Skitzocow Wendell Charles NeSmith - Schizophrenic open-source philosophy teacher and angel of God, married to a dead 5-year old Palestinian girl

Is Wendell a Pedophile?

  • Yes, he is a danger to children

    Votes: 83 61.9%
  • Yes, but he probably isn't a danger to children

    Votes: 17 12.7%
  • No, he is just is fixated with purity

    Votes: 2 1.5%
  • No, it is a result of his schizophrenia

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BoBo has two lighters as a backdrop. Maybe they're just for his cigarettes, but the likelihood of him self-medicating with Spice now that he's off his meds is pretty high IMO. Spice should be the last thing on earth he smokes.

If you're still reading here, Wendell, the people emailing you are trolling you. "The Lord" and the beautiful fangirl from Melbourne. They just started emailing you after the DWD stream, didn't they? Do you think The Lord and this beautiful Australian fangirl just so happened to be following DWD and caught the stream? Or are they Kiwi Farms posters?

(Think about what you're doing, you losers. One of you is pretending to be "The Lord" to a severely mentally ill person who is convinced he's the anti-christ. The other is pretending to be a young girl interested in him, wishing she was 12 years old so she could cater to his pedophilic preferences. What the fuck is wrong with you? He is on Australian disability/welfare, has one room to himself, has no friends, was shunned by his family, has medical conditions which prevent him from sleeping, is off his meds, and is acting more suicidal/deranged by the day. All of these things compound and make his mental illness worse. And somehow you morons think it's funny to fuck with his extremely fragile mind? Go fuck yourselves. Why don't you go troll someone who isn't mentally ill, completely isolated, and off their meds?)

I'm with @Underestimated Nutria. I'm not watching any more videos until Wendy takes his meds.
I don't think Wendy is still reading the thread to be honest. When he was, he seemed almost unable to stop himself from addressing our posts in each video, even after the first time he said he was done with the Farms he continued reading and kept answering the various speculations made here. He hasn't done that at all since the video where he said he was done for real and deleted the Farms from his bookmarks. I think reading here in his current unmedicated state would just make him worse anyway. His discovery of the thread definitely had a negative effect on him, obviously. This thread is the only time I've felt bad for posting on the Farms - all the other cows I follow are complete shitheads who deserve it. Wendell is just a broken man :heart-empty:

I'd be surprised if it was a Kiwi Farmer sending him the emails. I'm more inclined to believe its a Darkwing Duck fan - the review left on Wendy's IMDb seems to have come from there.


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New video
I stand corrected, it sounds like he's been reading the thread again. He spends a lot of this video being extra creepy about fangirls and repeatedly asking them to make videos about philosophy and email them to him. He insists that the fangirl be beautiful and sexy in the video. My empathy took a hit in this one. He talks about seeing god for the second time and what god said to him.

I've been enjoying @Catmannjew 's summaries, suggest you wait for that if you can't face watching.

I would like to note how late this video was getting out.
  • Open with a close up of a police car
  • He does not care about anything accept portable devices {i.e Nintendo Switch}
  • Uke
  • "it is time to stop listening to your parents my children, they have created this fallen world."
  • your mind, body, and spirt are public pieces that are given to all of humanity, live an open source life.
  • In the last couple of videos he tells ü to record and film, he now says when ü film, to look pretty as the public demands it.
  • Not a single qualification has helped him in life, if you can drop out of 'school' if not, mess around, cause mischief. cue: another brink in the wall
  • Uke song to inas/ "there once was a good cop" {manic laughter}/ there once was a good psychiatrist {manic laughter}
  • You need to play the ukulele so if you ever are caught in a bad situation, you can play your way out
  • Bear: "you need a skill, dear children, that can... quickly make you money if you ever get yourself in a pickle." wendy: "plus it's your entry weapon into the stars"
  • Keep a list of all the things you find interesting, and use it to expand your mind, but also, keep a list of all the things you hate in this world. So you know what you have to combat in this life.
  • Start recording, he wants to see how beautiful his fan girls are. because he wants to spend his life immersed in 'your' content {he has previously stated he has run out of content and grows board with his day.}
  • He saw god. It was different but the same. god looked at Wendy and said "you are my chosen one" and Wendy nodded and said "Thank you, that's an honor, thank you so much." Then god shook his head and said "you got work to do." Then Wendy nodded and said "yep.. I do"
  • You are never alone, because you have found Wendy, if you feel alone watch one of his productions, he has made himself readily available to you. so you are never alone. do not forget about his old work as well as the current series.
  • Think about an issue close to your heart, film it and then email it to him. the sexier you are the more he will appreciate it {only for his dears}
  • And he wants to fill his life with beautiful girls who spend their life seeking wisdom. and use youtube to tell him what you care about most in this life} but most of all, be beautiful.
  • However, don't trust adults, they do not have your best intentions in mind.
  • He wants to see little girls make mischief
  • Time to fight back against the government
  • Ha he is talking about us. Hey wendy :semperfidelis: Not making fun of you, in fact I am really worried about you. In fact, he mentions a comment i made about no kid ever watching this. We all are worried about you man.
  • He is not interested in employees who are employees of x
  • His favorite. person in the world is ü
  • Manic freakout over people saying no when he says children of the future.
  • He just wants to watch beautiful girls the rest of his life
  • Ss soon as he finds his first beautiful fan who does what he says, that begins his new life
  • Switch friend code
  • "In this world they call people like me cows"
  • Stand up grab a camera and be beautiful for me

