Well Written LGBT+ Characters - Who is/what makes a well written homosexual?

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Its what comes down to every good character: Motivation. Backstory, personality, these things are all wound up in the motivation for a character, which is the driving force for the story. We don't know anything about the Joker except his motivations. From this, we can infer all of the above. The reader can piece it together themselves, hence show, don't tell. See the fanfic Tony Stark, the motivation is a real human connection, which explains his personality, actions and sexual preference.

A character with no motive is just there. You can see them, but they're not moving. They're solely defined by what the author tells you. So more often than not, badly written gay characters will have little to no motivation or purpose to the plot. Therefore, the author has to tell you that they're gay. Or trans. Or lesbian. Even if the purpose and setting of the story is in the LGBT community, the characters will be meaningless without motivation. They'll feel one dimensional and that their only trait is that of their sexuality. Because they serve no real purpose in the story, you can give them whatever backstory you want. It doesn't matter. There's a play called Torchsong by Harvey Firestein, which sort of describes his life. All the characters are gay, but they all have their motivations, ambitions and dreams. Their sexuality is central but at the same time its ancillary. They even go as to explain 'Why do you have to be gay all the time?' And it gives a pretty good example on why one of the characters is very flamboyant while the other is the complete opposite. Its all about the motivation.

If you give a character motive, you can define them, flesh them out. If you can't figure out what they're motive is, they shouldn't be there. That's why so many gay characters are terribly written, because they have no motives. They simply exist to be there. There's also the problem with perfection, a lot of LGBT characters are written with no flaws or particularly idealistic, with a lack of motivation which lets them stand out.

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Sir Hammerlock from Borderlands. The only time his sexuality is mentioned is in a side-mission where he mentions "an old boyfriend" of his. It doesn't override that caricature of the Victorian era gentleman hunter. Axton is another good one, where his only reference to being bi-sexual is spending his riches on "Guns and ladies. And sometimes dudes." during Dragon Keep. Granted, Borderlands is...pretty hit or miss when it comes to gay characters. Anthony Burch doesn't hesitate to signal HARD about inclusivity, and it looks like his writing is starting to suffer from it (See Janey Springs from The Pre-Sequel who basically reminds the player every 5 minutes that she's a lesbo).

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Oberyn Martel from Martin's books was pretty cool, ditto his portrayl in the early seasons of Thrones. I think what made him good was the fact that he was a really cool, charismatic character with solid motivations. The fact he occasionally took a guy to bed with, or instead of a girl, was utterly incidental.
I actually disagree with his portrayal in the tv show being good because his portrayal is precisely everything wrong with portrayal of homosexuality in media. Truth to be told, and even though I think he could be, there is not one real evidence (yet) that proves that Oberyn Martell is bisexual. I only remember Jaime mentioning he likes to bed men, and he says so out of spite when he's proposed to marry Cersei. Besides that, it's only rumors. Now, I'm quite aware that it could be, but also could be that he's just like a basic drunk white girl who kisses a girl and says "I'm so biiii". And yet, the tv show portrays him as a hypersexual degenerate because all gays can't stop having sex ever.

There are better actually gay portrayals in ASOIAF. Renly, Loras, and a new character. But the show has none, tbh. All have been awful.


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I'm watching Breaking Bad again and I feel like Gale Boetticher qualifies. I'm always annoyed by overreaching Tumblr gay headcanons but I think that Gale carrying a massive torch for Walt would be a legit interpretation.



Jo from Burst Angel is an obvious choice for best lesbo. While it's never outright addressed in the anime proper one can easily infer that there's more to Jo and Meg's friendship than meets the eye. The prequel manga goes on to elaborate on their relationship however, and in the context of the anime's revelations adds a somber weight to their love. Ultimately her sexual orientation plays very little into her rough and tumble future cowboy sort of persona.

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Any character who happens to be gay, but it's not made the focal point of their personality, or they're not some prancing lisping stereotype is a well-written gay character as far as I'm concerned.

