Weirdest site you found on the internet - Bonus points if still online.

I played a flash game based off a Japanese urban legend that was connected to the Nevada-tan incident. I don't have the link but I remember it came from the Encyclopedia Dramatica article.
the red room
yahoo discontinued the original geocities page, but there are tons of videos and art about it thanks to the sasebo slashing


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It's a clone of the discussion forums from an old web 1.0 browser game called Utopia. Got founded by a bunch of determined turbo autismo who got mad over a new corporate overlords moderation of the original games forums and made their own. And as a testimony to their dedication it still exists, almost 20 years later and is still active even as the game that spawned it is dead and forgotten. Still uses the same web 1.0 architecture too complete with no graphics and a charachter limit on posts.
There are so many RIP threads for past members on the General Talk board. Kind of depressing.

They're all anemic. And soon to be toothless if they aren't already.

I remember this site concerning a guy who was obsessed with giving himself diarrhea and taking pics of it. These were all done outside. His favorite method was eating a bushel of peaches. My eyes burn to this day.

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There was a literal website domain that was just mega Malk shaking her tits to "This is where the partys at". It just looped a single portion of the song and played the mega malk animation over and over. (Replace a with I in malk.)

There was this infamous child murderer in Japan named Sinichiro Azuma or the media alias Seito Sakakibara. He was a teenage boy who murdered a bunch of other pre-pubescent boys and had sex with their bodies until he was caught. After he got out of prison he made a website with a bunch of weird "art". I don't remember the name of the domain but the images are still floating around out there. The domain was which apparently means "The Unbearable Transparency Of Being".


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Likely fairly well known, but I always found 1chan to be kinda weird. Just seems odd to set up a chan purely for trains.
There's still a Rozen Maiden imageboard:
It's weird to think 4chan's flavor of the month anime from over a decade ago still has a debicated enough following to sustain a dedicated -chan. The front page layout is what 4chan was like in 2005, so that and the focus gives me nostalgia more than anything.


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Its basically a Norwegian version of Amazon. That is if Amazon was designed by an insane person.
It looks like a local classified advertising booklet, but redesigned for the web NOW WITH COLOR!


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The forum for people who eat roadkill and leave meat out in the sun for days before eating and think it’s the healthiest lifestyle on earth. I can’t find the forum anymore but I believe this guy was one of their members.

Linked on the archive of the Cannibal Cafe where cannibal Armin Meiwes found his victim is a far creepier site I’ve never see anyone talk about for selling women as cattle and some very weird porn
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