@Lurk thank you!
So I was going to defend Wendy some, and in the same breath he came out with some hot takes.

Hey wendy, I have been following this for a while. If you read back or have been following, i have done a withdraw similar, and it took a few months. Shit sucks. I stand by the fact that no kid is watching you make wanking gestures and begging to be shot dead on camera. No kid wants to watch a grown man in aus. withdraw from benzos. If you took your medication, got on the right meds, and found the right audience, you would have a neat little niche channel. You are not dumb.

Anyway. He is not on Lsd, he smokes spice. That was too much talk of little girls. He is not doing well, and the paranoia is setting in, still amazing how he is up and going tho. He is going to lose sympathy with this video. And people are going to stop tip toeing about what they say here. We all thought he stopped coming, but no. I really just wish he gets help.

New video

  • Now that Microsoft owns Bethesda, Wendy does not want to work for them anymore, but we later find out it is ok, because he really did not want to work for them anyway, since he does not wanna work for anyone.
  • He has a problem with Bill Gates, and thus Microsoft. Which is why he hates big companies, because they buy up other companies
  • Cube talk
  • Game talk
  • He is so ahead in class, there are still people in his class who have not even thought of their game, yet he only has a little left.
  • #Bethesdagate
  • This may cut down on a lot that he is talking about but he is on the Microsoft hate train, I get it hate Microsoft, run windows, use paint 3d, etc etc. Unless it is important, I am no longer bringing it up.
  • The foundations of this show have now been laid, future episodes will come much slower
  • The last 97 episodes were stuff he had to get out, and he is not going to spend more time on people abusing him, if that were the case he could make films infinitely.
  • His work is not time dependent and is going to be carful in what he includes in future videos. His work is done and wants to spend his time watching your videos.
  • Mario plagiarism
  • Would you like to be apart of his everyday life, would you like the opportunity to train directly under him for free? It is there if you want it. @ ladies
  • If you empathize and know young girls who may be interested in his work, then refer them to him.
  • If anyone knows how he could advertise this to young girls, please share this info with him
  • Online piano
  • Same song on uke, then lesson
  • More paino
  • You do not have to learn 12 notes to learn music, only 7
  • A kazoo and a mouth harp had a bastard child and he is now playing that. still same song.
  • Stop looking for guys, look for wisdom, then identify guys who posses great wisdom.
  • your cute radar needs to have a minimum standard of character
  • The ACT housing video violates someones privacy -- youtube. they are giving him the chance to edit or remove the content. and will review it. He figures it is Paul. {he sent this video off to anna brown, and it was reported to get this violation,}
  • So now he is pissed about this. The government does not have to give their name, they get those trouble for not giving their full name when demanding justice and accountability.
  • Formula to remember: "do good bad happens" {he looks like he has been crying here.}
  • So he is trying to figure out who reported the video, Paul or Anna brown, and knows they are attempting to avoid responsibility for their own actions.
  • He is not going to censor himself.
  • By reporting him do you think you will remove him from his work? {shakes head no} how stupid are you?
  • They have ignored him and will have to deplatform him to silence him.
  • He is irate about the government, and freedom of speech, not being protected, being reported.
  • "welcome to the free world buckle up, and prepare for the ride, it is called life, what will you make it, i look forward to seeing how far you can take it"
  • Making fun of paul
Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 1.10.15 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 1.11.27 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 1.43.06 AM.png

