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I think it's reasonably good as one meat among many on a really thick monster sandwich, but just terrible if it dominates, because it is mealy and excessively fatty, and then there's just the fact that it's a tongue.
It was cooked in a consomé with the rest of the lamb head which helped, along with it being cut up, by yeah, it would be a bit much on its own. And the texture just didn't feel right on my own tongue.
It didn't feel too fatty for me but the cheeks were really fatty meat so that's likely why I didn't notice


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Tongues.... tongues makes me go like a zombie at the smell of brains. It has to be my favorite slice of meat in an animal; the consisteny is just right: firm but not chewy, and the meat surrounding the larynx is very sweet.

The only animal tongue that I don't understand the hype about is duck tongue. I do like it, especially because it has a rod of cartilage inside. But I won't pay $20 for a pound.

Last year I've had the chance to eat Piure (an orange/scarlet red sea slug that's common in Chile and Peru) that was included in a seafood stew. Its taste is similar to iodine, and too strong that I've decided to remove the remaining piures and put them in the bread plate (after spitting the first one), to not ruin my stew due to their brown liquid.


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It's really dangerous. I hate preparing pork. I have pork paranoia.

When I was a kid I ate some pokeberries. Seriously. Do not do this.

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Not only do they taste and smell like industrial chemicals but they are very poisonous. One taste should be enough but some kids are dumb.

Some people intentionally eat them for medicinal purposes and get all butthurt when you tell them it's poison.:lol:
There hasn't been a case of trichinosis from pork in the US for something like 60 years. American pork is crazy safe these days.

Ive had quite a few "exotic" meats, but kangaroo stands out. I've had a couple different cuts, and it's all amazing. I don't know why Australians don't really eat it, because it is God's gift to the meat food group - it's moose and elk-tier good. Ostrich is almost as good.

White chocolate is gross and isn't chocolate.
Even if it isn't legally chocolate it has one use, and that's as a thin coating on freeze dried strawberries. Freeze dried strawberries somehow magically turn yuck into yum.
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Dinuguan. A Filipino dish consisting of stewed pork blood with pork meat in it, possibly offal. It was meh but I wouldn't see myself eating it again when I could spend money on better Filipino dishes.


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I actually ate roast pheasant once. It was surprisingly very good.

Another strange yet delicious meal was homemade breakfast sausage made from venison.
Pheasant is pretty good. So is quail.

I tried some antelope before. Pretty good.


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Pheasant is pretty good. So is quail.

I tried some antelope before. Pretty good.
Pheasant and quail are pretty cheap from farms this year around here. I just had a half dozen shipped to me. Winter is when farmers sell off extra birds that didn't go to shooting preserves, and you can't beat the price. Must have been a productive egg year, they're 25 percent cheaper than last year.


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When I was a kid, I used to go over to my friend's house to play on her Playstation 2, and her family introduced me to something I haven't seen anywhere else: salsa (usually pico de gallo) mixed with cottage cheese. WTF, right? I've done it ever since. My husband gives me some major side-eye over it, but fuck it. It's delicious.


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I was not expecting it to be so liquid inside it was a tad unsettling that first bite but delicious.
I always thought takoyaki would be crunchy. Imagine my surprise when I first bit into one.

Broth made of bear meat in this one restaurant selling traditional Finnish and Russian food at Arctic. Reindeer too tho that isn't as exotic or unusual as bear meat.
So what did it taste like?
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