My odd example being Bill from Stephen King's novel Insomnia. He's the buddy of the main character, both of whom are in their sixties. They have a conversation about something, and Bill mentioned he used to be a teacher, but "guys who were a wee bit lavender" kept their private life extra private. The main character mentions that he knew Bill was a homosexual...and that's it. Bill isn't any different or doesn't stand out from any other character. He just happens to be gay, and no one gives a shit.

That's the kind of character I like. Someone who isn't so deep in the closet they're halfway to Narnia, but someone who is just the same person they always were without having to put on a front.

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Best trans character I can think of is Venus from Sons of Anarchy. Was originally supposed to be a throwaway character for one episode to get Walton Goggins to wear fake tits, but proved such a success that they flushed 'her' out into a full character. Thought Walton Goggins did a good job with Venus and they made a compelling storyline of her coming from a background of sexual abuse when she was a young boy. She winds up getting romantically involved with one of the bikers, Tig, and at one point she makes sure he's aware that even though she identifies as a woman -- she's definitely a man. She even wakes up with him to find she has a five o'clock shadow one morning.

I just appreciated how it didn't treat her being trans as some bullshit perfect thing for her and that there were complications and were issues that she dealt with. It didn't glorify it or put it on a pedestal.


It's already been mentioned but: Emil, Arcade Gannon and Veronica from NiER and Fallout: New Vegas.

I'll see you that and raise you Dorian Parvus from DA:I. Yes his sexuality comes out as a sidequest if he likes you enough, and yes he's flamboyant. However his sexuality is not all he is. His whole story is: Rich snob comes to slum it with the heathens, finds out his country is jackass-R-us and seeks to reform from within.


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I hadn't seen a single episode of Stop! Hibari-kun until yesterday. It's a comedy anime from 1983-84 about the only son of a Yakuza boss who is a crossdresser, wants to be a girl, and seems to be only romantically interested in guys. And the portrayal is mostly positive even if there are some mild gay panic jokes in there because it's still the early 1980s.



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I guess Nico, from the Percy Jackson books? The only annoying thing about his sexuality were the massive amount of fujoshis, but he was ok.


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I was gonna bring up Kung Jin from the latest MK game, though were subtle about it even hinting it in parts of his story and character interactions.

Worst example being Tracer and Soldier 76.
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Magi-chan of course. From psychic police to the MC's husband, this pokeymons has a big gay wild ride!


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Probably already said before, but Baron Harkonnen and Oberyn Martell are both excellently written characters. Why? Because their sexuality doesn't define their personalities.


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Commissar Yarrick from Warhammer 40k is by far, the baddest dude on the planet of Armageddon and debately immortal thanks to killing so many orks that they worship him as their god of death. He heard orkish rumours that he could kill someone just by looking at him and his first response was to replace one of his eyes with a laser eye to do just that, while it doesn't inflict fatal damage on a human it stone cold kills an ork because the ork believes without a shred of doubt that it will. The man is old even by 40k standards and shows no sign of slowing down, having outlived countless Space Marines and he even has his own personal Baneblade class Super Heavy Tank called the Fortress of Arrogance.

The man was in a sexual relationship with an older officer during his younger years who was killed by ork pirates. This is brought up exactly once and no attention is drawn towards it.


I'm watching Breaking Bad again and I feel like Gale Boetticher qualifies. I'm always annoyed by overreaching Tumblr gay headcanons but I think that Gale carrying a massive torch for Walt would be a legit interpretation.
Gale and Gus are both gay. Gus being gay is VERY subtle, Gale is a little less subtle but the really interesting because as a character his awkwardness and devotion to chemistry just make you think he's socially inept. Both performances are really spectacular.


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Multiple Metal Gear characters could be mentioned here if not already, if someone else wants to pick a few to discuss, since my details on them have gotten fuzzy.

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