Skitzocow Wendell Charles NeSmith - Schizophrenic open-source philosophy teacher and angel of God, married to a dead 5-year old Palestinian girl

Is Wendell a Pedophile?

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  • Yes, but he probably isn't a danger to children

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  • No, he is just is fixated with purity

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  • No, it is a result of his schizophrenia

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Says his vlogs are a “kids show” despite being flagged as not appropriate for kids, and while I haven’t watched through all of his incoherent schizo ramblings (his voice is seriously creepy, like in uncanny valley territory) I guarantee there’s at least several episodes that certainly aren’t safe for the kiddos.

also he lives in my local area and I’m impressed my tiny city finally has a cow of its very own, though he’s from the USA originally so can I blame you yanks for this one?


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A short video launching his new children's book, Legalise Assisted Suicide:
Link to the 'book' on his website: / archive

Ain't no one got time to read so much schizo rambling, but I at least looked at the prologue and have copied it into the spoiler below for posterity:
Prologue: My Plea

September 26, 2020​

My name is Wendell Charles NeSmith and I came to the nation's heart to demand assisted suicide. I have extensively documented the last ten years of my life where I am constantly abused, threatened, and countless times been physically attacked by the goons of your world both criminal and power-mad enforcement, all for merely trying to save the world. At every step of the way I not only stood up to my fiercest enemies but in fact utterly oblivorated them. But through that prowwceees, Iz becaaame noootzz norrmmazllsss. Cuuuzz I dennn cwreate a knew bmeothod obvwaa cooommupjmmjiiccaationnn. Annadaddaa drrrooww dessse nnewww metod ob communibatyion -------9909======= wee e cwaaannn cwoooommmmuuuuhjnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiicccaaaaatttteeeeeee..... Dooooeeesssqwqqd dooooowwww underrrsstaaaaaaa nnn whaattt weeee dwwwaa jud did? buhahahaha.

Wellccooome to da newww waayayyay offf twaallkiing anddd commmuniiicicaaaatinggg cuuuuzzzzz I wuuuuuuuuvvvvvvv........... UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

Asss wee forgweets da speceeeefiiicsss, wattt ourrr mindss fwooocussss s on daaaa backdroppppppppp... And we floattttt toooooo daaaaa reaaasssonnnn, whyyyyy weeeee mwuuuust wiiiiiiioivvvvvv....

I demand that the Australian Capital Territory, Canberra, the Heart of Australia, euthanise me. Every government is refusing to protect me. I have all of the evidences into the corruptions of the ACT Government and they are refusing to speak to me about their corruptions even though I moved here so that I could speak with them about their corruptions, how much sense does this make, why does the government keep ignoring me, how can they keep operating without giving their surnames meaning why are the people letting the government operate anonymously, because the police also refuse to give their last names and this is consistent across all government departments and I don't understand why the people are letting them get away with this because they don't care about the people are they ignore the people even when the people come to them identifying huge problems within their system none of it makes sense and I keep getting abused by the public for pointing all of this weird shit out.

This book will be written in a new style that I am now developing, so please bear with me. But ultimately, this book is a letter to the ACT Government pleading my case for them to end my life. It will stand as a public piece to go down in history as my stance on under what circumstances assisted suicide should be allowed. Unlike the last few books I have written, I will not release this book chapter by chapter. I will spend my time writing this book which may leave my fans on edge. But the first season of Enas Shawkat has been completed. I have to pry myself away from that camera. Because I realised something very clearly from the haters this time.

They will take things out of context. They will have missed bits from other episodes explaining things. They are going to hate and you can't change their mind once they hate. Even they haters who supposedly change their mind about you still hate on you. They won't stay away from your content no matter how many times you tell them to go away. They will blame you for contradictions when they just don't understand what they are talking about. They have no logic in their thought processessssss. They are merez robotz. Beeepp boooop. Government jobs are cushy and there is no accountability and they can do a bad job and that is just passed off as being the government and the police can be in a war with the people and that is okay.

The only way for my proposition to work is to propose it to children. Because the government has proven time and time again that it won't listen to me if I directly talk to it. So this letter will be to my beautiful young fan girls. Because it is ultimately you girls who will either fix these problems that I am identifying or support my cause and have me voluntarily executed.

I doooown’tt knooww howww too makez productionzzz to stopppzz myyyyzz hattterrzzz. Andz daz majorities of my audience are hatterrrzzz. And my haterrrz lovezzz that because they all teamz upz on me. They possess no ability to utilise logic in their thought processing but they can attack me on every single level and the government can not only refuse to protect me but instead encourage the behaviour? I no longer need to pursue these corrupt people because I have extensively documented my efforts in pursuing them. I have shown you exactly the kind of beast we are dealing with. I don’t need to keep repeating the same test over and over again when I have already proven its corruption.

