Weirdest site you found on the internet - Bonus points if still online.


Lots of ham radio and legacy computing sites still only have the option to print out an invoice, fill it out, and send it with a check or money order to them. That qualifies as "weird" to me.

Then again, if you're an old buzzard ham radio type still using a C64, why would you trust Paypal?

On topic, there are websites that will never die.

I am aware there are some ancient Nintendo websites still up but I can't seem to find them now.


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I played a flash game based off a Japanese urban legend that was connected to the Nevada-tan incident. I don't have the link but I remember it came from the Encyclopedia Dramatica article.
Was it one of those Japanese Red Room games?

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It was fun and fascinating to trawl through Yahoo Groups and sometimes something fascinating could be found. It wasn't the subject itself, it was the weirdos and the number of them. Too many and it gets hard to follow and it gets too impersonal to them, too few and no one will be active. 10-15 of them into something very niche sexually seemed to be the sweet spot, they became familiar and formed more personal bonds with each other while leaving the group open hoping that someone else would join them.
As individuals they could be wildly different people from each other and would never encounter each other in real life, they just had one specific thing in common. It sometimes reminded me of the serial killer convention in Sandman.

The thing that made it really fascinating to me was that these groups sometimes took the role of really sad support groups, it was like sneaking into an AA meeting and hearing their stories, what they think set them on this path, what disrupted their childhood and how lonely it was even if they had perfectly ordinary lives.

This was how I found the necrophiliacs and their discussion group, that's where I learned that a common theme was that they started as foot fetishists but didn't know why at the time. They weren't young people, 30-40+ in age, so they had thought about their unnatural lusts and how it worked for many years and it was a small group so they shared intimately. The way they figured, from personal experience, it went something like this: If the head, brain and face is the person the feet is farthest away from that and therefore the most impersonal, like an object. Removing the feet from the person/body made them actual objects. The next step in the discovery would be to realize that a body without a person inside it, a dead body, is the ultimate object or even a fetish in the more traditional sense.

Not clinical psychology in any way but that seemed to be the journey for a few of them and all these years later I'm still suspicious about foot fetishists.

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Sometimes, I still wonder if Jesus Is Savior is still up or not.

That whole site was pure Web 1.0 insanity and can best be summed up as "Jack Chick on a coke bender"

The Simpsons Archive was probably the first "fandom" site that I would regularly lurk back when I was a kid. It apparently dates back to the old early Web 1.0 era of the 90's and the best part of the site was the Episode Capsules, where they'd go into fine detail with all sorts of trivia and most of the pages ended with a transcript of the episode itself. IIRC, the Episode Capsules started out on Usenet before being held at The Simpsons Archive.

The sad part about that place is that the site was dying by the time I discovered it (this was in 2004, mind you) and the Episode Capsules only went up to the end of Season 12.

Then all of a sudden, you started seeing new Episode Capsule entries for Season 13 around early 2005 or so, but then it just stopped after the first few episodes and never updated after that.

Other sites I miss from back in the day were Movie Tome and TV Tome, which was renamed and a lot of the old stuff from TV Tome is still up on, even if the site itself is pretty dead nowadays.

IMDB's message boards were the stuff of legend and I was saddened to see them get nuked in 2017, but the good news is that Moviechat exists and is a mostly complete archive of the old IMDB forums, but with the option to sign up and make new posts.


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I think this site got taken down, but I remember there was a really weird ARG, or trafficking site I stumbled on while watching a YouTuber. The site was called Worldcorpenterprises and one of the videos had "Dreamer Heaven 2: Demise of Reptile" which showcased a child being locked in a dark room and two men and a woman are holding a flashlight and throwing insults and lewd phrases at the child. It was super creepy and weird and there were more videos on that site that showcased the same acts. Apparently Demise Of Reptile was a cut video of a child porn video from Pedoplanet according to the /x/ board on 4chan, but the dropbox link was dead and, for legality sake and for my own sanity, I didn't want to investigate if it was actually a real video. Idk, it's a super weird website I found and I would highly recommend looking it up on YouTube.

This is the video in question. I will warn you, it is beyond fucked up. Just take the description at my word and move on.
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