Weird ways you like to listen to your music -


I buy those Skullcandy earbuds because i'm a 13 year old emo dipshit, then I shove them up my butthole because it makes my rectum tickle. I wouldn't consider it that weird though.
No shit, I saw the title in the sidebar and this was exactly what came to mind. "I like to shove it up my ass and make my intestines enjoy." Great minds think alike, I suppose.

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I like to put on the same grindcore song at slightly different intervals to more effectively simulate what a musical panic attack might sound like.


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Depending on my mood I will sit and do nothing but listen to music. Not have it as mere background noise while I'm doing something else.

Always first listens to a fave's new release is just sit, do nothing but listen. I don't think that's weird per se, but others have told me it's a waste of time to just sit and do nothing else but listen to music.

Tim Buckley

I do it by recording myself singing karaoke versions (which I am tremendously bad at) with an equally shitty internal microphone of my laptop and then saving them in Vocaroo in case I need to torment a third party as well as myself.

ScamL Likely

I sometimes make schizo playlists like this for laughs with Nazi music next to ISIS music next to white girls fucking dogs music.

Note: Allahin Aslanlari is that ISIS song from the meme video where those /k/ommandos execute anime body pillows.


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I like to have music on while doing repetative manual labor.
While I usually listen to podcasts, it's still fun to have Minecraft or Terraria soundtrack on while digging or doing general landscaping stuff.

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I like to have music on while doing repetative manual labor.
I worked for a payroll/HR company about 6-7 years ago, and I pretty much did the same thing. Aside from doing IT, I also did shipping for the payroll department. I have a SiriusXM account (mainly for my car radio), and before they fucked up their interface and started removing features, one of the things they had was a "My SiriusXM" mode in which you can customize your favorite stations to play whatever type of songs you wanted. For example, on the UTOPIA channel, you could choose if you wanted dance music from the 90's or from the 2000's and up. I had a theme for everyday of the week.

  • Monday: 70's and Disco
  • Tuesday: 80's and Alternative (like Duran Duran and Pet Shop Boys alternative)
  • Wednesday: 90's Pop & Dance (Wednesdays were the busiest days at the job)
  • Thursday: Smooth Jazz (Thursdays were the quietest/slowest days at the job)
  • Friday: I turned SiriusXM off and I either played video game soundtracks from online, or plugged in my iPod which had nothing but Dance Dance Revolution songs in it.

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My last office job was awful and my co-workers would play Disney and 2000s music on their speakers. I would put on my headphones and play the same album over and over again because it reflected my struggle lol.
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I like listening go music that comically doesn't fit what I'm doing. For example playing a game that is like a zombie survival game blasting polka and didney, or fishing in terraria while listening to death metal.
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Sometimes I fuck with foobars settings to simulate AM radio.
Its kind of amusing to see how it affects the sound, considering a lot of older songs were mixed with AM in mind (anything involving Phil Spector.)
Set the resampling to 8000 & backfold to mono, if you want to hear it for yourself.

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When I wrote school papers, I would turn on thrash metal or fast music like DragonForce or Slayer to get my blood pumping and encourage myself to write faster. It had mixed success; when I was in the zone I could crank out a paper in no time flat, but when I had writer's block then it only distracted me.
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there's this show on Luxuria Music, "No Condition Is Permanent"
it's mostly funk/psychadelia, a lot of international and garage punkish stuff too
my normal loafing around at home music is old episodes in an unlisted synchtube, my on the road music is the last four eps on my phone local mp3s
honestly that does me about all I need for music outside random specific shit I get a bug up my butt for like soandso live or lauernce welk or whatever