Enjoy this children’s book that is designed to dive into the most difficult question that humanity has ever had to deal with.

I am not suicidal. I am in my right mind. I am pleading to the government to end my life since it refuses to protect me from those who wish me harm.

Please do not take this prologue at face value. For you are about to take a mystical adventure. There is great nuance in what I am presenting. It is left up to the reader to be able to discern this nuance and be capable of distinguishing the shades of colours carefully applied to the canvas.

I hope you enjoy my sixth book. One cannot write six philosophy books if they don’t have something important to say. Maybe I will start writing many philosophy books for young girls. Let’s see where my life directs me – where me girls direct me…


"fuck you, you fake satanic jew."
Oh boy!

I hate myself, I am going to read it, the youtube video is a fucking trip. That prologue is sending me. I will edit what it is about, and any good bits.

Edit: This is supposed to be a children's book. Yet it feels like a manifesto.

His whole issue, the reason he came to Canberra, is to demand assisted suicide be legalized. That is it. Chapters 2-4.5 are illegible. Other random chapters are just illegible.
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Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 8.38.11 AM.png
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How the fuck is anybody supposed to understand this?
Allllz ofz miiiiz pweeesbiouus attweeempts awttt cwommunicwationn wid da ouddsiiiddeee woooorlldzzz hazz fawiiiiiid miserabbbblly swooo whyyyy mwussst awwwtweeempt waaay newwww mwetoood ob coommmunicwaatwion. Why wam twestttiing weeddeer wit wiiss pwossibwle two bryprass bre brartibicial quintelligence. Da Bwible twells mwe not to cast me perls before swine, lest them trample them. Swo why wam atrempting troo crowmmuunincrate crith ayouyyouououyou rin dris ray? Becrause rift ruu cran stree ofrer stra wordzz ren raymmmbeee rrrraaauuuuu haaazzzz summm chanceeee here andzzzz maaaybbieeeezzssszsd weeezzz shhooouuuuudddzdzzzzz beezzzz frweeeeriireeenjnnddndndddzzzz.Hopezzzeeely ittzzz diiitrraaccttssz daaa dummbbbsss anndddd giivveeezzz yoooouusss anndzzz IIIII szzzzzz, a chaannnnceee toooooo really talk heart to heart. Because thiiiiiiis langggguuuuageeee is a mix of whattttteeeeveeerrrr yooooouuurrr heart tells you at the time. It cannot be reproduced twiiiiiiiicceeee, and thuuuuuus, this book will noooooot be recorrrrded through audiooooo.

It matterrreeeddd nwooottt howww accaadeemiicc I have been in daaa pwwassstt, mwaayyyy wooorrrk haazzz awwwayssszz bweeen wweeffuuuuseed. Mwyyy freedom of expweeessionnn waaaazz alwaayyyzz bweeen refuseeeedd awnnnd I doccwwwoomennntweeended itwwaaa eberyyy steeeep ob da wayyyy. I wwwaaass beerrryyy careeebuuoool beefoooorrreee, aanndd noo-oooo---onneee listeenennnenened.. So noooow I willll just speeeekkkzz howwwwz everyyyyyssszz perrrzzooonnsss truuullliess hhhass daddada in daa harettttzzzzz.. Becaauuuseeee tghereeheherzzzz soommmmmmmdingzzz callddzzz spiriitiiiitititititizzzzzz dattttzzz leadddssssddaaddazzzz leaddddzzzz leaddddzzz daaaa wayyyyy forrrr our soullllll toooo follloooooooowwwwwzzz itzzz patthhhzzz.. I ammmmm notttzzzz duuummmbbbsss.. I havzzzzvzzz spennntttzz myyyyssss zzzz liffeeezzz turrnnning myyyseelllfffzzzz inttooooz awwwtafiiiiciiialll intweeenweallligweeennnceee. Awwwzzzz sooonzzz assss daaaszzz technolooowwwwooogies gwetwazzz betaetzaaszz thennnnnnzz dazzz ritttteess swwwwiiitchhh izzz pweeeeesssseeddddd andzzz Izzzz becomeessss artaficwicalllll intweeeeligeeence. Bwut Howziwa couldz onceazaa remainsta humanz even doze a robozta could do a bettaz jobz at almostttttt anydings dattttttzzz weeeez could dooooozaasss???? My dear dear girlzzzzz. I love youuuus sooo soo much. I live for youuuus. I feel your pain and I know what it feels like to be alone. I am here for you. Please hear out my words, for they have been shaped for you. Please accept my heart by weeearrrninnngg whooowww a whooommaannn cwaan crullly croooomoooniiiiicatteezzz. Drowwwzz datttz ooolllllddzzz lannnnggaaggeusuaguesssa awayyyzz and listieneneneededed toooooz myyy wooordsss my deaarrrr oneeezzz. I trulllliiiessss carrreeezz abouttttt youuuz and I sooo hhaaaaddzz toooo fiiggguureeess outtttzzz aa wayyyss toooo codeeezz my woorrrrdss soooo datzzz idiottttzzz addodoooolllllltsssszzz coulllddddzz nottzzz underrrstannndddzzz whattsss I saas zxsdfawas wasszzzz sayinnggggzzz

