 4), which was cringy and weird in itself, but peak weird was reached was when she discreetly took me out of class and asked a load of stuff about my hobbies, family background and academic aspirations, for no discernible reason whatsoever

I gave straight answers, all the while thinking "what the fuck is going on here, why are you asking me all of this stuff?"

it wasn't until nearly 20 years later that the penny dropped, and I realised that she was probably trying to groom me, but was too socially inept to do so successfully - at the time I just thought she was a weirdo and thought nothing more of it

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Dec 27, 2015
how could I forget Sean R., a good-humoured idiot who would do almost anything for a laugh, though he was more funny than weird
he wasn't handicapped, just a bit dim

as an example, one morning he had to go to the nurse to get treated for splinters in his forehead, because he'd spent the entire registration period breaking pencils on his forehead

after leaving school he became an alcoholic, but as far as I can tell he's straightened himself out, had a family and become relatively normal since then

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Dec 30, 2018
My school was a breeding ground for potential shooters or thread material. Had a dude two years under me who proclaimed he was bisexual and got bullied for it. The bullying got to him that he often sperged out at people that weren't accepting of him and once threaten to bomb the school. Nothing came out of it, but he got suspended for the threat. I think he was trying to get into the army (probably won't happen though).

There was also a guy in my year who wasn't exactly emotionally stable nor had good grooming habits. He (and his sibling who I don't know much about) reeked of cat piss and was known for threatening to bring weapons after a bad day of crying. Had encounters with him as he hit on my then-girlfriend like it was an obsession and I had to step in on a few occasions. Had one of his possible love interest walk with me during the graduation ceremony so she wouldn't walk with him. Dude's still lingering around town last time I heard.

There was a girl who was supposed to be in my class, but got held back a grade who was an open furry who walked around with tails and ears and did "cutesy" actions like a spastic weeb. I also had a dropout friend who was hardcore into the mallcore emo scene and also embraced the furry stuff. I think all four of them had some sort of a connection, but I could be wrong.


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Apr 21, 2018
This girl who thought she was the smartest and most popular girl in the classroom, whom the teacher brainwashed into believing she would become a highly recognized industrial engineer.

Ten years later and the dumb bitch does nothing but post instagram stories doing shitty crafts.


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Sep 10, 2013
I almost feel bad talking about this girl because she was really nice but oh lord she was really, really, unsanitary. I knew her during my high school years- she was very quiet, often reading by herself, didn't have a lot of friends. I befriended her because I saw her reading LotR and I was pretty deep into LotR at the time. She did once tell me a really questionable story about how her dad was a friend of Christopher Tolkien or something but for the most part she was ok to talk to. The problem was that you kind of wanted to gag the whole time you were near her.
Physically she kinda looked like Wogglebuglover in that she was kind of heavyset with saggy boobs and long hair, except this girl had very prominent buck teeth and wore glasses. She had this habit in class of biting her nails and then leaving the nail-fragments in a little pile on her desk before just pushing it into the floor at the end of class. Sometimes you'd also notice her digging around in her nose too.
She'd leave her hairs everywhere which completly skeezed me out, I have a thing about detached hairs.
The thing that was really gross is that I 100% knew that she never washed her hands after using the bathroom. Anyone who'd been in the bathroom with her during passing period knew and didn't want to have to touch her. She also never flushed the toilet which if I didn't know that from seeing her leave the stall without flushing sounds following her, I would have figured that out from entering a stall and finding unflushed piss and random stray hairs on the seat.
I still wonder if she's the reason I got pinkeye that year.

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My first day of high school was much stranger than the entire rest of the year, thanks to one kid. I don't remember his name but he was really odd-looking (not sure if it was medical or what) white, short and overweight. My last class of the day was a rotation class and for the first six weeks of school it was a typing class. It was extremely easy, too. Too bad this awkward kid didn't want to be there...

Basically the teacher was this old black lady who was super nice. She started the class by saying how long she'd been a teacher and how after that year she was going to retire. She took attendance and the weird kid didn't answer up. She noticed this and asked what his name was and he said "Tupac Shakur." It was important to know that she was about to retire because of how she reacted, which was she pretty much said, "Listen, is [whatever] your name? Because that's the only name on the list I didn't call." And the kid said that wasn't him, even though it actually was. She said, "Look, either you tell me your name or I'll call security and you can tell them your name."

The kid looked at her dead serious and said, "Do what you gotta do. Tupac said, 'I fear no man but God.'" So she called security and the kid left with the guard. I never saw him again.

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Jun 11, 2018
Since college stories are being shared, I'll offer one of my own.

During my time at the local community college, I took a course in Organized Behavior that I liked a lot both in terms of what I learned and the instructor that taught it. One week, when the class was to take a quiz or exam, a classmate I'll call Bob came into class just before its starting time and announced to the whole class, "I'm high."