School archive p1 p2 Song from page 2 called 'High Priestess' archive
a post in /r/conspiracy called high life
Slapfight about one of his movies on a film board
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New video

  • going to try out the custom blur tool {please note that he was not going to censor himself yesterday.}
  • He finds the blurring tool super annoying to use.
  • He is such a good youtuber, abiding by all of their policies and procedures {sneer}
  • Uke lesson
  • Does blurring help or hurt his cause. cause he doesn't censor himself
  • It helps him, it demonstrated all of the points he had been advocating.
  • No one can hurt him because bad is good, and good is also good {except yesterday when it was bad}
  • Uke lesson
  • Youtube means nothing to him, and he just kind of fucks around with it. He doesnt care if he is deplatformed, since he has a lot of other platforms available
  • Youtube is a piece of shit
  • Wendell does not care what anyone says, if he keeps asking one day young girls will make philosophy films for him
  • And he only needs a handful of young girls to save the world
  • If you feel that this has not reached some one, and not or will not get out into the world and reach some one, then he knows for a fact that you are very very stupid
  • Those he have reached will talk to their friends, and they will talk to their friends then the whole world will know what you have done to him
  • If you are an adult, fuck you
  • If you think he is delusional or paranoid or mentally ill then fuck off his videos
  • He has adults on the look out for children who would be receptive to his content
  • If you are an adult and a true fan of his, then he appreciates it
  • A real adult fan is: a adult who is on the lookout for young girls who would be willing to film about philosophy
  • One day, he will find his girls
  • More adults are bad, do the right thing, it is easy to live with yourself if you do the right thing, he excepts better of adults
  • Oh it looks like you are still reading this, since you saw my comment about that bastard mouth harp and my comments about your hate about microsoft, and most of my comments. how are you doing wendy? good to see you back for real. why do you dislike bill gates?
    my one comment would be stop filming so low and film correctly, learn a bit of video editing, especially if you were to include clips of things. are you doing anything for epi 100?
  • He is not worried about his safety, if god wants him safe he will be safe, if not then let gods will be done
  • Each season is 100 episodes.
  • Next season will be relaxed
  • Focusing on one show means you have focused on solid branding {which means he is using Inas Shawket as both the name of the show and brand. jfc}
  • Those who make fun of wendy could never make a tv show. Much less 100 episodes
  • imdb forced his hand in doing seasons. because it takes a long time to load 100 episodes
  • He is saying even though he makes original content, and sometimes uses clips, he uses them in a way that takes away the context thus making them original content. not how that works, but ok!
  • Graphic artist is leaving his card game
  • He has become very financially exhausted paying people to save the world because no one wants to save the world for free
  • And if he can not create the games he wants for free, then they will not happen and that will reflect poorly on the world
  • He thanks the lord for the sign about not having money wasted and being set up to fail. In the same breath asks if anyone following who can draw would like to partner up
  • Peku is now his partner not employee
  • Aim to make 1-2 videos a week for season 2
  • In a shocking turn of events, his friend peku was making 10-15 bucks a week for these cards, well since they became partners peku got fucked. wendy told peku to make this his hobby and go find a real job. This is the mindset of people preventing them from saving the world. He also mentioned this is life for people in 3rd world countries. Right after he gleefully said now he had that money to support himself instead of projects and he is a little bit richer.
  • Uke hallelujah

I sure have some feelings about this.
Anyway, Why did you do that to peku :(
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I wonder how he got schizophrenia, was it genetic? Drugs? Stress? Chemicals?

It’s genetic man.

If you have latent schizophrenia, taking drugs or an LSD trip might trigger it.

Don’t take drugs and avoid LSD, chances are that something else will trigger it. Stress, a bad breakup. Random chance.

It’s a hell of a disease, and I feel bad for Wendell.

In the video, he says that he loves us although we hate him. Aw. Most of us don't even hate him..

