Weird people you've met IRL -

Went up to a Local Gas Station at 3 am, filling up my shit mobile and getting my cigs. Old homeless black dude is chatting up the attendant about money. Something about how his card ain’t working. No big deal, normal nutty shit. Get up to the register after 10 minutes (crazy old dude apologized, no sweat). Get my shit, start paying, suddenly the attendant winces in pain and rubs his temple. He proceeds to lay out his conspiracy theory about how the government is tracking him with drones and fucking with his shampoo, causing him to get these painful migraines, and how he can’t smoke anymore because they started putting in additives that make the migraines worse specifically for him. It’s alright though, he knew what they were doing, what they were up to, and he had proof about FEMA. I just nodded along, completely caught off guard. As I’m filling up my tank, the nice old black dude comes by, we shoot the shit, and I hand him off all the change in my car, grateful that I wasn’t getting a second dose of crazy. I’m still not sure if that guy believed what he was saying or just fucking with me.

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Guy on the bus started talking to me about Jesus out of the blue.

Old lady in socks walking up and down the street talking to herself.

Homeless crazy black guy walking down the street with his pants down to his ankles.

This white trash family that lived near me had a family member who looked homeless and would get drunk and start yelling at himself. He finally fell on some guys lawn and died while going to the liquor store.

Some guy singing a few verses of some song over and over loud enough for the whole bus to hear.

Various homeless people twitching and carrying on conversations with air.

Seen two crack heads fighting in front of a Jack in the box. Not weird, but I thought it was funny.


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That, and 4 years away from 2012. I seem to recall there being lots of Y2K'ish fearmongering about the end of the world leading up to 2012. End of the Mayan calendar or whatever
Had a guy standing on the island on one of the larger streets in town, waving a giant cross that said "Heaven or Hell!" on one side, "Are you ready?" on the other. 2012 was a fun year.

Last year, old homeless guy who would pass as Santa was wondering around waving two homemade signs, "I asked for a fish and I got a serpent!" and "NUKE THE VATICAN!" To make it so bad, he actually brought them inside the library and nobody said anything.
Various homeless people twitching and carrying on conversations with air.
Seen that a few times, they usually hang out near the restaurants at night. It's usually drug-related.

Also saw a woman wearing what would have been a hijab, but she was letting it become undone to the point where it was barely on her head and she was dragging it on the sidewalk without a care in the world. Looked like a 20 foot ragged towel.

And can't forget the crazy nig screaming "THIS IS MY PROPERTY!" in front of a bunch of other hobos who weren't doing much of anything before he stormed off after stuffing his suitcase.
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