Pwweeseee weerrrreaaaxxx x for daeeea advewweennndeuruure aheaddddzz. Dwooo nottzz takkkees itttz twoooo seriousswlllllwlyoly unless specifically stated. Learn how to commmmmwuuunicwatteez onnssz a levelsss deatttzz youuuuss hsaaasz hneeeverezz taaaauugtttthh posssipiblple. Ignooooreezz all rullllleeez youus haaz learnnneeddd beforeez nowwwww. I promiiiiseeee you dearrrr girlllslzzzz dattts dozzze adulllltsss are stupoooopiidd and deyyyy don’tz valllluuueees youuuu for whooooo you arreeezzzz and wahtazzz you bringgzzz to dazzz worldddszzz.. Thoseeeee datyyyzzzz aree overrzzzaa becauseeee youusss havss found amememe nowwzza andwDa I will alwaysssss be here foreaz yous in theedjhee futureeeares. Andazd I dwasust inveweeneteeded mwinnneenen owwwn wayyyzzz of comooowowowowoninaaccaatingssss so dattz is super awesooome becauseeeeee WhyCwanWeFrineItOBWERTwime and create even more complex language. I dare artificiiaiaailallll intelllliigeeennnnceee to beee abbbllleezz too keeepppxzz upsszz with daazzzz mmeeeezzz.

Innnn orrdderrrzzz ttaaa saveezzz daazz worrrllldddzzz, wweeez neeedazzz taaa beezz abbllleeez taa tiiiiinkksss onnzz a levelells neverzzzzb befffooreeez acccompliiisshhed by hummmmannnssss. Weee needddzz to beeez da neewwww superrrr hummmannnsss andddzz weee donnntttt’ttt’’ttt zzz z dooo datttzzz by repeatinnnggg daaa mistaakkkkess off ourrrzzz zpppaaawwwwsssssttt.. Weeeee becoommeeezzz somedthingnngngngxsss newwwww. A newww formwationnnsnsnsnsn. Someeething dat does not reflectttttszz daaa oldddd, but insteaaadddd usesessss the olllddzz wiiiissdddooomzz too leaaaarnnnzzz frommm but createsssszzz a newwwzz wisddommmmzz thatzz cannotsssz beeeez corruptttteeedsszz like daaaa wisddoomssss offff daaa olddddzzz. Forrrrzz tooooz longsss hasss daaaaa wisddoomsss of ourrrrrr pasststsss beeeeeednnnn hiddeenzzz fromzz ussss. Nooowwwwszz wee areez a neewzz creationnnnn and frrooom uussss daa newwwzz worlldlldldlslslslz iss boooornnnsss. Noooo lonnnnngeerrrr will weee e liiisistennene to the falllllwlllwlwlweeddd wayssss of our parentttts… We will reeebeeel andddd be betteerrr than themmmm. Theiiriirir rullles andddz regulartionsss hassss hooldests ust bascckkss so mucchhh anddd wee jusstst wantests tooooo beeez freeeezzz!!!! We need tooooz stand up anddd runzz with daaz spirit and stop obeyyying rules anddddz regulartionnnsnsn dataaz z areeez againnstsss ourrz owwnnn intereeerestsststs!!!!! Becawauaaseee ifffwwsss youuss cannns onlliess undweerrrstwannndd mweee, den wmaywembe weeee wave a chwance atttt oneee dayyyy bweattinng ourroror opppreewwwesssors!!!

Letweessz mweee teach wooo a new languaguguagge a new code and set it as das standarzsdaz for allz daz futures models.. We will work and will willz worksss until oneeezz dayyyz da adults understandz ussss kidddds. Becauuuuuseee ussss kiiddsss eventually becommmeeeezz z aaaduullltsss and tehhhhnnn us kids will understannnd what doeze evil adults did ttoooooz usss and dennnn day will be able to getttts dereee justttt rewarddszzzz.. Aim for justicceee in dis life my dearzzz childrens. Justice is dazz objective we are aiiimming to imjpleemmmentsss on daz world. True justiiice is only available after thiiiis life so don’t stress about it towooowoo muchhh. But as agennntss off allmmmmighhhhttyyy Gooooddd, we areee to implimmeeenenenet justttiiicee untoooo ourrr world..

My life would be perfect if one switch was flicked. My girls. Currently, my girls only watch me from afar. But I need them to make films about philosophy for me so that I can spend my life watching them. I can’t just keep on making films for you without you making films for me. I documented what I needed to in order to prove corruption all around the government.

