Weirdest site you found on the internet - Bonus points if still online.


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Simply by the grace of being a web 1.0 site that managed to stay up for about 20 years or so, along with a rant about goreans (some subculture of master-slave based off some crappy books or some shit) shitting up a chat client called Worlds. Gotta thank @Guardian G.I. or @Dork Of Ages in bringing up at one point in a conversation I had with either one.

Diana Kellogg and her TLK maddness in the late 1990s. She collected over 400 TLK items and later sold some of them. She is one furry with a fursona and not yiffy.
The Lion King became my all-time favorite movie before I even saw it. I know that sounds weird... but it's true. I only saw a few previews on TV before I was hooked and immediately started searching out LK merchandise. Believe it or not, I never even had a chance to see the movie in theaters until it was released in IMAX in 2002!
After I saw the movie for the first time, I was covered in tears- both sad for Scar's pitiful demise and happy for Simba's powerful triumph. I was frozen in awe, and sat there, literally shaking, as the ending credits rolled by.
Why? Probably a combination of the awesome music, the breathtaking art, the powerful plot and the meaningful story behind it... or maybe because I'm just a really sensitive person and a sucker for aesthetically pleasing, animated animal films. The music did play a big part. It was very deep and moving, even for a person like me who'd rather listen to the more heavy stuff. The music gave the scenes just the right amount of feeling they needed to cause such dramatic impressions (even finding myself bopping my head along to the silly antics of I Just can't Wait to be King ;). I really enjoyed the animation, the art.. the characters and the wide variety of personalities they each had. Need I mention Scar with his awesome character design.
Watching TLK has always intrigued me to draw more, think more, wonder about new things, and even to write- something I'd never done, or even liked doing, before. The effect this movie has had on me ever since the first time I've seen it has been very influential.


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Many years ago during my /x/ days and before everyone and their grandmother made ARGs, I remember going on Petittube, a website that shows you videos with no views. I ended up finding some video that was simply titled 12:42. The video was shit quality and focused on some unknown person saying "1 2 4 2" over and over. The cameraman was just kinda going from room to room in this dark house that was also tinted red, giving an almost hellish look. The cameraman finally settles in one room and pans over to a bunch of bones (They looked like animal bones.) Upon further inspection of the uploader, they had 1,000+ videos uploaded, and were uploading about every 30 mins. Pretty much all the videos were the same, and near all of them had no views.

Nowadays everyone would know that this was probably somebody's attempt at some gay ARG, but at the time nobody was trying to capitalize on the whole spooky cryptic Youtube channel ARG thing that's since become popular for whatever reason. In any case stumbling upon the videos with almost no info on it was kinda spooky.

I posted it to /x/, and it spawned a bit of an in investigation, leading to many to find out that the person running the Youtube channel had a website. At one point going to (or something related to that) would redirect you to something like, an innocuous website that simply claimed that they did high quality tailoring. People found ou that everyday at 12:42 pm PST the website would simply ask for a password. Simply typing 12:42 would take you back to the Youtube channel. Typing in would take you to the page "memories-for-Ethan' or something to that effect in the URL. The page had a shitload of .mp3 files and a bunch of scattered gifs of the cameraman going through the hellish house shown in the Youtube videos. Most of the mp3s were nothing but a child reading passages (i believe some were fairytales) and seemingly the same child fucking with a music box. The website would also spam a popup, trying to keep you from leaving the website.

It's been years since, but I can't find the website. Every variation of, .net, .org, etc. never work, and there are no archives for such websites. Also, upon proofreading this it's now dawning on me how much this kind of reads like a d-list Creepypasta. I don't think Creepypastas became a big thing until the following year. If anybody somehow happens to know what the website is, please let me know. Haven't seen it in years and i'm now getting more interested while typing this.
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I don't remember how I found it but given the fact it was several years ago one of my old friends probably sent it to me for its shock factor. Looking back on it I've seen way worse now, but it's still very weird. It was some site on Formicophilia which I had no idea was a word until that site. Snatching its definition from Google;
Formicophilia, a form of zoophilia, is the sexual interest in being crawled upon or nibbled by insects, such as ants, or other small creatures. This paraphilia often involves the application of insects to the genitals, but other areas of the body may also be the focus.

The site had some stories - or maybe they were people recounting moments they've had with the bugs, I can't remember. I do remember seeing some pictures. There was a large gallery but I kind of opted out after seeing a pretty HD picture (for the time) of a guy's penis covered in something with a ton of ants crawling over his dingus.

I know it could have been a lot worse but it was weird enough then and it's weird enough now to make me super comfortable. No idea if the site is still around.


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I played a flash game based off a Japanese urban legend that was connected to the Nevada-tan incident. I don't have the link but I remember it came from the Encyclopedia Dramatica article.


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Its basically a Norwegian version of Amazon. That is if Amazon was designed by an insane person.