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I am not very brave when it comes to food. So the weirdest thing I've ever eaten to this day is probably an insect-burger - made from maggots, but tasted and felt like 'normal' meat. It was actually quite delicious.

Not the weirdest thing I've had but unfortunately my husband won't ever try it (unless I sneakily make it without him knowing what it is) and most I've told about the dish seemed creeped by it, but brain takatak. I had it so much in Pakistan. It's brain chopped up in a pan (that's where the word "takatak" comes from, the sound of the metal spatula hitting the pan) with a bunch of spices, tomatoes, and onions. All takatak dishes are good, but the fattiness of brain was particularly conductive to the spices. Chicken heart takatak was also pretty damn good too
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I think I ate a coin when I was a toddler?

But if we're talking about knowing what you're eating i'd have to say shrimp burrito.


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As for non-insect odd things I've had: the big two would have to be scrambled eggs and pork brains (think a softer, unspiced Spam) and baked chicken hearts (like tiny, tougher chicken nuggets).
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I ate a random spider I found on a fence to freak out my friends, my sister and her friends.

A couple of years later I developed a crippling fear of spiders, so I'm pretty sure that fucker survived the chomping, the swallowing and the acid, somehow limped its way up to my brain and has been fucking with me ever since to get its revenge.