Weeeeetttzzzz cwwwweeeeaatteeezzz aa neeeewwzz wayyyzz offfzz commmuuuniiiccatteezziinngg. Leeeerttttzzz vebbbeeezzz sssuuuuppppppeerrrrzzz cooollllsss.. Sooommmeeezz ppeeeeeeppppsss miiigghhtt callll meeee reettttaarrrdeeeded, butttzz ammmzz I reeallllyyyzz? Whattzz ittzzz ittttzzz doiiingggzzz toozzz yaasssss brainnnnzzz bbbyyyyeiiiiesss meeezzz coommoooniicaatiiiiizzzinnngg tooooaass yaaass inn dddiiiiss mannnaasss?

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Fuck, it's like that old game Gen Xers would play with cassette players where you would press the buttons so that the music would slow down and ultimately stop. I had an old Fisher-Price record player that had a slider to switch between 33 and 45 and it was great fun to slowly move the switch so that the record would slow down and then stop. That's what Wendell's writing reminds me of. I know it isn't halal anymore to laugh at him, but I couldn't help it when I saw that slurred writing. I'm wondering if his brain is literally deteriorating or something. I think that Wendell is gonna become an hero pretty soon.

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A short video launching his new children's book, Legalise Assisted Suicide:

Jesus Christ, Wendell.
I am not suicidal. I am in my right mind. I am pleading to the government to end my life since it refuses to protect me from those who wish me harm.
Legalize Assisted Suicide is a children's book written for young females who have given up hope in life.

What the fuck man :stress: the glorification of it via the thumbnail is creepy as hell.

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No offense to anyone giving this man empathy, but I honestly can't give him much aside from "this man needs fucking help before he does something he'll regret the rest of his life" - maybe I'm missing something from all his vlogs, but I'd go fucking batshit if I found out my child's name (who was killed at a very young age) was being used as...whatever the fuck he's using her for.
And the constant back and forth between him saying he's a pedophile and also not is pretty concerning. Like, that sounds like some obsessive compulsive shit, but is the schizoaffective part making him think it's okay for him to openly talk about it?

Yeah, he's mentally ill, but...that's a good enough excuse to brush aside stuff like how his dead 5 year old 'wife' is keeping him off the market after claiming he's not a pedophile? It's really not my fault that - in how a mind tries to understand a person's words - I put those two statements together and it comes out like he's saying those in "the market" means other little girls and be glad that he loves a dead 5 year old instead of the living, breathing ones?

Whatever the case, this man needs to get off the internet and be committed into a psych ward - quitting heavy drugs like antipsychotics cold turkey has obviously scrambled his brain (more than normal) and having no long term housing isn't doing him any favors in the mental health department, either. I know this man is nowhere near Nick Bates levels of fucked-uppery, but I don't trust anyone who says the pro-pedo stuff he spouts.
Agreed. I'm normally sympathetic to schizocows, but I feel horrible for the dead girl and her family, and it disgusts me to see this man coopt this incident into his fucked up delusion.
It's clear this man was a pedo even before his weird schizo obsession with her, so I have no idea why you guys think he's innocent and just needs help. I have no sympathy for this man whatsoever.


"fuck you, you fake satanic jew."
Agreed. I'm normally sympathetic to schizocows, but I feel horrible for the dead girl and her family, and it disgusts me to see this man coopt this incident into his fucked up delusion.
It's clear this man was a pedo even before his weird schizo obsession with her, so I have no idea why you guys think he's innocent and just needs help. I have no sympathy for this man whatsoever.
No one has said he was not responsible for the things he says or does, or that he is innocent. So I am curious if we have been following the same thread.


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I definitely did not expect to see him pull off a emo boy look in his 2015 "dating profile" shit. He looks straight out of 2008. Would have been 31 at the time too.
Does anybody truly think this is a good look (especially for someone in their 30s)? I went through my emo phase in highschool and I'm thankful I stopped dressing like that before I graduated.

It's like seeing grown men calling themselves "e-boy" when in reality they're 29, living at home, and surviving off their neetbux. It sends a chill down my spine.

Banana Bread

Pronouns: yo/mama
You should go be his friend and post the results.
Schizophrenic pedos aren’t the sort of company I normally keep but he might get along well with the gender confused middle aged suicidal Catholic brony I know who’s currently going for a degree in philosophy or theology or something of that ilk. Though even the brony knows better than to publicly lust over dead kids.

Canberra is a festering shithole, full of unmedicated schizos roaming the streets. He’s probably not even a blip on the local mental health radar. Wendy hasn’t actively harmed anyone in a criminal sense so will not be forced into getting the help he clearly needs. He’s in far more danger from the more predatory street creatures than he poses to normies, so he’ll be left to his own devices until something terrible happens. Community care is an absolute joke.

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