I'm pretty sure any other professor would have freaked out or not known how to respond to that. This professor, a recent PhD recipient in Psychology at that time and an actively-practicing psychologist during the day didn't bat an eye and simply asked Bob to come out of class and take a walk with him. I have no idea what happened, but Bob didn't come back for the rest of the class.

Bob did return the following week. Later that semester, Bob and I ended up working together on an in-class assignment that required partners. Although he didn't directly mention the above incident, he chose to powerlevel a bit in admitting he had some anger management issues and a tendency to use bad judgement even though the revelations had nothing to do with the assignment and I don't recall bringing up the incident. Still, being mindful of a recent lecture on self-awareness, I tried to be encouraging about his realization and desire to address those issues.

I have no idea what happened to Bob. I can only hope he's more careful now about when and where he chooses to be mad, high, or both.

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I didn't have a very good experience in college. I graduated but I didn't enjoy very much of it. And college brought about meeting the creepiest guy I ever met. If I am too specific I'd probably dox him pretty easily so there is one major detail I'll have to generalize.

The first person I bothered talking to was a guy who commented on my Lord of the Rings shirt. He was nice and friendly so I didn't think he was a weirdo right out of the gate. There was a day that the class we shared was canceled and he asked me to go to lunch at the nearby pizza place and I agreed. It wasn't mentioned like a date and the whole time we were there is was really platonic and we just talked about fandoms we liked. It was around this time that he told me his favorite fandom (which I can't mention due to what I mentioned above. I will say that it was a fandom for kids but not any of the major ones that are popular right now.) He told me, completely serious, that his life goal was to become a director so he could make an R-rated movie about that fandom. He said the premise was serious enough that if the character swore and there was nudity and sex that adults would love it as much as he did and that he was the one would would make everyone see.

And it only got weirder from there.

He ended up telling me about some weird fetishes that he had that involved body manipulation and didn't understand why everyone else in the world didn't like it. And when I decided to stop being friendly and confront him about how uncomfortable he was making me he didn't back down. That actually made it much worse because then he thought I was some kind of 'goal' for him to reach and that all of his trying would make me like him. I cut all ties with him and he kept calling me. He'd call my house and my cell and leave messages as if he were totally clueless that I'd told him to leave me alone. It got crazy enough where I told him that if he contacted me again that I'd get a restraining order so he stopped calling me but still emailed me every year to attend his super bowl party. So after a few years I blocked his email address since my insistence that he stop was ignored. I ended up finding out he'd done this to a few other girls (it turned out that I knew someone he went to high school with and she had a lot of the same experiences I did.)

I looked him up a few years ago and was relieved that he had moved to another state. He had a mail order wife and they had a kid together...and the kid was named after a character in his fandom. It was an unusual name and there is no other way the name was from something else.


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Sep 29, 2016
We had some "goth" kids at my high school that tried to burn an American flag right after the first Gulf War ended. We lived in a military town at the time and they got threatened by some dudes on the wrestling team (who pretty much got an OK to do so from a few staff members via the school rumor mill), tried to act tough about it, and then opted to instead spray paint "Murderers!" on a Puerto Rican flag instead, because they thought it was a Texas flag, which was hilarious in it's own right and supposedly got one of them's ass kicked by some Hispanic kids, though I have a feeling the ass kicking was more due to a weed deal gone sideways than the flag shit.

We also had a kid in my Civil Air Patrol squadron that was manic depressive, obsessed about Air Force special forces (Combat Controllers and PJs) and was always wearing his CAP uniform to school and trying to pick fights with kids in the Army JROTC at the school despite looking like Beavis in a pair of coke bottle glasses. Luckily almost everyone else in CAP had friends in JROTC and we all got along really well, to the point of even doing a lot of orienteering, search and rescue and drill shit with them so the jackass never got anyone but himself in shit. I ended up becoming good friends with his cousin while in CAP and despite having no desire to interact with the kid, I do spy on him from time to time just to see what shit he's landed in. He ended up actually getting in to the Air Force after getting rejected the first few tries when recruiting numbers were REALLY bad in the late 90s, went to A school to be a lift master but then got kicked out for being a massive fuck up and spending almost 3 years to complete a 9 month course. Then he tried to be a cop, failed out of the police academy, then became a Mall Cop, got fired for trying to choke out a suspected shop lifter and now he works at a knife shop somewhere near Vegas after his parents moved there.

My wife grew up near where I live now, and she had a guy from her high school get busted living in a house with the corpse of his deceased mother for almost a year before one of her friends talked the local cops in to doing a welfare check on her. He didn't get in trouble though because he never cashed any of her social security checks or did anything illegal and the local sheriff even said at a county event about it "I can't arrest people for being strange, stupid or weird. I can only arrest them over committing crimes". He did so with a look on his face of a man who has encountered entirely too much bullshit in his life.

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