Lolwut?! Wendell is the rarest of cows. One that has managed to bring out pretty much universal sympathy and empathy.

And keep in mind, this is despite the fact that he’s married to a 5 year old!

New video

  • You did really well to get through all of this complicated material
  • "His girls" motivated him really well
  • He hopes you have enjoyed the craziness
  • The "you'll never remember my name because I am Palestinian" poster
  • He came to cambrea to be a politician. however they will not let him.
  • He started studying and became obsessed with politics at 6 years old, and asked jesus to come into his heart, then to make him a new person.
  • Little did he know at the time, jesus would make him, him {jesus reincarnated or something idfk}
  • Marriage of the lamb has been age restricted {epi one of the Inas series}, after his appeal letter it was lifted.
  • Vague threats to youtube even though they lifted the age restriction?
  • Game and programing talk
  • Mocking people
  • Uke {joy to the world}
  • Wendy is the most insulted person in the world
  • Cant debunk wendys arguments cause philosopher who uses logic, fact, and not opinion unlike your parents.
  • In ten years not one person could debunk a single thing he has said
  • Most people who watch this are rubbish and do not deserve to live, which is ok, because he will be torturing them for all eternity. This is fact
  • No justice except in the afterlife
  • He has requested his children's parents to fuck off his videos several times, "they are obsessed with him and wont leave him alone"
  • He doesnt care what people think
  • Favorite food is a can of beans, lives off beans and milk
  • Fart song/joke
  • Hurts his heart to hear about people starving in developing countries. lays out way to solve world hunger with cans of beans.
  • Wants to get beans out to the world, not just uke lessons
  • Food not free where food is needed is a human rights violation
  • But it is his human right to be fed. he should not have to work a 9--5 job to get food.
  • Word of the day: entrapment
  • Solve world hunger
  • Fuck you if you hate him for naming the show Inas Shawket, her people dared him to, because they said her name would never be remembered, they were asking for it. {again at me, because of "Focusing on one show means you have focused on solid branding {which means he is using Inas Shawket as both the name of the show and brand. jfc}"}
  • 'she' was a hidden gem among society.
  • He says 'married to a dead 5-year old Palestinian girl' with such irate normalcy. I do not think it phases him that this is in fact not weird at all, and not the good weird. He is manic and sees nothing wrong in the words he is saying, "he is trying to teach our young girls wisdom" and "he married a dead girl so he would no longer be available." And it brings it all back home.
  • If he were not married he would not be allowed to do this as his intentions would be different. Because he would not only be searching for young girls interested in wisdom, he would be searching for one young girl interested in wisdom to marry.
  • but he is married so fear not, he can dedicate himself to all of the young girls
  • Not interested in sex, he is ace. and in case you are too dumb to realize this, he has been saying it from the beginning.
  • He is interested in beautiful faces that have beautiful minds, that is his sexual orientation.
  • People act like he wants to fuck kids every day. Think these people will go to heaven? {shakes his head no} failed the test of discernment
  • Wait he is the christ and the anti-christ? The first time he saw god, god said he was the anti-christ. And his job was to trick the entire world.
  • He did like a gay sassy snap and said "and send them all to hell"
  • Bible verse :Matthew 24:24: For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.
  • Is he a 'pedophile' or does he just really love children?
  • Yes, he used Inas Shawket to take himself off of the market, and yes, if her parents do not object she will be his wife for all eternity. {it looks like he has been crying}
  • Fucks given: 0
  • word of the day: asexuality, demisexual
  • {now he is addressing inas} "we did it Inas, we tricked the world, good job, we did it! ahaha we're going to save the world together Inas, we're so cool together" and then again "you are the best wife a man could ask for Inas,....for sharing your story which moved my heart"
  • god locked the gates to heaven. New christ is Inas. if you reject her, you go directly to hell.
This is really long, and so much to unpack. I know you are going to read this. But what the fuck. All of the claims were claims he made and is now contradicting, this is really what makes him dangerous. Even though they are all on video, the threats and the flipping back and forth and pin these claims on other people.


