Weirdest Thing You've Eaten -

Delle Yøung

I like my dicks hard and my tacos soft.
I was a strange child who enjoyed gnawing on frozen cheese ravioli. When I was 5, I happily informed my mother I ate some of the bacon on the counter. She asked "what bacon?" and I said the bacon in the bag with the puppy on it! >.<

*extremely mom voice*

captagon sweeties
Slow-cooked venison heart. Even after twelve hours in the pot it was still like shoe leather. I have a feeling it'd be pretty good if you tenderized it beforehand, cut it small, and seasoned it just right.
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~doot doot on de zoot~ avi by Haunter
True & Honest Fan
Libery caps, Mescaline-filled san pedro cactus buttons and a few mezcal worms with drinks.


I got friends in Eldaron places
No powerlevel since billions populate the world but I lived in the deep bayou. Be it opossum, raccoon, gator, snake, etc I have eaten it all. Nutria (water rat) gets people to raise an eyebrow. It doesn't taste bad though, shit tons better than okra or beets.

Buster O'Keefe

Literally a Mumsnetter
A savoury bonbon thing in a pretty high end restaurant. It tasted exactley like sick-in-mouth vomit. Exactley like it, as if the chef was aiming for that flavour and nailed it.
I enjoyed it tdf.


Autism Incarnate
Not a food, but a beverage:
Sipping vinegar. It's basically active apple cider vinegar with shit steeped in it and finished with honey. Just made myself a big jar of it the other day steeped with ginger. It finished it's steeping this morning so I strained it, mixed in the honey and added some to my iced tea. Delicious stuff, nice and tangy.

On the plus side, I now also have a small batch of pickled ginger to cook with this week. I transferred it into some sweetened rice vinegar to finish the pickling process.

Samuel Belmont

It's like one of my Japanese animes.
Durian ice cream.
I was too much of a pussy to actually taste the durian that came fresh out of the jungle. They would drive into Subang Jaya with a truckload of the fucking things and it just reeked. I got my nut up to try some of it as an ice cream flavor and it wasn't just awful. It was cold and awful..they doesn't use tard cum in Malaysia for 'ice cream' so their is no's just frozen water and durian chunks. You know they have signs in Hotels over there that say "Don't open Durians here."? They fucking stick like a stinks up a whole block.
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Old Wizard

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Alligator, tons of weird Chinese fruits.

Alligator's good, so's rambutan but if your tongue touches the inside of the rind you'll want to die. It's disgusting in a way I can't explain. Same with mangosteens. Or maybe it's only one of the two. I don't remember.

Lucky Wildcard

Hollow shell
I ate a mustard filled Twinkie as part of a contest. Nobody knew it was filled with mustard until they took their first bite. I finished mine easily while everyone else spat theirs out. :story:
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fun fact, it did not taste good. at all. ive eaten better vegetarian food than this

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