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I've had tongue tacos a few times, though depending on where you're from that might not be very weird at all. It's a lot like roast beef in terms of flavor, but the texture is a little spongy. I feel like it would make a really good hot sandwich like a french dip as opposed to a taco.
Eel is pretty damn tasty in maki roll form.

In less exotic and more downright weird food adventures, I think that grilled cheese is great with a little ketchup for dipping. Also, before our local Carl's Jr/Green Burrito went kaput I made a challenge out of dipping just about anything in a milkshake. Burgers? Check. Tortilla chips? Check. Bean burrito? Very check.


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I put a bunch of leftover dal in a tortilla and cooked it like a quesadilla today. It wasn't bad but it was a weird idea

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Canned oysters. I'm not the most adventurous eater, but those were really fucking bad. I still finished the can though.
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I had some meat made from a pig's face/head while I was in Paris. Was super hesitant about trying it but it was actually pretty good.
Hog's head cheese rules. We eat that in the USA too, ya know. It's very good sliced on a Ritz cracker.

suck the brain out of a boiled crawdad.
I don't count sucking the brain out of a crawfish to be weird. It's delicious!
You aren't sucking out the brains, you're sucking out the liquid crab boil and all the juices from the crawfish pot. Of course it's delicious, it's full of garlic, onion, lemons, sausage, potatoes, and all kinds of seasonings.
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Didn't we have this thread already?

As for weird meat I've eaten bear, cougar, musk ox, raccoon, squirrel, python, camel, deer (fallow, white tail, and blacktail), boar, and springbok.

I also try to eat offal cuts, but im not into them, unless it is bone marrow.

I survived for a bit on bugs. I love crispy grasshopper, and and ants (toasted) are pretty yum.

For sea creatures, I always order jellyfish salad if a restaurant has it. Crab brain was okay.
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Had spicy thai cow stomach at a friend's family's house. Didn't want to be rude to their culture, but it was pretty spicy for my white ass.


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Natto. It was fucking disgusting and never, ever again. Don't ever let a Japanese person tell you it's their favorite breakfast food and you should try it.

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Clover, like from the lawn. It's neither delicious nor terrible.

Raw rhubarb. 3/10, do not recommend.

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Grilled octopus. Kind of rubbery, like calamari, but the grilling gave it a nice flavor.

Actually, I don't eat octopi any more, because they're intelligent enough for me to feel bad about it.

Hey, we all have our foibles.
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Probably fermented tofu. I did acquire a taste for it, but the first time I had it I put a shitload on my rice because I didn't know it was supposed to be used as a condiment. No bueno.

I've eaten a fair bit of mystery meat as a kid too. The only one I refused was raccoon but I remember eating squirrel, moose, bear, ostrich, and horse among other things.
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