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A sample of his contradictory claims over time (and sometimes immediately after one another):
He's a pedophile.
He's not a pedophile in the common sense of the word, he just loves children in a non-sexual way.
He just wanted to trick the world into listening to him, so he pretended to be a pedophile.
He is attracted to children after all, but doesn't want to have sex with them.
He used his weakness -being attracted to children- and turned it into a strength -by using the fact that he's a pedophile to draw attention.
He's not a pedophile.
He is actually a pedophile and would be seeking a pre-teen bride if he wasn't married to Inas.
He would never look for children, but they would be romantically interested in him and come to him.
He's asexual, has always been asexual, and has never said otherwise.


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No offense to anyone giving this man empathy, but I honestly can't give him much aside from "this man needs fucking help before he does something he'll regret the rest of his life" - maybe I'm missing something from all his vlogs, but I'd go fucking batshit if I found out my child's name (who was killed at a very young age) was being used as...whatever the fuck he's using her for.
And the constant back and forth between him saying he's a pedophile and also not is pretty concerning. Like, that sounds like some obsessive compulsive shit, but is the schizoaffective part making him think it's okay for him to openly talk about it?

Yeah, he's mentally ill, but...that's a good enough excuse to brush aside stuff like how his dead 5 year old 'wife' is keeping him off the market after claiming he's not a pedophile? It's really not my fault that - in how a mind tries to understand a person's words - I put those two statements together and it comes out like he's saying those in "the market" means other little girls and be glad that he loves a dead 5 year old instead of the living, breathing ones?

Whatever the case, this man needs to get off the internet and be committed into a psych ward - quitting heavy drugs like antipsychotics cold turkey has obviously scrambled his brain (more than normal) and having no long term housing isn't doing him any favors in the mental health department, either. I know this man is nowhere near Nick Bates levels of fucked-uppery, but I don't trust anyone who says the pro-pedo stuff he spouts.

No offense to anyone giving this man empathy, but I honestly can't give him much aside from "this man needs fucking help before he does something he'll regret the rest of his life" - maybe I'm missing something from all his vlogs, but I'd go fucking batshit if I found out my child's name (who was killed at a very young age) was being used as...whatever the fuck he's using her for.
And the constant back and forth between him saying he's a pedophile and also not is pretty concerning. Like, that sounds like some obsessive compulsive shit, but is the schizoaffective part making him think it's okay for him to openly talk about it?
That is sort of where everyone is, I think. You want him to get help. Once he went off his meds, he was only really down for a short time. I was expecting it to be a bit worse, but he walked off withdraws. He says he is not watching this thread but he also is a chronic liar, and I think any true feelings are not being said {unlike other threads}, I know I do this, and maybe I should not, but given the fact that he blows up over emails and picks what he reads from here and now what I write...

The thing is, he is not well, He will not get help, he will not take help, nor does he want it, and to get help he will have to fuck up, or someone will have to do something on their end. Which they have not. The only thing they did {and he has fucked up and given them a lot of opportunities to do this} is a report to youtube. I do not think he was ever on the right meds and so we will never know what stable is for wendy. With every Schizophrenic there is truth to what they say, and wendy is right he was failed. If he can not take care of himself in the ways he is claiming, he needs more help, he needs more meds, he needs a lot.

The interesting thing about wendy is this. you will have three videos begging for him to be killed, back on that pedo shit. so you might feel bad for him because :stress: you know he will not do anything {to hurt himself because he is too much of a narcissist} and at the end of the day it is to drum up some drama, which he is so good at, just like the act housing scandal, or most corners he put himself into were. But man, after three videos and you know how nasty withdraws are. You do flip back to "damn that sucks." But then! He will talk about his girls or ü, or young girls, etc. He thinkgs it is ok to talk about it because this is a show and there is some mental illness backflips you need to do to understand it all. But none of this is new either.

That last video was a clusterufck. Basically I know he has would try something if he was not 'married', I feel bad for this girls parents, should they ever discover wendy and how he is using their daughters name. Which, not only is in marriage, it is his branding, name of the show, which he blames 'her people' to do because they said her name would be forgotten.

After that last video, I do believe he is a threat, I do think he would do something, He has made other threats to himself and others.

Wendy is not a funny lolcow, he is a very sad cow, He is also one who could easily turn and just snap.


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He reached the end of the Inas show/set of videos. In the last one he said he would be uploading a lot slower as a result/essentially taking a break. I am surprised there hasn't been at least one video since though. Hopefully someone got him help and he's in treatment and it's not something worse.
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