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Weirdest Thing You've Eaten

Discussion in 'Food' started by Boxed in Lurker, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. Not really food, but I've had octopus ball and chicken wing flavored soda. It's about as delectable as it sounds.
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    Captain Toad

    Captain Toad Captain of the Toad Brigade

  2. Soup made of bear meat in Russia.
  3. I've had dry cat food before.
  4. (Probably cat food)

    But also shark and mealworms.
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    PorcupineTree i'm an eternal faggot, baby

  5. One of those dog chews wrapped in mystery meat from when I was drunk. The meat was ok, like weird beef jerky, but the chew thing it was wrapped around was horrible.
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  6. Brunswick stew but with possum instead of squirrel.

    I ate a creek chub once.

    Bad pussy.
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    W00K #17

    W00K #17 Can i have a swill of your beer pham?

  7. I was a strange child who enjoyed gnawing on frozen cheese ravioli. When I was 5, I happily informed my mother I ate some of the bacon on the counter. She asked "what bacon?" and I said the bacon in the bag with the puppy on it! >.<
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    Delle Yøung

    Delle Yøung I like my dicks hard and my tacos soft.

  8. Slow-cooked venison heart. Even after twelve hours in the pot it was still like shoe leather. I have a feeling it'd be pretty good if you tenderized it beforehand, cut it small, and seasoned it just right.
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    *extremely mom voice*

    *extremely mom voice* hateful on main

  9. Libery caps, Mescaline-filled san pedro cactus buttons and a few mezcal worms with drinks.

    Spl00gies ~doot doot on de zoot~

  10. Horse Meat Burger from my Intl. Cuisine Class. The gamiest tasting meat i've ever come across
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    VinRhe0 The Sperg Hunter

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